Climate change is dangerous for our health, doctors warn

Doctors warn that climate change and its consequences can have a negative impact on our health. The heat waves we have experienced in Germany in recent years alone could lead to increased blood pressure in older and chronically ill people. Temperatures above 30 degrees are not uncommon. And it is precisely these that harbor dangers. In recent years, it has been found that mortality increases in hot weather. That is why doctors are increasingly trying to raise awareness of climate protection. Climate change is also dangerous because nobody in Germany is prepared for such high temperatures.

Climate change is dangerous for our health: heat makes us sick

Climate change is dangerous for people with high blood pressure

It has long been known that heat can make us sick and lead to high blood pressure. But now nationwide, doctors are faced with another challenge. When the temperatures outside are over 30 degrees in the shade, it is very hot in most hospitals. At the same time, they are not equipped with air conditioning systems, as such heat waves were rare until recently. Nursing homes or old people's homes are also not air-conditioned and the elderly have to cope with the heat. In addition, most general practitioners find it difficult to assess the consequences for their patients. When the weather is right, most people's blood pressure drops. This also applies to patients with high blood pressure who should then visit their family doctor. He can check whether the medication needs to be dosed lower. In some cases, even a short break makes sense.

Climate change is dangerous for our health and complicates wound healing

Climate change is dangerous for patients after surgery

Climate change is also dangerous for patients after an operation, because hot weather can slow wound healing or promote infections. Even the patients themselves do not know how to properly care for their cuts in summer to avoid inflammation. If you want to get a tattoo, you should also have a look at the weather report first. Because even new tattoos and piercings can catch fire in hot weather.

Climate change is dangerous and leads to heat waves

Allergy sufferers also suffer more when the weather is dry and mild all year round. The less it rains, the more Poles fly in the air and the longer allergy sufferers have to fight with a stuffy nose, runny nose and cough.

Mosquitoes, flies and ticks are already active in spring and can surprise unsuspecting nature lovers. All the more so: exotic species of insects that have been brought to Germany by ship and plane can survive a mild winter and then spread throughout the country. Seasonal diseases such as summer flu usually have a longer grip on the country.

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