Compare blood values ​​in large and small blood image with normal values ​​- Explanation & Table

Blood values ​​in the blood picture are used to diagnose various diseases

These blood values ​​may contain indications of possible illnesses. This is probably no secret. And although our physician can understand these values ​​naturally well, we as patients can understand the desire, even this self. Often you get no accurate explanations from the physician. Therefore one should simply hook once more. Know your physician that you are interested in accurate, he will be sure to be able to explain your values ​​and even typical blood-value abbreviations more accurately, so that you can understand the blood values.

Detect blood values ​​and diagnose disorders by blood sampling

Sometimes you don't even think about it, look for it or you just didn't know the time and you are at home, you become aware that you want to know more. In this case, we recommend that you ask your doctor at least for a copy. You can then look at it in complete peace at once. And if you can understand the blood values ​​indicated on the sheet, we have once all the blood values ​​with blood declaration summarized for you. What diseases can be detected in the blood and was it normal for blood values? Do you also find out: What blood values ​​are increased in stress? Finally, you will find a table for normal blood values ​​for men and women for each blood value, which you can then evaluate your blood results.

Understand blood values ​​- Where does blood actually exist?

The blood values ​​say that many people rot and white blood cells in the blood, as well as the blood platelets

Many people know that the blood from the red blood cells (Erythroyzten), white blood cells (leukocyte) and the platelet (Thrombozyten) exists. Yet these so-called blood cells make up only about 45 percent of the blood. Hinzu still comes the so-called Blood Plasma. This consists mainly of water and takes about 55 percent of the blood volume. No water is contained in the plasma as well as egg white and other substances.

The normal amount of erythrocytes in women is 4 - 5.4 million. per microlitre of blood, in men again 4.3 - 5.6 million. per microliter of blood. The white blood corpuscles are present in both sexes in approximately equal amounts and usually pay for 3,800 - 10,500 per microlitre of blood. In addition to the platelets, there is no difference between the sexes. The platelets Normal value lie at 140,000 - 345,000 per microliter.

Small or large blood picture - What blood values ​​do it give?

Examine blood values ​​from the big and small blood picture

Maybe you are already stuck on the terms "small blood picture" and "big blood picture". If you still want the doctor, you either need only the small blood picture or some further blood picture values, so a big blood picture will be arranged. The differences we explain are as follows:

Small blood picture - explanation

Blur values ​​information, abbreviations and explanation with table of normal values

For a small blood image, the aforementioned blood cells were examined, so the red and white blood cells, as well as the blood platelets. The obtained blood values ​​provide an indication as to whether infections are present or disturbances in the formation of blood. This blood image is also suggested for surgery. Information is obtained on the oxygen levels in the blood and on blood anemia (Anami).

The red blood cells and the hemoglobin

The blood values ​​for red blood cells are different for men and women

Based on the amount of oxygen, the physician can determine if anemia is present. Exactly, it recognizes this in the range of red blood cells, which carry the oxygen from the lung further and the hemoglobin (the red blood dye) that binds with the oxygen. This is why we are already involved in one of the values ​​of the blood found in the small blood picture. The Abbreviation „HbSo stands for Hämoglobin. This value still shows itself in the Labor Abbreviations HBE, was the hemoglobin value in the whole blood, and MCH. Just ask yourself, was there the MCH value? It is free of hemoglobin that is bound to the red blood cells or, otherwise, the absolute amount of hemoglobin in a red blood cell. The normal MCH blood value is 28 - 33 pg per cell.

Blood values ​​of the erythrocytes give rise to hemoglobin and iron deficiency

The hemoglobin normal value is different for men and women. The Hb value for women lies at 12 - 16 g / dl. In males, again 13 - 17 g / dl as Hb value is normal. But was it to mean, if the oxygen in the blood does not match normal values ​​with those in your blood picture? If the value is too high, it can lie in one stroke. But also tumors or brain inflammation are causes for elevated Hb values. If they hang lower than the normal value, most of them lie in an iron deficiency. It also provides chronic dementia, which can cause such low blood values.

The blood picture in pregnancy should be checked regularly (during the examination and from the 6th month in regular intervals). In this way, it is ensured that the iron value is normally recognized anemic in time. The value of pregnancy in pregnancy should not lie below 11.2 g / dl, which could indicate some iron deficiency. To be sure, the number of red blood cells will also be examined.

