Concrete Hanging - Ideas for functional landscaping

concrete slabs hanging and terracing in the garden are beautiful with plants

Homeowners can handle the landscaping and the naturally occurring water carefully with a concrete suspension. Rainwater that flows from fall pipes and unsuspecting objects should be directed so that it flows from exposed, falling areas. Minimize the irrigation of landscapes, especially on the slope, as the irrigation of steep coasts is a frequent cause for landslides. Also, make sure that there are no water and wastewater pipes. Depending on the stability of the slopes and the ones that were hidden behind them, you can use your garden design to hang on various slopes in different ways and ways with a concrete reinforcement.

Tips for Hanging Concrete

steep garden combined with succulent and concrete slabs modern with wood

Of course, problems such as erosion protection and drainage occur when you are catching your slope with paving stones or using concrete brackets for hanging. These are all about important considerations for stability. Before we even met, you were to catch up with your steep garden, we first discussed it, was passing on your slope. For example, if you emphasize a slope attachment, it should remove dirt and stabilize a hill.

use hang fastening concrete support wall concrete

While for the average suspension bracket Concrete stones are not ever able to hold up the pressure a massive landslide, you can additionally for the suspension Mounting Concrete in various forms as the example for the suspension reinforcement Concrete. They can also protect your property by planting in ground floor coverings to stabilize the soil. Not all plants work against the soil movement. We recommend, however, to consult a professional landscape architect to determine the best growth for your slope.

Professional counseling

landscape architect advised welding and avoiding problems with erosion or steep garden with hanging fastening

If you have a large enough concrete block to hang on a concrete block for a vehicle for the house itself, it is advisable to consult a geotechnical consultant or construction engineer. Ideally, this is the case before the decision to buy such a property is made. If it is too late, geotechnical engineers can carry out and assist with a soil assessment, which will determine the best placements of supports, concrete slab suspension or other soil stabilizers, such as concrete palisade suspension with concrete anchors, or if they are concrete.

Determine the art of hanging

concrete palisades hanging fastening paving stones with planting in the garden

Where does water flow in your slope? Is it moving or down? Find the best hints on water channels to answer these questions. Are the channels wide or narrow? In what direction are they headed? If the answer is not correct, erosion protection is a problem, and the inclination may be unstable as desired. You should note this when landscaping. For example, dig a hole and fill it with water. Do you notice how long it takes until the water runs out? If drainage is experienced within one hour, that's fine. If the droplets last several days, this process does not run optimally. They should have no water on their slopes, as humid soils and mud can cause erosion and sliding problems on a steep hill.

modern landscaping hangs with paving stones

Dig somewhere in your path for another hole, preferably where you can see a landscaping. If you find solid rock or clay, the floor underneath your concrete slab can be more easily rubbed off. This also gives you the opportunity to plant, if you use, for example, your hanging with concrete paving stones. In the interim, you may want to investigate the ground. Make notes to them, if you find them, to give them a clue, which plant species are best grown or not possessed at all.

a beautiful courtyard with modern landscaping made of concrete and rasp grown as appropriate

Is your hang garden really comfortable? Can you go up the road or have to stick to it? Your answers will help you in deciding whether to plant and maintain your slope or to integrate a part of it into your existing garden landscape. Also, you should check if enough sunlight is present. Here, too, it helps you to consider this factor to determine who designed your garden and, for example, to build concrete concrete suspension brackets.

Hanging brackets made of concrete

concrete block hanging next to modern house ideas for garden path

As mentioned above, erosion poses a problem in many cases. For this reason, attachment is a key factor. If you build, you can fight erosion and combat most soil movements in your landscape, as well as reinforced retaining walls. Ultimately, it should be able to stabilize all the dirt and stones above. Most hangs can be made relatively stable with plants. The planting should be a mixture of soil cover, shrubs, trees and perennials.

combination of concrete blocks as a support wall on the tree and breed with flowers in the garden area

This allows you to cover the areas between the plants with straw, concrete slabs or rock blocks. Moreover, a mixture of plants and vegetation layers also ensures that in the rain the power of the water touching the soil is distracted. In most cases, when the soil is thicker, a combination of deep-rooted plants such as bougainvillea and flat-rooted plants such as monkey flowers or beetroot is needed to attach the upper layers of the lower rock.

garden stairs on the slope and concrete walls of concrete hardscape

If you have surfaces on solid rock, the plants of trees help to move the water away from the slope. For the actual planting, create small incisions in the falling soil as a single garden beetle. Resistant planting is good enough to prevent water from directly running down the hill. Dig holes that are large enough, so that they can spread the roots, and carry a layer of organic straw cover between the plants, for example large beef pieces. Also, make sure you irrigate your planted slope with drip irrigation or droplet tubing, as this can penetrate the water and reduce the flow.

