Consume eggs daily: how much is good for heart health?

The controversy over whether eggs are good or bad for your heart health every day can perhaps be resolved. According to scientists, around one egg a day is perfectly fine. A research team found the answer by analyzing data from three large long-term multinational studies.

Consume eggs daily without hesitation

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The results suggest that eating eggs does no harm. Given that the majority of people in the study consumed one or fewer eggs a day, it would be safe to maintain that level. The main author of the study, Dr. Mahshid Dehghan.

Consuming eggs every day does not involve any risk

“A moderate intake, which is around one egg a day for most people, does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease or mortality. This also applies if such complaints or diabetes have occurred in the past. There was also no association between egg intake and blood cholesterol or other risk factors. These results are robust and generally applicable to both healthy people and people with vascular diseases. “

In-depth research

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Although eggs are an inexpensive source of essential nutrients, some guidelines have recommended that you limit your consumption to less than three eggs a week as they increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Previous studies on egg consumption and disease have been contradictory, said Salim Yusuf, the study's main researcher.

“This is because most of these studies were relatively small or medium-sized and did not involve people from a large number of countries,” he said.

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The researchers analyzed three international studies. The egg consumption of 146011 people from 21 countries was recorded in the PURE study and in 31544 patients with vascular diseases from the ONTARGET and TRANSEND studies. The data from these studies concerned populations from 50 countries spanning six continents with different income levels. The results are therefore generally applicable, said Yusuf. One egg a day would not be associated with the risk of heart disease.

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