The hematocrit and its blood values

Hematocrit blood values ​​inform the physician about who's blood is flowing and whether it is too thick

Small hemorrhage is also indicated in the hematocrit value. This gives you a clue as to which blood is flowing. Dementally speaking, it can be more fluid, was the risk of bleeding (thrombus) elevated. If the value for the hematocrit is too high, this is an indication. In evaluating blood values, the physician must consider nothing but sex, but also the age and the number of erythrocytes. If you can understand these blood values, we have the average values ​​listed at the bottom of the table once. The hematocrit norm value for women lies in 38 - 44% and in men in 42 - 50%. The hematocrit in pregnancy is less than in pregnant women. This improves blood flow and also the exchange between mother and child in mother cakes.

The white blood corpses

Blood values ​​for white blood cells (leukocytes) serve to examine the immune system

The leukocytes are in contrast to the red colorless (because of the name) thanks to it you can detect inflammation in the blood, as well as infections. They fight against bacteria and viruses. In such a case, the blood and leucocytes in the blood are also elevated. If the value of leukocytes is too high, this is an indication. For many white blood cells, the cause is therefore that the immune system is active and fight against body-foreign substances.

In the same way, the physician can also determine if sufficient immune cells are present when an infection or inflammation is known to fight these. Therefore, if the range of leukocytes deviates from normal value, it should not mean that the number of white blood cells is too high. She may as well have never been, was she called Leukopenia. Even then, the cause may be an infection. But also bone marrow damages, such as those caused by chemotherapy, or autoimmune diseases and a lack of vitamin B12 are causes for a deficiency in leukocytes.

In the case of a deficiency in white blood cells, symptoms may be noticed for another week, as the body has a type of memory. Typical symptoms are: inflammation in the mouth, frequent nasal cavity inflammation, inflammation in the middle ear or vomiting or pneumonia, fever, swollen lymph nodes and furrows.

Leukocytes fight against foreign bodies such as bacteria and viruses and protect the body

White blood cells too low - Was it enough to improve blood values?

If a deficiency in leukocytes is detected, you will have to wait once to find out if the problem is solved by yourself. If this shortage results in a cure-all illness, it regulates this by itself. Even if, at a certain time, no improvement was found, a bone marrow sample was taken to retrieve it, which was basically the case. Very low values ​​exist for those patients who are at risk of life, even though they have been isolated, unable to infect themselves and are trying to produce the bone marrow, to produce white blood cells.

Die blutplättchen as a blood test values

The blood values ​​of platelets (blood platelets) increase in infections and cancers

The blood platelet is responsible for the blood circulation. If a wound arises, you open yourself in the opening and form a kind of pillow. Who also among the leucocytes can be a deficiency of vitamin B12 cause for low blood values. But also some drug causes lower platelet values. If the number is too high instead, most often lie in a serious infection or in a cancer.

The inflammatory values

Enter inflammatory values ​​and whether an inflammation is present in the blood and is also high in stress

Was inflammatory values ​​in the blood and und who called the inflammatory values ​​in the blood at all? If inflammation is present, these can be determined as well as the blood image and blood values. This is possible thanks to the white blood corpuscles, which we have explained more accurately above. Moreover, the inflammatory values ​​in the blood were defined by the rate of blood lowering and the so-called C-reactive protein (CRP). They find the usual inflammatory blood values ​​in the table below. Nevertheless, we were able to get into the BSG value and the CRP blood values, which you can understand was to mean bad blood values ​​in this category. It can be caused by other increased inflammatory values ​​due to stress, but only now. Who should say inflammatory values ​​in the blood?

Blood Reduction Speed ​​Blood Pressure (BSG)

Blood Pressure Blood Speed ​​Increases in Inflammation, Rheumatism and Blood Poisoning

Anyone who betrays the name will investigate the speed of the red blood cells here. It is accurate to measure how long they need to sink. Meaning of this is only elevated blood pressure values. If you have hypertension, you are exposed to inflammation, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism, injuries, tumors, bacterial infections, joint inflammation, as well as blood and liver diseases. Pneumonia, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis and a single blood poisoning are just some of the possible problems that could be due to the lowering of blood. In women, the blood pressure is normal values ​​6 - 10 mm after one hour, in men 3 - 10 mm after one hour.

