Chestnut decoration for autumn - the most beautiful ideas and many simple DIY instructions!

Chestnut Decoration Autumn Table Decor Ideas Candlelight

The leaves of the trees are colorful and the autumn is slowly approaching. With the change of season, of course, nature also changes - the trees throw away their colorless autumn leaves and various fruits, such as, for example, chestnut. The chestnut decoration radiates a special warmth and comfort and thus lends many wonderful decorations for autumn. Read on and learn from our many ideas and simple DIY instructions!

Wonderful chestnut decoration

Nüsse paint Autumn decoideen once upcycling

Autumnal chestnut decoration is a promising opportunity to save a little money and at the same time, and a rainy day, a nice job for the home. Thanks to your unique texture, you can unbelievably design many and beautiful decor elements. Chestnut door borders look extremely elegant and extraordinary. By adding other autumn flowers, leaves or even vegetables and fruits, you create many colorful accents that provide a good and festive mood.

Original autumnal table decoration with chestnut craft

Table Decoration Ideas with Candles Autumn Decorations DIY

When you decorate your candles with original materials such as foliage and chestnut, you create a very cozy and romantic atmosphere.

This is why you need:

  • an elegant serving plate or deco tray
  • Block candles in colors after election
  • a few chestnuts and chestnuts
  • Squirrels, bunches of foliage or something else - give your creativity a free run.

First, place the two candles on the serving plate - whether at both ends of the counter or directly next to each other you can overlap it. The foliage, the chestnut decoration and the other elements so widely distributed around the candles that the plate is barely visible at the end. And light up candles, grab a glass of wine and let the tag ring out!

Tablecloth decoration for the autumn autumn basket is the same DIY

You can also decorate floral shells with chestnut. Therefore, once you create a flowering pot plant after your election in the middle. For the next step, you will still need moss - either self-collected or purchased. Wrap it as slowly and cautiously as possible to wrap the top of the plant and then also undress the bottom of the counter. You can also distribute chestnuts as well as acorns or other suitable autumnal decorations.

My painted chestnut deco set many accents

Decorating with acorn autumn decorations is easy to DIY

Aren't you so good in Bastel, you still want an original and unique autumnal decoration with chestnut? Then our next suggestion is the right one for you! Everything you needed was a pair of self-assembled chestnuts and a paintbrush in your desired color. It would be best if you customize the color tones in the restful decoration or the style of living in your home. With the patterns your imagination has set absolutely no boundaries - allow everything, if you like it! If you want to avoid smearing, it is very important to let the color dry. You can either fill your glass chestnuts today or put them on a decorative tray and add a little to your table decoration.

Decorating door wreath with chestnut

Chestnut Decoration is the heart of window decoration for autumn

Decorate your door with the little treasures of the forest. Whether as a door wreath or for the window - our next idea for chestnut decoration is quickly crafted and looks very elegant and stylish.

Required Materials:

  • About 30 chestnuts - no matter how big you might have your wreath.
  • Handbohrer
  • Seitenschneider
  • Thicker wire - over 1 mm
  • Knit fabric band
  • Spitzzange

Door wreath chestnut decoration easily create fall decor ideas

And that's how it was made:

  • Since chestnuts are mostly soft and in danger of injury, you should pierce them slowly and carefully with the handheld.
  • The pierced chestnuts fold on the wire and close into a wreath.
  • If you want a heart shape, you twist the wreath in the middle a little together and swirl the ends with a song.
  • Decorate with a beautiful and elegant loop and attach it to the door or window and already finished your chestnut wreath!

Einzigartiges Windspiel Kastanien Deko

Chestnut Decoration Windlights are the same autumn autumn decorations for the garden

This wind game is finished by hand and even the most unsuccessful of you succeed!

Here's what you need:

  • Kastanien
  • a pair of juices, squirrels or leaves
  • Äpfel
  • Schnur
  • Ast

And it was made so quickly:

  • Chestnuts, acorns, leaves and juices alternate in the cord and attach at the ends.
  • Bind an apple and the end to complain.
  • The finished ropes in one as you tie and your autumnal decoration is ready for hanging.

