Called Jean jackets: Bastel-Anleitung and 45 creative ideas for Sommer-Outfits

painted Jeansjacke Regenbogen Motive gelber Rock Summer Fashion

In the last year, Club-Mode celebrated a real Comeback. Strong of the Street Style at the 80's, but still modern interpretations: The super-dimensional objects capture the hearts of the influenza, fashion blogger and seeker Haute Couture - Designer. Where to look for a creative note to observe Look, it separates itself from painted Jean jackets. With bunching and phantasy, one can easily find one of its many jackets and in a fashionable uniqueness. At the same time, the beloved Jean jacket says, as a true all-rounder, always joins with a Boho dress, combining leather shoes with some nice shoes. To explain, you had to pay attention to mouses, be they dusty fabrics sustainable and have given birth to 50 ideas for summer outfits with painted jeans jackets. Get inspired!

Called Jean Jackets: Step-by-Step Guide

grabbed Jean Jacks Rainbows to make Rock Rock

He said Jeansjacken did not look really cool, though, since he realizes his unique uniqueness, he is still able to shape and style the personality. We bet you lie in the article, the motives and the designs are very interesting in the trend. As an alternative to having your own guide, you needed your Bastel project.

1. Textile colors, which belong to the Farben von Jeans-Fabrics. Denim is robust and durable. In trade, the majority of jean fabrics with composition make up 68% cotton, 30% polyester, 2% elastane. With a suitable Stoff-Farbe welding, they are easy and secure. They were packed in powder form and mice were dissolved in water. Optionally, you can separate for acrylic paints, keep aber less.

2. Color-fixer, with the ability to keep the textile-colored scaffolding. Some colors were not fixed by Fixiermittel, which was fixed by Bügeln. Please read this in the Bastel Shop.

3. Textile staple, with these contours can be.

3. A pinch

4. On Wunsch you can make or upload your own files and print them.

5. Weißes Packaging Paper

Jeansjacken Anleitung spoke four Schritte


  • Wash the jersey jackets and welding them completely.
  • Extend the jersey jacket and leave it in the box with some of the packaging paper. The paper is prevented from dusting the fabric dust on the others.
  • Follow these repair instructions and get rid of the dust dyes in water.
  • Sew the best-selling pattern or transfer the Vorlage with a textile stick to the fabric.
  • Load the crushed Jean jacket.
  • Get started with the Jeanbags with the Farb Fixies.
  • If the Textilfarbe is fixed by the bow, then you should not treat the jacket with the Fixiermittel. Cover the painted motif with a lightweight backdrop and add the jacket for 3-6 minutes.

Called Jean Jackets: Useful tips

Jeansjacken Sommer Outfits rainbows painted Rockabilly gelbes Kleid

So the colors of the painted Jean jackets stay solid and stay in touch with the time, and some simple Pflege tricks help:

1. Wash the jacket in the hand of cold water.

2. Treat replacements with special stain remover or gallife replacement.

3. Turn the fashionable Kleidungsstück on the left, so colors will last longer.

4. Use your cleaning tool or flight search for the wash. Familiarize yourself with only one player. Prevent them from dusting, dusting or ringing the fabric.

5. After the wash in a cold water, you can hang it off. Take a look at a whirlpool!

It is possible to wash the jacket at 30 degrees in the washing machine. On those wise, these colors became cousins. In this case, you will need to use some switchgear and you will avoid getting rid of it. Besser is a good colorwaschmittel. Bügeln only reads a talked Jean jacket, set it up on the left side, and cover it with a thin bun. If you want to get rid of it without problems, you can put that jacket directly on the canal.

painted Jean Jackack Rockabilly gelbes Kleid Blumenmuster Outfit Summer

If they are staying with time, you need to wear the jacket in the summer under the strong sunshine, so you can eat it again. These textile fabrics penetrate the head of their nests, are laundered and can, if they are high-quality minds, stop for many years.