C-Reactive Protein (CRP)

C-reactive protein gives clues as to whether the immune system is active and undergoes a disease

Where is the CRP value? It shows the amount of C-reactive protein. This is about a protein that is formed in the liver and is a component of the immune system. If inflammation is present, the CRP normal value increases below 30 mg per liter (3 mg / dl). Normally it is less than 10 mg / l, but in older people this value can also be higher. Increasing the CRP value is therefore an indication. Thus, the physician uses this blood value for the same purpose as the blood-lowering rate and leukocyte rise. The advantage of CRP, however, is that these are much faster, than both, so that an inflammation can be diagnosed more quickly (about 6 to 10 hours after becoming ill).

Causes of elevated C-reactive protein do not have to be due to illness, but also sports

C-reactive protein too high - cause

Who gets the CRP value depends on the cause. In a viral infection, for example, values ​​of less than 30 mg / l are found, while in a bacterial infection above 50 mg / l are typically. If the patient suffers from a fever, a blood image will therefore be arranged and the CRP blood value checked. In this way, antibiotics are not presumed to be prescribed without this being necessary at all.

It also gives other triggers for elevated blood values. After an operation, for example, or a heart attack, the values ​​increase for a short time. Moreover, these rates increase in many diseases. These include pneumonia, bacterial bronchitis, sepsis, rheumatism, blind inflammation and other inflammations. In addition, the CRP value is increased by stress, strong alcohol consumption, by physical exertion, endurance sports. During pregnancy and during smoking, however, most elevated values ​​were detected. In severe burns, a value of over 200 mg / l is measured.

Large blood image - explanation and blood values ​​for differential blood image

Differential blood image and its blood values ​​are part of the big blood picture

A big blood picture is the values ​​of the small blood picture, as well as the so-called differential blood picture. Lastly does not mean anything else, such that those white blood cells are even more accurate than those taken by Lupe. Thus, the leukocytes were differentiated even once into their cell types. The cell types are as follows:


Granulocytes are high during pregnancy, but also in allergy or leukemia and low in stress and vitamin B deficiency

The granulocytes still support Neutrophile, Eosinophile and Basophile. All three have the task of fighting inflammation in tissues, while each one of these purposes fulfills different tasks, on which we are equally integrated. At large and in total, elevated granulocyte values ​​can result from a pregnancy, stress, an allergy and certain medications, but also an indication of leukemia. Lower blood values ​​again under stress, the so-called Cushing syndrome or a vitamin B12 deficiency, had to be investigated closely, precisely. The standard value lies between 3,000 and 5,800 per microlitre of blood and is the same in both sexes.

Blood values ​​of the neutrophils

Neutrophils are low in symptoms of inflammation and inflammation and high in burns or poisonings

The Neutrophils are once again in segment-core Neutrophils (54-62%) and stable Neutrophils (3-5%). Shows your blood picture blood values ​​below this standard can be a sign of a deficiency in vitamin B12 or other deficiency conditions, but also for infections or tumors. Chronic inflammation, severe burns or poisonings drive the blood values ​​back into the highs. So, if the blood values ​​of your neutrophils increase, so can the causes. In the following, we still have one list that says why stable and segmental low or high levels might fall:

Neutrophil Blood Values ​​- Normal values ​​and explanation of how they serve

Eine increased number and stable nuclear neutrophils occurs in bacterial and viral infections, as well as in parasite and fungal infections. Auch

  • during pregnancy
  • in excess
  • while recovering from the body some bone marrow damage (after chemo, etc.)
  • in any thyroid gland function
  • after lung or heart attacks
  • and in leukemia the neutrophils can be too high.

Segmented neutrophil values ​​exceed the norm mean again:

  • megaloblastic anemia, which is caused by a deficiency in folic acid
  • lack of cell production in the bone marrow (e.g. after radiotherapy)
  • at missing spleen, the values ​​increase

Neutrophils tend to be stable and segmental and show different things

See the blood values ​​for low and segment low to low, the sex

  • Stoffwechselerkrankungen
  • Autoimmunerkrankungen
  • Knochenmarkserkrankungen
  • Immune defect disorders (congenital)
  • Fanconi Anami
  • Disorders of granulocyte formation
  • grippe
  • and variable debt there.

