Combining bathroom white with wood - Modern and stylish design ideas

combine window in bathroom white wood for minimalist design

There are many design possibilities, if you can make a modern bathroom white with wood. Only a few have ever been so in the trend of certain colors of wood and white. There is also no color duo, which is restricted in its exposure only to the bathroom. The wood-white palette is used extensively in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms throughout the world. In fact, the best kitchens today offer this combination in one form or another with numerous customization options. Today we look at the best designed wood and white baths that can inspire you for your next renovation.

Bathroom white with wood

wood cladding as the main element in the bath with tub and wash basin

A white bathroom looks clean, fresh and bright. Add to the design some natural wood elements, and suddenly the room feels even warmer and inviting. While there are many possibilities in the bathroom, to approach the desired white-wood combination, there are other interesting designs in the following examples. Adding the easiest way to add your white bathroom is by replacing the pre-washable washbasin with wood.

modern wall trim in bath with wood optics and fogless wall

The floating wood washbasin also fits perfectly with modern, contemporary and minimalist styles in the bathroom. Those who want to incorporate the charm of a farmhouse or even rustic flair with the wooden washbasin can describe the classic way. A mirror with matching wood frames and window frames from wood can certainly complement a stylish and curated space that can withstand the test of time.

complete wood trim with wood parts and wooden panels in the ceiling and turned in the bath

The best bathtubs white with wood are the ones that offer a balance between both design elements in terms of sophistication and warmth. While White lends itself to ambient modernity, Wood gives the room a certain timeless refinement, without changing its color scheme. This is probably the reason why the idea of ​​combining both has become so popular in recent years. Today, it is completely white, replacing spa baths inspired by wellness facilities by a healthy measure and woody charm. Step into and enjoy a world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Choose your own taste

eclectic bathroom white wood and freestanding bathtub with green plants

As we have mentioned, the color scheme of wood and white fits into almost any style you can imagine in the bathroom. In the traditional, quiet, Mediterranean and rustic baths, you can still use a heavier kind of wood. These will then be aged and feel elegant, while the design will remain contemporary. In the modern and contemporary bathrooms, which are inspired by the spa and wellness areas, the bright wood tones work best. For example, if you add a little green to this setting, the bathroom will receive a tropical note while highlighting yellow and orange tones in traditional and Mediterranean baths.

More wood than white in the bath

minimalist design with laminate and wall adhering to bathroom white wood

A more comprehensive use of wood in the bathroom requires a special measure and care. Once you get used to it, you remove yourself from the predominantly white environment and create a perfect balance between both elements. A wooden footbed is a good start, as it prepares the room for a warm ambiance and brings a bath into balance, these walls are all held in white. Add an extra accent feature of wood, a washbasin in appropriate wood optics and one or two stools, and you'll have a breathtaking space that never softened.

Classic meets trend in guest WC

vintage look for a small bath with shower curtain and wood counter under the washbasin

You can, for example, put accents in the bath by using a commercial washbasin with green knobs and using a bronze-oiled water tap. It can work organically and lively, and in this case, the natural pine wood fits perfectly to the green elements. Black marble in a small fish grating pattern also offers the bottom, and this scale is just right for the small space. We get to see the right amount of repetition. The small surface area of ​​the bathroom also means that the sprinkling of expensive materials must cost no power. The shower tiles are in an enchanting pattern, surrounded by dark mortar. The shower and bathtub are sealed with gold colored water faucets. These heat up the room, while a patterned curtain gives the shower area a cool design.

Industrial Style

rustic industrial style with reclaimed furniture countertops made of wood and tiled glass window wall

The design of these baths enlarges the space of a 1940s row house of 16 square meters, while expanding the cabinet on the floor in one leash. A glass dividing wall and a solid shower drain make the best of the long, narrow bathroom. The color scheme is white, wood and black accents and reminiscent of industrial style. The row house also lies directly next to the railroad tracks, allowing the occupants to disperse pre-traveling trains in the house. The railways have correspondingly also inspired the design of the bathrooms.