Chestnut Chestnut Deko

Freshly painted instructions Table decoration for autumn easy

The next suggestion is the perfect Upcycling idea, for anyone who wants to live a little more sustainably. Do you have a pair of disposable glasses that can easily be housed at home? Then you make an elegant autumn deco that will give your home a special touch of comfort and comfort. Everything you needed was a pair of chestnuts, a disposable glass or a ball-shaped vase and natural tea lights. Fill chestnuts in the glass, add some light and your chestnut decoration is finished! You can add lollipops or leaves, or add a small light chain to the floor for a romantic effect.

With chestnut decorating made easy

Chestnut Decoration Ideas Autumn decoration very simple

These little chestnut balls allow you to hang perfectly over the esthetic and give the whole room a warm, cozy autumn feel.

Required Materials:

  • Kastanien
  • Golden paint spray
  • Small transparent balls for hanging

This is how it is made:

  • Spray the chestnuts with the paint spray and let them dry completely.
  • Once they're done, lay them in the balls.
  • A small cord for hanging and finishing!

For this simple idea you can only use chestnuts - just as beautiful and elegant it will be even with squirrels or small zaps.

Funny Halloween Chestnut Decoration

Halloween Decoration itself make DIY pumpkin brass

Many people connect autumn with Halloween and for this reason we can come up with a very simple idea for chestnut decoration, with the festive mood pre-programmed.

This is why you need:

  • Kastanien
  • Pipe cleanser, green
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • stickies
  • Pinsel
  • Filzstift
  • Schere
  • Wackelaugen

Step by step instructions:

  • As the first to paint the chestnut with the acrylic paint orange and dry out.
  • Cut the pipe cleaner into four parts and fold the smaller pieces three times.
  • Give a few drops of adhesive on each chestnut and attach the green parts.
  • Adjacent to the wobbles on the small squashes or gravel faces.

Funny ideas for chestnut decoration

Decorate decorations for autumn simply with chestnut

Create various animals from your chestnut with your children and create your own zoo. It's fun, unique and everyone's got a lot of fun there.

One small, funny one Kastanienspinne read very quickly and add your Halloween decoration in a grand way. That is why you need a chestnut, two stitches, 8 toothpicks for the legs and wobbles. The toothpicks are easy to touch and often plug into the chestnut. Still, the waking eyes still stick and finish!

Or who would be with one Hedgehogs from chestnut? First, they have to attach chestnut with a hand drill to several positions and then insert either toothpick or toothpick into the holes. Although the self-made hedgehog looks more realistic, owns a half-squirrel on the front page perfect for its Schnauze.

Picture frame chestnut decoration

Picture frame selves bastein Herbst Decoration Ideas

Chestnut picture frames are a very moody autumnal decor idea that lends your bedroom a personal character.

Required Materials:

  • A picture frame
  • Kastanien
  • Bastelkleber

Whether you buy a new picture frame or an old one that you don't like, a little popping up, you are still lying to you. No guidance is needed here - all you had to do was put chestnuts on the picture frame and leave it dry.

Elegant table decoration with chestnut

Tablecloth decoration for autumn itself makes simple decoration ideas

Juices, chestnuts, leaves and moss - everything you need for the perfect autumn decoration in one!

Here's what you need:

  • 3 Chestnut
  • 3 Eicheln
  • Zahnstocher
  • Gelbe Knete
  • Bohrer
  • Dekoschale
  • Heißkleber
  • Leaves, zips and moss to decorate

This is how it is made:

  • The first stone for this decoration was to make stone pillows from the chestnuts. Therefore, in each chestnut and every Eichel each hole should be drilled.
  • Take a few knees and spread them on the chestnut, then insert a toothpick into the hole and fasten the spokes at the other end.
  • Repeat the process with the other two chestnuts.
  • Stick to the deco shells and finally distribute the remaining deco elements as best they like.

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