It therefore gives birth, as well as later acquired causes, because of the fact that the neutrophils could never be.


Eosinophils fight against other parasites, adding high values ​​to allergies

Since Eosinophils, among others, have the task, parasites that fight other worms, have elevated blood values ​​in their thus a sign. Also, allergies and related disorders are a possible cause when the blood values ​​of the eosinophils are elevated. Asthma or monkey coughing are, for example, such disorders. Low blood image values ​​again mean a possible infection, Morbus Cushing or its consequence of stress. In shock, convulsions and colic, or a longer intake of cortisone is similarly a sight to behold. A value of 50 - 250 per microliter of blood (1 - 4%) is normal.

Basophilic explanation and normal blood values

If the blood values ​​of the basophils are not normal, most allergies or infections are the cause

Normal blood values ​​for basophils are again 15 - 50 per microlitre of blood. This is 0 to 1%. Basophile is therefore responsible for allergic reactions taking place in the body, after which release into the interior of botanicals (eg histamine) was released. An increased baso blood value can sometimes be a sign of an allergy, but also for leukemia. If the values ​​of the basophils are low, this is an indication of severe infectious diseases or if an inflammation is very pronounced and severe.


Monocytes are part of the immune system and are also called fresh cells as they can dissolve

Monocytes are of the utmost importance when it comes to the fight against detractors. They were also called freezing cells as they absorb the irritants and then dissolve enzymes. Only very rarely is the monocyte count too low, though, when there is a problem with blood formation. As monocyte values ​​increase, this is another sign of an acute infection that is ready in the healing phase. But even autoimmune disorders call for a rise in this. The monocyte normal value amounts to 285 - 500 per microlitre of blood in both sexes (3 - 8%).

Blood values ​​of the lymphocytes

Elevated lymphocytes can signify an intestinal infection, to AIDS and other diseases

The lymphocyte standard value is considered for women as well as for men 1,500 - 3000 per microliter of blood (25 - 45%). These include both the T, as well as the B lymphocytes, which are subdivided into the upper limb. They are also part of the immune defense. B cells form antibodies to fight against foreign substances, while those T cells support them and serve as botanicals within the immune system.

If you lower the amount of lymphocytes, this may be an indication of Cushing's syndrome, AIDS, Hodgkin's disease, disorders of the lymphatic system or severe stress. Also, if cortisone is taken over a longer period of time, this may decrease the number of lymphocytes. If the values ​​of the lymphocytes are too high, it is usually an infection, chronic inflammatory bowel disease or chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Blutwert ASL

The ASL (Antistreptolysin) blood values ​​serve to diagnose streptococci

ASL (anti-streptolysin) is a body-rich antibody in the blood, Speichel Liqour, and to say the least, an immunoglobulin, with a particular task. Many body-foreign bacteria, which, for example, produce Streptococci, poison (Streptolysin O.), which are particularly offensive to the body. Such poison responds to ASL by producing a poison. Since streptococci are widespread, an elevated ASL blood value should not necessarily mean an infection. For a diagnosis, other symptoms must be noted beforehand. As normal blood values, 200 units / ml were seen.


Liver values ​​in blood picture were checked if damage to the liver or suspicion was suspected

If liver damage was diagnosed, those liver values ​​were taken to help. Even if the liver value is increased or low, certain diseases and damage can be excluded. Testing was done at these blood values GOT (Glutamate Oxalacetat-Transaminase) GPT (Glutamate-Pyruvate-Transaminase) Gamma-GT (Gamma-glutamyl transferase) und AP (alkaline phosphatase).

GOT Value

GOT is an enzyme of the liver and some muscles and is elevated in hepatitis and liver cirrhosis

This enzyme from the blood picture for blood values ​​of the liver also appears especially in the heart and skeletal muscle, but also in other parts of the body. It is then released when cells die. Since this is an all-time progress in bodies, certain amounts in bodies are normal. But who did the liver value say to apply as normal? For women, the value is below 35 rpm, while for men it is below 50 rpm. High liver values ​​in this enzyme are among other signs of hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. In addition, the blood values ​​were also examined by the physician for jaundice, when fatigue and performance reduction were noted, both in the case of an increase in abdominal volume with pressure sensation and in certain changes in the skin that were brought into contact with the liver.