Called Jean Jackets: Bastelideen and Tips for Anfänger

painted Jeansjacken Kakteen Motive kurze Jeans Shorts Summer Outfit Wüstenmotive

If you love these jackets, you will need to keep them in a single gold line. Selecting the motif carefully, your simpler, the better. Make sure, however, that you have created a sketch to describe design in details. His proposal can greatly enhance this task. It is for everyone, who is not really crazy about it, that she can only beat the motive.

Get rid of your time and make your first try and one unimaginable set. In this way, you were able to offer a better presentation, which turned out to be the colors and the motives in the end. You also got the opportunity to correct any errors right away. You can grind more than one small number of small heroes, stars or roses, and then add other motifs. And yet another beautiful image on the rugs.

Jeansjacken Frauen Motive Kakten painted

Naturmotive is particularly remarkable, and certainly not better summer, sun and sand as cacti. As you grind the Wild West landscape, you will need more colors. Black for the contours, bright and dark green nuances for the cacti, white, gel and orange for the desert landscape and sunbathing for the sun.

So it is made: With a switch you can navigate the perfect journey. Then cut out a tray of paper and use it as a template for those sunbeams. In the morning you can grind a desert landscape with two branches. The many small cakes and the two sides of the jacket are the latest in design.

Styling tip: In one bundle of Jean-jackets lie a white T-shirt slower. Due to heavy boyfriend jeans, oberteil will find the perfect look and feel for real look.

Called Jean Jackets: Natural motives for real trendsetter

The Jean Jacket painted pink Wellen Motive Summer Sonne Outfit idea

Jeans jacket in Pastelfarben lie in this summer strong in trend. You can tap those heavy jackets with a wavy motif. For this Bastide idea, use more blue hues, whites and black colors. You can easily decorate this with a wall-mounted wallet or grab your motto in the back. The worn jacket is a miserable stroller in the beach, you can even take a ride from outside.

Styling Tips: Combining a pastel jacket with long knit stitches in Boho style is easy. A few top and one corb or dust bag can be completed with the effect.

Called Jean Jackets: Mix and Match Maker

Jeansjacken painted Summer Fashion Idea Frauen Trends

Many colors and motifs, which do not fit together on the first look, make the charm of the mix-and-match Jean jacket. Together with knitted shorts made of airy fabric, the picture is the perfect ensemble for the summer season.

Called Jean Jackets: Roses and Mehndi Motives

Jeansjacken painted descriptions of Tiermotive Rock

Roses and complicated Mehndi motives adorn Jacken der Fashionistas in New York. You can combine your jacket with a maximum of two or four with Fedora cabin and curtain fabric shorts. For the design, you need only raw, black and white fabric dye.

painted Jeansjacken Fedora Hut kurze Leinen Shorts

Called Jean Jackets: Hippie Chic and Festival Looks

painted Jeansjacken Frieden Zeichen bundle Boho Chic Outfit Idea

There Hippie Look says that the beginning of the 70s of the fashionable does not ignore more remorse. Flowers, feathers and natural motifs have been combined with stripes, pimples and geometric motifs combined. With a bunch of painted jersey jackets, you are guaranteed to have all the bikes on their watch. It is the perfect companion to jeans shorts, schlaghosen, tops with french and naturally great leather with flower prints.

painted Jeansjacken geometric motive mix match Trend Karo Hose pink

Everyday viewers present the next jacket that is painted with white on a daily basis. It is a truly all-round talent and offers exceptional combi possibilities. You can assemble an outfit from a choir, T-shirt and Jean jacket, and round off the look with aviator goggles. Perfect for chatting this summer.

Molded Jean jackets with geometric motifs

Geometric Motive Boots curves Dress black and white floral motif

Quadrate, Dreiecke, Zickzack-Muster: The geometric shapes celebrate this year's real comeback. They have one big advantage: Quickly insert welding, use only one ruler, blast the contours and fill in the fabric colors. Fertig! For example, in this summer, more prints, which blur flowers, stars or cubes, can be customized to match the mix-and-match trend.

