Creative carnival decorations in glass in colorful colors – great ideas to imitate

A party is only really complete with the right decoration and of course this also applies to the carnival party. That is why we have some great ideas for the carnival decoration for you that you can use for this purpose. More precisely, it is carnival decoration in glass, with which not only the dining table can be wonderfully designed. Window sills, side tables or the buffet are also given the finishing touch.

Mardi Gras decoration in a glass - colorful ideas to make yourself with instructions

The carnival decoration in the glass can not only be used specifically for a party. Even if you just want to create the perfect mood for the so-called fifth season in your home, you can use it wonderfully. Use confetti and bright colors in a different shape as follows for perfect arrangements!

Carnival decoration in a glass – a vase with confetti

Make carnival decorations in a glass with confetti and flowers

For this simple but beautiful decoration with a glass vase, you have two variants, both of which are really very easy to implement. For the first carnival decoration in a glass, simply use artificial flowers, which you can put together as you like to create an individual bouquet and display in any vase. Once the flowers are in the vase, just fill them up to the desired height with confetti.

Instructions for carnival decoration in a glass - design vases with colored confetti or sprinkles

But if you would rather use real cut flowers, you can make the second variant for the carnival decoration yourself. Then you need two vases of different sizes, in which the smaller one can be placed in the larger one. Cylindrical ones are ideal. Cover the opening of the smaller one with aluminum foil, a small bag, transparent film or something else, place it in the middle of the large glass and distribute confetti around it.

Vase with sprinkles - chic and cheerful spring decoration for the carnival

Then remove the foil and carefully fill the small vase with water (the confetti should not get wet). Now put the cut flowers in the water and you're done and quickly made a great carnival decoration yourself. Or how about using colored sprinkles instead of confetti, as in the example above?

Colorful carnival decorations for the table – make a candle out of crayons

Homemade candles for the table decoration at the carnival party

A few candles here and there create a great atmosphere. But if they are also colorful (which is also ideal for carnival), they do not even have to be lit to make an impression. So how about using decorative glasses for candles to create a great carnival decoration in the glass? You need:

  • any glass
  • wick
  • wax
  • crayons

Creative carnival decoration in a glass - colored, striped candles with crayons

You only use the crayons to color the wax. To do this, dismember the wax crayons, melt the candle wax according to the manufacturer's instructions and add the colored pieces while the wax is still hot (or melt both together). Mix everything until the pencils have melted and the color has spread evenly (if the heat is insufficient, reheat everything). Place the wick in the glass and pour in a layer of the colored wax. Repeat this with other colors as soon as each layer is hard until the glass is almost completely filled.

Tip: You can also add essential oil to any color for scented candles.

Make carnival decoration – motley rice for a mason jar decoration

Simply decorate for the carnival with colored rice

If you want to make a carnival decoration with children, this idea is wonderful. To do this, only color rice with food coloring. This works best in sealable freezer bags. You can now find out how to proceed and what else you need for the carnival decoration in the glass:

  • rice
  • Food coloring
  • vinegar
  • glasses
  • Funnel or sheet of paper
  • sealable plastic bags (bowls also work as an alternative)
  • baking sheet
  • paper towels

Color rice with food coloring and fill decorative glasses

For 200 g of rice you need one teaspoon of vinegar and 1/8 teaspoon of food coloring. Close the bag and knead and twist the contents carefully so that everything is evenly distributed on the rice. If the color is not strong enough for you, you can add some food coloring. Line a baking sheet with kitchen paper and spread the colored rice on it, which you should now let dry (ideally 24 hours).

As soon as the rice has dried, you can use a funnel or a sheet of paper that you form into a funnel to fill it in layers in the glass, thus creating the decoration in the glass. Horizontal layers do not necessarily have to be formed. Oblique patterns are also suitable. You can also mix all the colors together to create a motley glass, the contents of which are reminiscent of confetti or sprinkles. Rice as a carnival decoration in a glass can be designed and combined in a variety of ways.

Edible carnival decoration in a glass

Party decoration idea - Decorate with rubber snakes and chewing gum

Especially if the carnival decoration in the glass is intended for the buffet (but not only then), you can also design the glasses with colorful sweets: rubber snakes, licorice, colorful chewing gum balls, edible confetti and many more not only look pretty , if you use it to decorate the decorative glass, they are also useful because they are guaranteed to keep guests happy. Who doesn't love sweets?

Decorate with sweets in glasses - party decorations and snacks in one

So if you would like to make carnival decorations yourself, but do not really have the talent or desire to do handicrafts, this is a wonderful alternative. Whether you choose the large decorative glass and fill it or prefer to set up several smaller glasses is up to you. You can also implement the idea with two glasses like for the vase with confetti on top with sweets.

Decorative glass with fairy lights

Colorful lights as a carnival decoration - Use colored glasses or colorful fairy lights

For this not really new, but attractive idea, it's best to use colored glasses or at least a colorful string of lights. You can make the decoration in the glass with a chain of lights yourself by placing a small LED chain of lights in a glass or by drilling holes in the lid and inserting a colored light bulb of the chain through this hole. It is important that the carnival is colorful.

Make tealight as a carnival decoration

Lantern as a carnival decoration in a glass with tissue paper or tracing paper

Another lantern is another idea that is also suitable for children. If you want to make this cheerful decoration in the glass yourself, cut out differently colored and differently sized triangles (or any other shape) from silk, transparent or crepe paper. Spread craft glue with a brush on the outside of the glass and glue the snippets on top of each other. The DIY wind light is ready!

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