Clown make up for women - 2 instructions and many creepy inspirations!

modern clown makeup with the help of Halloween hairstyles for women fast

Soon it will be over again - on October 31st, hundreds of children will be disguised as zombies, witches or vampires and tumble onto the streets. Originally from the United States, Halloween has recently established itself in the last few years, as well, in Germany, as part of a traditional tradition party. At this party, you should not only dress up for the little ones - even the adults want to have fun and get dressed in creepy costumes. In addition to the appropriate dressing, the make-up is also of great significance - it rounds off your outfit completely and lends you an individual touch. In this article you will find an elaborate clown makeup tutorial for ladies as well as many other great ideas and inspirations!

Clown make up for ladies - easy guide

modern clown just make up Halloween makeup with instructions

Just like the many craziness heard, a creepy clown on Halloween just got there. Since the Stephen King film appeared in the book "It" in the year 2017, it is one of the most popular costumes for Jung and Alt. In the following, we explain to you how to make a clown make-up for ladies the fastest and easiest.

For the creepy look you need:

  • Aqua makeup in the colors White, Black and Red
  • Make Up Brushes
  • Make Up sponge and water

Simple step by step instructions for clown make up for ladies

Women costume halloween ideas easy makeup creepy instruction

  • Damit your Halloween costume is not to be worn, we recommend you to put a towel over and remove the hair from the face.
  • Soak up the make-up sponge and squeeze it into a paper to remove excess moisture.
  • With the sponge, apply the white aqua makeup to the entire face.
  • If you have a completely white face, you will be repeated 2 to 3 times in the past - only to obtain a beautiful and even complexion.
  • Remember that the lips also have to be completely white.
  • Allow to dry for 5 minutes.

Hallooween Makeup Woman Simply Make Clown Costume

  • For the successful clown, make up for women with the eyes of great significance.
  • As a substitute with the black aqua work from above, still draw a perpendicular stroke and leave it under the eye.
  • Look through the line under the eye and later run into the eye parts. At this step we recommend you to pick up the color very thick.
  • Repeat the process with the other eye. For a glamorous look, you can add lust and fun as well as some glitter.
  • If you do not wipe the paint, you should wait until it is completely dried out before you open the eye.

It's a clown makeup with the help of women quick hairstyles for long hair

  • For the mouth part first point left and right small points - in this way you make sure that the mouth angle is at the same height.
  • Arrive in the middle of the moon and draw a fine, lightly wavy line.
  • Thin cracks and mark with a nice, thick line.
  • If you wish, you can either grind your teeth in the inner mouth area or straighten up the red aqua work with a fine brush.

Halloween Costume Woman Simple Makeup Carnival with Annelitla

  • And now only the nose remains. This gives you two possibilities - either paint a small spot in your desired color or emphasize the nose wing, with a fine, well-formed line that grows from top to bottom.
  • Finally, round buns in a beautiful red rouge tone and complete your Halloween Make Up!

Terrible Pennywise Clown Make Up For Ladies

Halloween costume ideas for women simply modern

In the following we tell you how to make the Horror Clown for ladies the easiest!

Here's what you need:

  • white aquafarb
  • rote Aquafarbe
  • Yellow contact lens
  • Lip Liner Rot
  • Kajalstift Schwarz

Clown make-up for ladies creepy Halloween costume easy

Step by step instructions:

  • As the first to wear contact lenses.
  • With the white aqua work the face and neck are primed.
  • With the Kajalstift the upper and lower limbs blacken and blend with a fine make-up brush.
  • Draw lightly swollen eyebrows with a thin brush.
  • With the red lip liner the mouth, outline the mouth angle extension and the nose and then coat it with the red aquaf work.
  • If the color is pretty strong, you should wear it 2 to 3 times at best.

Clown make-up for ladies - more fun ideas and inspirations!

Clown make up woman simple Halloween costume ideas

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Clown Make Up For Ladies Instructions Halloween Makeup Woman Easy

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Clown make up for ladies simple makeup creepy Halloween instruction

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Clown make up for ladies creepy Halloween costume ideas

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Clown Make Up For Ladies Halloween Makeup Ideas Easy

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