GPT blood value

GPT blood values ​​and liver enzymes tell if liver damage is due to hepatitis and other diseases

Elevated liver values ​​in relation to the GPT enzyme are a sign of liver damage that could be caused by diseases such as hepatitis A, B, C, D and E, but also by medications, poisons, fatty liver, tumors, gallbladder inflammation and gallbladder inflammation. Normal values ​​for women lie below 35 rpm and for men below 50 rpm.

GGT Blood Value

Liver GGT values ​​(Gamma values) are high in many alcohols, cancers and problems with the pancreas and bile

Normal GGT values ​​are for women under 40 rpm and for men under 60 rpm. Are these liver values ​​too high, expose them to hepatitis, liver damage due to excessive alcohol consumption, liver cancer, pancreatic disorders, jaundice, gallbladder or gastrointestinal inflammation or occlusion, and others. If you want to lower your Gamma GT, you will be prescribed a suitable therapy by your physician, in which the liver is given the appropriate nutrition. Once summarized you will find the normal Gamma GT values ​​in the table below.

AP Blutwerte

Liver values ​​and abbreviations - High AP blood values ​​can lead to kidney and gall problems

These enzymes do not occur only in the liver, but also in the bile, in the bone, in the intestine and in pregnancy in the placenta. Because of this, elevated AP values ​​are an indication of disorders in these organs and systems. Disorders of gall flux with gallstones due to kidney stones and jaundice as a possible consequence, bone fractures, tumors and inflammations and other problems could be the cause. In children and pregnant women, elevated blood values ​​are usually normal. Men have normal values ​​of 40 - 130 rpm, while for women 35 - 105 rpm are normal.

Liver and Y-GT to check for liver enzymes in the body

Further blood values ​​that are related to the liver are the so-called Y-GTValues ​​(Gamma (γ) -glutamyl transferase). These have also been reviewed for suspected liver disease (e.g., chronic breakthrough disorders), but also if any gallbladder disease should be detected, monitored or excluded. If liver values ​​are normal, such diseases could be excluded. Chronic alcoholism increases values, such as acute kidney failure, brain tumors and bleeding, heart attacks, medication, etc.

Kidney values ​​in blood

Examine kidneys and urea and creatinine with a blood test

When the kidneys are checked, the physician takes the urea, the creatinine and the creatinine clearance from the blood values ​​to help. If the kidneys are examined for blood values, a blood sample will also be analyzed next to the urine. The kidney value in blood and urine needs to diagnose diseases, but also to detect and monitor known diseases.


Kidney urea values ​​rise in kidney failure

The urea will, among other things, be investigated for the control of pituitary gland in one patient if a renal impairment is known. Since blood levels are only increased when a kidney failure function is lost and it only works to 25%, urea is not suitable as a routine parameter. It is available for diagnosis and as a regular check. Elevated urea values ​​can cause fatigue, headaches and fever. Also, the frequency of the toilet passage increases and it can be accompanied by pain.
The urinary standard value lies at 17 - 43 mg / dl for women and 18 - 55 mg / dl for men.

Create value in the blood

Creatinine value of the kidneys from the blood picture and examine metabolism

Creatinine is a product of the metabolism derived from creatine from the muscles. It is a construction product that is important for muscle work for muscle work. What was the value of creatine? If the suspicion of a renal dysfunction exists, these creatinine values ​​are re-sucked. They can also provide relief over any metabolic, connective tissue disorders, hypertension and so-called volume loss. Creatinine clearance is again a measure for your creatinine, which is being excreted over the kidneys.

Women have a normal value of 0.66 - 1.09 mg / dl and men of 0.84 - 1.44 mg / dl. Typical creatinine clearance values ​​in women between 25 and 50 years are again 70 - 110 ml / min and in men of the same age 95 - 140 ml / min.

Increased kidney values ​​- Cause

Kidney values ​​change in hypertension, metabolic disorders and connective tissue diseases

Sind die Kidney values ​​too low, it has no size at all and no further medical significance. Lower values ​​occur during pregnancy, but also underweight and disguise the muscles. Once again they did Kidney values ​​too high can cause various causes. Poor kidney values ​​are exemplary as a result of chronic kidney disease, from acute kidney failure, but also from Wassermangel, which could be caused in different ways in different ways.