Bathroom white with wood was in the hotel

straight lines and precious design in the bathroom white with wood and black frames

This is a design that you might see in a five-star resort. It looks noble and creates a sense of luxury and elegance that is associated with much comfort. The material and color palette is still limited and holds true to the white, wood and black contours. We believe that in creating the biggest effect, this is mainly about processing. The floating washbasin made of white oak stands in the predominantly white bathroom. A white quartz worktop also stands above the cabinets and adapts optimally to the rest of the bathroom's color scheme. Brushed bronze lamps and amber colored pendant lights warm up the entire space. The walls and the floor of the bathroom are adorned with large-format, marble-like fine stone tiles. It is easy to clean. Each piece is large, which decreases the number of Fugen lines. A separate black-framed shower features a long edge for tucking in bath items.

Streamlining luxury in the city

interior design with streamlined luxury in a long bath with wood elements

This now-luxurious bathroom in New York City is the result of the home purchase by the landlord in the landslide and the combination with the apartment he already had. Architect Andrew Mikhael expanded the former 40-square-foot bathtub, to see it here, using luxurious, streamlined materials and dense lighting to create a sense of cleaner, refined elegance. LED floodlights gently illuminate the room, contrasting with the hanging, dark brown washbasin to the white surfaces. The work surface with integrated sink is slim and yet architectural. A freestanding bath tub rounds out most linear space, while large-sized marble tiles wrap around the three walls of the bathroom. The white stone with its subtle gold stains takes on the floor color, the teak wood and the oak on which is available throughout the bathroom.

Rustic elegance for bath in country house style

spacious bath in country style with gray countertop and modern shower area

In this bath, natural wood elements are found on warm white and gray. The space feels relaxing and elegant and also connects with the rest of the farmhouse style of the house. The floor-to-ceiling painted walls receive the bath and add a rustic texture. A new washbasin in gray perfectly fills a bathroom and adds storage space and style to suit the needs of the resident. The owners also added a new shower. The cabinet still serves as the centerpiece of the baths in a previously closed corner. For the bathroom, the designer for patterned tiles with the smallest possible joints. As before the renovation, couples in the bath who ruined fines, decided that the homeowner, who did not even pass through wood.

Neutral tones with a touch of vintage flair

Neutral color tone and shower cubicle surround your bathtub tiled in white in the bath

In the renovation room of a bathroom, you can simply update the layout and look as well as add a wooden washbasin as an accent in the bathroom. The clean and neutral surfaces are sometimes reminiscent of a vintage style. In this example, a hanging laundry table from Nussbaum is located directly behind the bathroom door. These are designed by the Designer as the center of the bathroom. The laundry also features matte black hardware and a worktop. Black fine stone eyebrows in natural optics cover the floor. The designers opt for this kind of tile, as they are easier to clean and embarrass than other materials, including stone. This floor coat nevertheless shows a natural look. Stripped-down subway tiles stretch across all walls in the bath, as well as in the shower area. Frameless glass is used to give the tile an endless look. The shower is 17 square meters in size and features a glass sliding door on the side of the toilet. Vintage black luminaire luminaires boast white tiles and match those on the washbasin.

Stylish natural wood in large bath

large bath with shower cabin freestanding bathtub and wood cabinets

In this main bathroom, clear lines and neutral colors are found on alloy wood and black-white tiles for a design style that embodies the interior architecture as a modern bohemian. In the frame of a renovation that almost doubles the space of the former bathroom, it adds more storage space, style and design to better support a family. For the floors, cement tiles were used with a black and white Arabian pattern.

countertop made of natural wood and hexagonal tiles in bathroom white wood combination

In the shower, several white tiles cover the wall, while hexagonal tiles cover the floor. The hexagonal tiles also fit the pattern on the floor. The new shower simply fits perfectly into the corner of the bathroom. The tub is a very successful choice as well as an example of style and functionality. Overall, it is an allusion to the antiques, but also suits the style of the bathroom.

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