Coconut palm selber ziehen from a coconut sauce for urlaubsfeeling in own home

Coconut palm selber ziehen from a coconut with these tips

Urlaubsfeeling zu Hause? You can get it with a real palm. If you still have a handheld for flushing or just trying to find a palm tree, you can try them with some coconut palms as well. You can also easily chew a large coconut tree, but then stay on the job and the hooves, so proud of them that they have worked themselves, to see a palm tree? Certainly have you tried it out with the mango or other exotic tastes? Then leave the best for you! Have fun and enjoy a coconut palm, wipe it out of our tips and enjoy your home even more time with an exotic palm tree, which can be seen in bad weather.

Coconut tree selber ziehen - So wird's made!

The coconut must say goodbye and in a warm place

If you want to see a coconut tree from a coconut tree, you should find time. One to eight weeks, even until up to 6 months can die, until the Nuss fades. In addition, you will need to bring a coconut that is also available. You can find pick-up in a finca store. If you do not ignore this long weather, you are happy to leave it alright, although it follows:

  • Prepare the top with the substrate. Was the best thing to do with this, you need to remember.
  • Control the substrate.
  • Explore the phase shutters.
  • Put the Coconut's Substrate, which should be warmed to 25 degrees.


  • Put the coconut in one container.
  • Examine the coconut with this water until you lie in the water.
  • Set it in a warm place (approx. 25 degrees). In the winter, it can be said of the Heizkeller.

Coconut coughs, flanges and palm trees

The second variant is valid as the simpler for the starter, so that the nutritious heat can be better controlled. If 8 weeks or so later than 6 months - so much so as to reveal the simulation, it is very exceptional to consider it. On the other hand, you run the risk of bouncing. The coconut should remain in the water, though solange, until they were worked by the scales. First of all, it sounds like the ball makes Nuss empty in the top with earth. If you like the coconut palm trees, you shouldn't cough it with any other. Simply add the dial to scale on the substrate. The conditions and standards, washroom and air humidity should be met. Whichever way you are, you will experience an amazing next section. If you want to enjoy these, you can even see a coconut tree.

Pflegetipps für Coconut palms - Tips for Standard, Substrate and Washing

Had caught the gut, he had to be flattened straight away during the day. To this end, you can connect to Nuss ins Substrat. Think you're cool enough to say that the bad guy Nuss was supposed to be the one. The other half remained open for the earth. The Scale should still remain, when the little flanze goes on. You will get the most out of it when you really want it. You can meet a coconut palm selber see, aberrated cousin, until the coconut tree, you can also spoil the coconut in front.

Coconut palms like Zimmerpflanze richtig pflegen

Coconut palm selber see as palm tree for draining and draining in summer

That way, chances are that you will have the best possible mind, if you see those coconut palm selber, it is naturally important, with the right things to keep out of sight, which directs and understands the right terms. Most importantly, they have been put together once.

The Erde

You can prepare the substrate in the Voraus. At best, there is a mix of bleached and sand blends. This composite composition guarantees a very good substrate, which was important for coconut palms. Likewise, anyway, it can be awkward with bitterness that needs to clear a conscience. Importantly, the substrate is very low in Beginn. Species erect a fertilizer twice a year. This wise prevents the palm from turning fast, if you see coconut palm itself. Anxieties relate to coconut palms and earthly keynote details.

Exotic butterflies are seen from a coconut

There Standort

So much should be said for coconut palms. While emerging as jungle flags and with a semi-avid standard, the larger plants should undoubtedly allow for at least 12 hours of light and occasionally possible sun. Who can also visit the other Zimmerpflanze to coconut palm, in summer in Freien. If you have a garden or a terrace, this is the ideal location. It's nice for the balcony. If you want to see a coconut tree itself, you also love it with fresh air.

Kokospalme selber ziehen as Idea for Pflanzenliebhaber

The temperature

In cold weather it should not be called coconut trees. The minimum temperature is 18 degrees and is valid for the night temperatures. So, the more down-to-earth nests and the palm trees are so drastic, they are comfortable, they still have to drink. It can, for all kinds of heavy coconut trees, be strenuous and heavily dense in heavy bellies. A Pflanzenroller can say this practically.

Pflanzenpflege Tipps für die coconut palms als Zimmerpflanze

The air humidity

Naturally, coconut oil pflege is also the right air humidity. Do not forget that the coconut trees from tropical areas stem from the humidity of nature. However, they should also be provided with some knitting degrees with sweetening. Aber was the man a coconut tree in Busy daruf? In the best and easiest way the hell works, if you regularly sprinkle the leaves with a spray bottle. As well as the substrate, a clear ante is used to fake air. The moisturizing tut of the PFlana leaves and still prevents the case with spider mildew.

Palm trees create an exotic feel in the home and garden

The right water

Was pflege ich a coconut tree in occupation of the bewildering? If you want to see a coconut tree selber, you should consider that they need proper water. If you like, you think you should avoid them. See how much you like and normal, as well as rare and fell. Surprisingly, water should be removed from the countertop. If you want extra water, look for warming rooms. Palm trees are warming! If your heavy-duty cousin does not coax lime, it can also stem from the search, since it has to be warm. Ancestors also own rainwater, arriving best at all flanges.

Greatest Coconuts to a Coconut Tree Self-Appreciating for a Speedy Award

Time umzutopfen, aber was?

If you want to see coconut palms, you will either be miserable or miserable in the first flap. Just about a year or two is the ideal time point for fun. Then, of course, one should be found a greater one. At best, one has a bird, the long one is. Grund says that the Wurzeln of coconut trees still managed to wax and cousin in all directions. For example, the Wurzeln should not be damaged. Most importantly this is important for young people.

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