Blood fat values ​​consist of cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as other blood values

The most well-known blood values, when it comes to blood fat, are the cholesterol values. For the physician, other blood values ​​can also be interesting and important, including triglycerides. When analyzing blood fat values, the physician can determine what risk is a fat metabolic disorder and arteriosclerosis.

Cholesterol Blood Values

Cholesterol values ​​were determined to lower the risk of infections

Cholesterol distinguishes two blood values. During the HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) should say what it is, is it LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) better when he is possibly low. Unbiased cholesterol values ​​are below 200 mg / dl, respectively, below 5.2 mmol / l for both sexes.

HDL blood values

HDL cholesterol is the good one, since excess fat does not hide the danger

The HDL also calls itself the "good cholesterol". The reason is that a calcification of the arteries nicht only when the HDL is caused by the LDL already. HDL transports the cholesterol from the body cells into the liver, which in turn has the task of absorbing the blood fat. Excess fats were collected in the vascular walls (so-called arterial calcification), were heart attacks and strokes can result. HDL can remove this one again. Normal HDL cholesterol is in excess of 40 mg / l in doses above 1.0 mmol / l. To examine whether the risk exists for arterial calcification, the physician therefore takes the HDL values ​​to aid.

LDL blood values

LDL cholesterol is bad, as it can lead to heart attack and stroke

LDL is once again the "bad cholesterol" that leads to arteriosclerosis. This lipoprotein takes it from HDL in the liver transported cholesterol and transports it to the body cells again. Use these cells to build your cell walls and produce hormones. If the blood cholesterol levels are too high, the balance in cholesterol production will be disturbed. It is more than necessary repaired and this surplus is deposited in the vessel walls. High blood fat values ​​also increase the risk of various heart diseases (stroke, heart attack). Normale Werte für das LDL-Cholesterin betragen weniger als 160 mg/dl beziehungsweise weniger als 4,1 mmol/l, sowohl für Männer, als auch für Frauen. Sie können die Normwerte für Cholesterin in der Tabelle finden.

Triglyzeride als Blutwerte verstehen

Triglyzeride werden über Nahrung aufgenommen und können zu Übergewicht und Zuckerkrankheit führen

Die ebenso als Neutralfette bekannten Triglyzeriden werden wiederum unter anderem mit der Nahrung aufgenommen. Während niedrige Werte nur sehr selten vorkommen, können erhöhte Blutfettwerte verschiedene Ursachen haben. Eine Schwangerschaft ist eine davon. Aber auch bei Übergewicht und Diabetes schießen die Blutwerte in die Höhe, sowie bei erhöhtem Alkoholkonsum oder wenn Erkrankungen der Leber vorliegen. Erhöhte Werte begünstigen verschiedene Krankheiten, darunter Herzinfarkte, Schlaganfälle, Zuckerkrankheit durch Insulinresistenz und Bauchspeicheldrüsenentzündung. Die Normalwerte sind für Frauen und Männer gleich und liegen bei unter 150 mg/dl beziehungsweise 1,7 mmol/l.

Blutfettwerte senken

Bluttfettwerte senken durch gesunde Ernährung und regelmäßigem Sport für guten Stoffwechsel

Möchten Sie auf natürliche Weise Ihre Blutfettwerte senken, können Sie dies zum einen mit der richtigen Ernährung tun. Vermeiden Sie fettige und ungesunde Nahrungsmittel und Getränke und schaffen Sie einen gesünderen Ernährungsplan. Treiben Sie außerdem regelmäßig Ausdauersport, um den Kreislauf in Schwung zu bringen. Vermeiden Sie Zigaretten, Alkohol und Stress. Ein kann nämlich auch ein schlechtes Blutbild durch Stress provoziert werden.


Schilddrüse werden in TSH, T3 und T4 unterteilt und die Blutwerte zeigen den Hormonhaushalt

Stehen Hormonprobleme unter Verdacht, wird die Schilddrüse untersucht. Ein Teil davon sind auch die Blutwerte der Schilddrüse, die anhand einer Blutprobe ermittelt werden können. Der Arzt schaut sich dann außer dem TSH-Wert (Thyreoida-stimulierendes Hormon) das T3 (Trijodthyronin) und das T4 (L-Thyroxin) an. Der TSH Normalwert liegt bei 0,27 – 2,5 mU/l und ist bei beiden Geschlechtern gleich. Sind bei der Schilddrüse Blutwerte mit höheren Werten festzustellen, ist dies ein Hinweis auf eine Schilddrüsenunterfunktion. Sind die Blutwerte hingegen zu niedrig, bedeutet das eine Schilddrüsenüberfunktion. Sie finden weitere Schilddrüsenwerte in der Tabelle unten.

