Could multiple sclerosis have been triggered by vaccines?

Multiple sclerosis vaccines alter brain cells

For almost two years, the European Court of Justice addressed a patient with multiple sclerosis injury. The reason: Shortly after a hepatitis B vaccine, the plaintiff is diagnosed with MS. He complained to the French manufacturer of the vaccines. The trial lasted more than 10 years, in between the man died in the aftermath of the serious illness, his relatives lost but the complaint continued. Now you ask the question: Could multiple sclerosis have been triggered by vaccines?

The researchers found no connection between multiple sclerosis and vaccines

Up to this time, numerous studies have been conducted worldwide. A majority of them could detect no connection between multiple sclerosis and vaccines, a smaller part of which was claimed but the opposite. They have been critically evaluated because of the small proband group of the World Health Organization. For the scientists to state: It should be a comprehensive study. A team from Munich had thoroughly researched the patient records and the data set of the Bavarian Hospital and evaluated the data of more than 200,000 people. In the end, the researchers were able to conclude that there was no indication that vaccines could trigger multiple sclerosis. Scientists have yet to establish that those affected by MS are rarely vaccinated as healthy people or other patients with chronic illnesses. This behavior could be observed in the last 5 years before the MS diagnosis. Where it could lie, the researchers themselves did not know exactly. It could be a lie, however, that Multiple Sclerosis Diseases your behavior more years before the diagnosis and the worst symptoms change dramatically.

Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: When Do Vaccines Make sense?

Multiple sclerosis patients are vaccinated or not

Even after the outbreak of the disease, patients with multiple sclerosis often ask themselves if vaccines make sense for them. Ultimately, people with autoimmune disorders are often treated with immunosuppressive drugs. The answer is never easy and depends on your own vaccine status and other factors. Basically, most affected people were administered 7-8 weeks before the start of the live vaccination therapy. If immunosuppressive therapy has already begun, these patients should in no case be vaccinated with live vaccines. Vaccinations with two vaccines are usually considered as unnecessary and could be prevented.

Of course, you should always consult with a general practitioner before he knows the patient and can appreciate it best, which vaccines are made and accessed.

For the study of German research teams.

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