Called Jean Jackets: Outfit-Idea for that disco

Jeansjacken Pailletten Einhorn Idea Party Summer Outfit

One Einhorn Silhouette in Black and with Sequins embraced ankle: These Jean Jackets play one of the Outfit's hip trolleys. Glittering Details come to mind this evening, so many fashion-conscious women always decorate their jackets with rhinestones and grooves.

Jeansjacken loved Rosen Glitzersteine ​​Patchwork Idea

Make your bundles and make your designs look better, the more you should stop. T-shirt and Denim Shorts Tone-in-Tone with the jacket were completely silenced in the style of the 80's. It is the perfect Ensemble for Ballermann, for the disco or for rock concerts.

Jeansjacken bought quite scary jeans

Long and knit jersey jackets can contrast a massive contrast with any one one pull-up and one jeans with hem bottom and one final fit. Stay tuned to the color combinations in a color family, and the Outfit will be chaotic.

Jeansjacken mashed rotten ground ideas

The Jean-Jacket in Hip-Hop Look is not coarsely worn, without describing writing and with my deck band. Perfect dazu: A wide hose of soft substance.

Everyday Outfit-Ideas with Painted Jean Jackets

Jeansjacken talked DIY to make Küse a mess

One spoke Jean jacket, striped shirt, Palazzo Hose with hem bundle and a balloon hat depicting a charming all-day outfit. You can apply this pattern with a potato stamp and fabric suit.

painted Jeansjacken Kunstperlen IDEEN making a lot of money

In this year, once and for all, Haute Haute Couture Modehousers from the Mythology differ Länder inspiring welding. Next year's research for a creatively painted Jeansjacke is also highly recommended in trend. Medusa, one of Gorgonen's great mythologies, has Schlangen's hair and glowing eyes, which welds men to Stein. With biscuit, you can paint the Medusa on the back of the jacket. Create the armchair with the help of large guard beads and create a true fashion statement.

Simple Pattern or Detailed Detail Images: Feel free and clean your jacket. With color you can not even spot or shake hands, even create a uniqueness, fit perfectly to your style of dressing, and combine it with one another. Load your fantasy free leaves and decorate your jacket with rhinestones, guard beads, deck bands and sequins! You can find inspiration for your inspiration in the photo stretch. If you wish, you would have fun at the Bastel!

Painted Jean Jackets Grafiti Leatherhose Sneakers Outfit

Jeansjacken Frauen DIY Indian Indian Boho Chic frosted

Jeansjacken painted retro fashion Boyfriend Jeans Welle Motiv

Jeansjacken painted up Rose Rose's Jeans Shirt Outfit

Jeansjacken Frauen rote Rosen described ideas

painted Jean Jacket Regenbogen Sterne

Jeansjacken painted oriental motive women

Jeansjackenxotische Motive Liebe Herzen Vpgel Frau Schlange

Jeansjacken mugged Rosen Jeansjacke Idea

loved Jean Jacks Wolf Motive Woman Mouth Boho Chic Fedora Hut Women

grabbed Jeansjacken making some of the motifs themselves

Jeansjacken Küsse painted some ideas Sommer Strandmode

Jeansjacken liked to make women idea Hippie Motive Frieden Zeichen

Jeansjacken sonnenblumen painted the idea

Jean Jackets painted Monet van Gogh Pictures

Jean Jackets painted abstract women themselves making ideas

painted Jean jackets painted natural motif night sky bume

Jeansjacken painted pictures Brücke Sunset

painted Jeansjacken selber machen Herz geometric motive New York

Jeansjacken painted children's rosa rosen descriptions

Jeansjacken painted Mädchen Ideen rosa Rosen

Jeansjacken spoke Hochzeit Bread Lotus Blume Cacti Succulent

Jeansjacken Brout Hochzeit talked cool Boho quiet idea

painted Jean Jackets Hochzeit Boho Chic Outfit

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