Was sind normale Blutwerte – Blutbild Werte Tabelle

Blutwerte verstehen mit einer Tabelle mit Abkürzungen und Normalwerten

Um Ihnen einen genaueren Überblick zu verschaffen, haben wir die Blutwerte in einer Tabelle mit Abkürzungen zusammengefasst und darin die Normerte für Frauen und Männer aufgelistet.

ACHTUNG! Da sich die Blutwerte von Mensch zu Mensch unterscheiden können und auch die verschiedenen Labore unterschiedliche Normwerte anerkennen, sollten die von uns aufgelisteten Blutwerte nicht zur Selbstdiagnose genutzt werden. Ziehen Sie immer einen Arzt zu Rate, denn nicht immer müssen die erwähnten Krankheiten die Ursache sein.

Blutwerte verstehen mit Tabelle

Erythrozyten (rote Blutkörperchen)4,3 - 5,6 Mio./µl4,0 - 5,4 Mio./µl
Leukozyten (weiße Blutkörperchen)3.800 - 10.500/µl3.800 - 10.500/µl
Thrombozyten (Blutplättchen)140.000 - 345.000/µl140.000 - 345.000/µl
Hb (Hämoglobin)13 - 17 g/dl12 - 16 g/dl
MCH28 - 33 pg/ Zelle28 - 33 pg/ Zelle
Hämatokrit42 - 50 %38 - 44 %
BSG (Blutsenkungsgeschwindigkeit)3 - 10 mm nach 1 Stunde6 - 10 mm nach 1 Stunde
CRP< 5 mg/l< 5 mg/l
Eosinophile Granulozyten50 - 250 Mio./µl (1-4 %)50 - 250 Mio./µl (1-4 %)
Basophile Granulozyten15 - 50 Mio./µl (0-1 %)15 - 50 Mio./µl (0-1 %)
segmentkernige Neutrophile54 - 62 %54 - 62 %
stabkernige Neutrophile3 - 5 %3 - 5 %
Monozyten3 - 8 %3 - 8 %
Lymphozyten25 - 45 %25 - 45 %
Triglyzeriden< 150 mg/dl; < 1,7 mmol/l< 150 mg/dl; < 1,7 mmol/l
Cholesterin< 200 mg/dl; < 5,2 mmol/l< 200 mg/dl; < 5,2 mmol/l
LDL-Cholesterin< 160 mg/dl; < 4,1 mmol/l< 160 mg/dl; < 4,1 mmol/l
HDL-Cholesterin> 40 mg/l; > 1,0 mmol/l> 40 mg/l; > 1,0 mmol/l
GOT<50 U/l<35 U/l
GPT<50 U/l<35 U/l
GGT<60 U/l<40 U/l
AP40 - 130 U/l35 - 105 U/l
Y-GT12-64 U/l9-36 U/l
Hst (Harnstoff)18 - 55 mg/dl17 - 43 mg/dl
Harns (Harnsäure)3,4 - 7,0 mg/dl2,4 - 5,7 mg/dl
Krea (Kreatinin)0,84 - 1,44 mg/dl0,66 - 1,09 mg/dl
Kreatinin-Clearance95 - 140 ml/min (zw. 25 und 50 Jahren)70 - 110 ml/min (zw. 25 und 50 Jahren)
TSH (Thyreoida-stimulierendes Hormon)0,27 - 2,5 mU/l0,27 - 2,5 mU/l
T3 (Trijodthyronin)67 - 163 ng/dl67 - 163 ng/dl
freies T32,6 - 5,1 pg/ml2,6 - 5,1 pg/ml
T4 (L-Thyroxin)5,1 - 12,6 µg/dl5,1 - 12,6 µg/dl
freies T41,0 - 1,8 ng/dl1,0 - 1,8 ng/dl

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