Tarrasing and easement

erosion protection by emphasizing hanging with planting and terracing with plants and thatch

Depending on the size of your hanging, you can use this as a support wall as a concrete reinforcement. These are strong and sturdy barrier walls, which usually consist of stone, concrete or wood, and divide into better-to-dominant sections. The terraces can therefore be positioned where they can keep the ground down and work in a space that can remain as a slope, upright or planted. Multiple walls can be placed at various points to tell a terraced appearance. Terraces can be used as wide and wide areas for plants. If this is large enough, some experts recommend setting up terracing within fifteen meters, which can make your hang much more functional in the long run.

designer garden scraps with concrete stairs and garden plants and garden furniture garden

By creating stages in your slope, the likelihood is that there is a decrease in the soil. If you dig into the hills in certain places, you can also create planes for the plant. Keep the walls of the planes with stone pebbles or concrete blocks and lay out different plants and elements to create a contrast between the easement. If you use rock walls as planes, you can fill them with plants, small trees or even stream stones at any time to achieve a natural look.

Garden paths and stairs made of concrete

creative hanging of concrete stairs and green plants with flowers for gardening

If your slope is not dangerously steep, you can use its inclination with roads or stairs as a suspension of concrete or stone. Should the slope be quite steep, you might prefer to see a winning garden path. These can consist of plastic stones, concrete palisades, concrete slabs or bricks. Sometimes you can then cross your slope and at the same time tell a slight increase. Path stones are certainly a good idea and give your garden shape and function.

landscape design as a combination of concrete slab suspension and natural stone modern and classic

The use of stones for the landscaping lends a certain "natural charm", while concrete provides for a modern or minimalist look. At the same time, you can keep plants and earth in places and places. You can also create carvings in which stones or concrete rings can be placed, and place different sized pieces with different texture and color in groups. Leave blank spaces between groups to add medium-sized plants or flowers and add to the landscape.

Use of native plants

to plant colorful plants in the garden and to build with tree material and varieties

As you can imagine, indigenous plants from a particular ground are so loved. In fact, studies indicate that this use causes no apparent erosion in the slope, since it has already been adapted to the corresponding environment. Such plant varieties are perfect for falling slopes as they look pretty, as well as stabilize soil and reduce water consumption. They can also select indigenous plants with different flowering times for the full-year color and variety. If you are a bird and butterfly, for example, you will certainly see these flowers in your garden.

You shouldn't be in the hillside

garden design ideas with concrete surround and tree plants as hanging with concrete

The plants of grass do not stop the erosion and it is found that 30-75% of all precipitation on grass covered slopes. Besides, the seeds lead from a grassy slope to weeds in the soil. This will only be difficult to stabilize, and will considerably increase the restoration of plants. Use no or few so-called weed wrap or weed foils or plastic mats. These became rather fresher as a late creeper and almost everything below them, other than possible weeds. By contrast, plastics in a natural landscape in your backyard do not cover any beauty treatments. Tissue mats will not hold for long, cause stronger erosion and attract rodents. The rich for straw mats.

modern landscaped garden with concrete and laundry fixtures

Some plants have very shallow roots and are heavy, the weight of the suspension was increased. This regulates the soil in which they are superficially planted, then slides down, after another rainfall. These were often used by many people so often because they did not burn very easily and could counteract fire hazards. If you are worried about the fire hazard, instead of using the Aizoaces, use native plants that are firmer than other varieties. Also, use straw cover, which contributes to hydrate the plants and make them less flammable. Hangings in the backyard can be done to beautiful things. If you ever design your landscape, you should consult with a landscape architect to make sure that you are not causing any potential problems. If you are still dazed, choose a mixture of deep-rooted shrubs and trees, mixed with flat-rooted growths that are covered.

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