Concrete, Stein and Holz are the main material for drinking and running at this villa

Stone and Hollow and Concrete for the Facade of the Villa

The beautiful country of Brazil is known for its tropical flora. This modern and minimalist family home is one of those modern and minimalist homes. There is a generous authority in the Residencial Aldeia do Vale and is a design architect Leo Romano. The relatively small and uncomplicated long-length base of nur 482 square meter is best used, for perfect living comfort anywhere, as well as working in an open space. Stein and Holz as materials are just one of the most impressive interior and exterior designs, to which they were said to follow. Check out what trendy and intriguing materials have been used to make the highly-acclaimed house in each year's 2018 showpiece.

Stone and wood in public residential area

Stone and hollow for facade and underlay and concrete for gardening

Achieved, the house is about an original and attractive, slender concrete step. This leads directly to the entrance of the house. When you enter the house, look out at the public residential area with sunbathing area, kitchen and convenience. This living room with an open living room has an awful size and is firmly connected to the terrace with garden furniture. Decked glass fronts from Schiebeturene train inside and out and make the Zutritt zum Garten on such roads extremely annoying. Incidentally, the missing detail is in this living space. Close and zeitlos is the ideal point of view and design and work so the mundane minimalist atmosphere. And then there is nothing in it and some chucks are the attractive chandeliers or a goblin, all in the wind.

Tidlos eingerichtetes Wohnzimmer mit Stein und Holz

Having tiled organic molded and tiled lined upholstered furniture has a solid artistic effect and fits wonderfully into the overall atmosphere of the house. Stein and Holz are here preparing the Hauptmaterialen. They create a contrast from warmth and cool colors. The gray stone for the wall is an attractive alternative to concrete, which plays the hip trunk in a minimalist Wohnhäusern. In addition to being married, there is also the choice of raw stone, which combines with the grind and long panoramic wall of a wall. Combined with state-of-the-art cross-linking with mirrored surface and interlocking a concrete optic, a monochromatic look emerges, which comfortably cuts off.

The private räume

Slipper with visibility and sun protection and wall relief from wood

On the left side of the entrance is covered by the private area of ​​the house with slattzimmer and beds. Optically, both were traversed by the attractive Heimbra, recognized by a well-knit turn of wood. An integral one is writable and more regal, such an effective indirect enlightenment. The slatted room is bright and comfortable. Straightforward light is guaranteed by the window fronts, which are quite easy to seat with a vision and sun protection. Holz also belonged here at the rest of the house of Stein and Holz to the main element and his wall, all the furniture.

Attracts Stein's bathroom in green and mirrored areas

Stone and hollow is used for the bathroom on individual floors. One of Bäder's pastures should be Stein's gestaltung. This is because of this gray color that is also the object of love. Ein anderes, a larger bath that consists of flanges and beds in a stone optic, while providing a large, unobtrusive slope from each hole for straight stature. The interesting thing about late is also the direct access to the garden thanks to the larger ones. This mind for the weary private girl with hollow out of Holz.

Garden and terraces with stone and wood

Stone and hole for terrace with pool in the middle of tropical flanges

Whatever the purpose of concrete concrete in interior faults, they are used for the design of the outdoor areas. From there, it is located in the façade and on the roadside. A stone and a hole is also missing in an extravagant ebony. Thus, larger stones serve as a foundation for the foundations and plates as a bedding layer, while the façades, search protection and the terraces surround the pool. All materials that make up flanges create an interesting and harmonious scene, while the terraces of wood and stone unite and enjoy the beautiful waters.

The private area of ​​the house has organic shapes and round windows

A contrast is also to be found, if you want to visit the private and public residential area of ​​?? außen. While the facades and windows of the dwellers with selected lines of lines and rectangular or square shapes, the private tile of the house reveals facades, as well as original windows with rounded shapes, the one in one and the other's in a bay. This tile consists of wood, while the other, which is prepared, is made of concrete. This contrasts with shapes, colors, and materials, while the truly minimalist single-family home is designed to be even more interesting than ever.

The minimalist house with stone and wood in detail

Home interior with writing and reduced wall with hole for a warm atmosphere

Have your house fallen so badly that you meet more then? You can find the following, where there are still a few pictures of indoor and outdoor areas. See for yourself the basic plan and more space. Of course, you will find some inspiring ideas, which you can easily meet at Hause. On the other hand, you get a special atmosphere with the combination of stone and wood, which guarantees perfect living comfort on the basis of the natural touch.

Waxed with integrated writing switch public and private living space

Furniture from Holz im Wohnzimmer and open terrace

Elegant Esstisch from Holz and Retro-Chandelier as Decorations

Stone in concrete optics with panoramic windows and stone finishing for the wall

Stone and hollow in the kitchen and garden kitchen

Lounge with mop for wall and cover

Gray bathing facilities as well as stained glass windows and built-in wash basins

Bath with toilet and shower and ground floor for gaze in the garden

The bath with slick front windows occupies jealousy as a protection

Longer runs round windows and small terraces with pool in the private area

Hollow façade, turned with large optics and stonework

Entry range with gained porch from stone and wall brackets for the façade design

Stone and hill for a luxurious villa in minimalist style in Brazil

Extra-ready from concrete and grass for the gardening

Ground floor of the house with terrace, pool and patio in the garden

Plan the site view of the Luxushauses from Concrete, Stein and Holz

Minimalist construction and construction style from different materials

All living rooms are located on the Ebene des Hauses

The foundation is small and lengthy, a special Bauweise was required

The design of the villa comes from the architects Leo Romano

The modern house with sea-facing unit is located in Brazil

Concrete the house with ease for cars

Natural materials are the market search of the Villa in Brazil

Design by Leo Romano.

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