Calculate vitamin D dosage: is it possible to strengthen the immune system against the coronavirus?

The crucial role that vitamin D plays in building the human immune system has long been proven. Only one thing, the vitamin, which has been hailed as a miracle cure, cannot be used to prevent infection. Only certain protective measures help against the corona virus and influenza, as well as numerous other contagious diseases. These include, for example, washing hands, wearing a face mask, keeping a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from others, not touching your face. However, vitamin D can strengthen the immune system and support the body in the fight against infections such as Covid-19. Especially people with an immune system weakened by medication and people who for some reason suffer from vitamin D deficiency can take vitamin D after consulting their family doctor. We explain how the vitamin D dosage is calculated and what you need to pay attention to when taking supplements.

Calculate Vitamin D Dosage: Should We Take Supplements Because of Coronavirus Output Restrictions?

Correctly dose vitamin D in coronavirus time as a dietary supplement

Again and again manufacturers and above all suppliers of nutritional supplements advertise that taking their products not only strengthens the immune system, but can also be used to prevent coronavirus. The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture warns against this, as there are currently no preparations that can prevent infection with the Covid-19. All the more, consumers should know that the supplements are not used to treat contagious diseases. In which cases does it make sense to take vitamin D?

Vitamin D from the balcony sun exposure body forms the hormone

  • If the family doctor has prescribed it
  • If a vitamin D deficiency was found after a test
  • If it is not possible to produce vitamin D, as people very rarely spend time outdoors. This is the case with some chronically ill and in need of care.
  • People over 65 years old, because over 65 the body can no longer produce vitamin D as effectively.
  • People with dark skin who live in Northern or Central Europe. The dark skin contains melanin, which shields the UV radiation from the sun's rays. This protects against sunburn in the summer months, but in winter such people can produce vitamin D less effectively.

How does a vitamin D deficiency arise?

Summer time is not enough to form hormone like vitamin D for winter

The population of the countries in Central and Northern Europe often suffers from vitamin D deficiency. Especially in the winter months, our body simply cannot produce enough vitamin D because the sun's radiation is very low. The exit restrictions that have been introduced nationwide because of the corona virus make the situation even more complicated. So 15 minutes a day in sunlight is not enough to produce the hormone. And whoever hopes that he has produced enough vitamin D for the winter time on his last summer vacation is wrong. Because in summer bathing we traditionally apply sun protection to the skin. Although it protects us from skin cancer, it prevents vitamin D production. For most people, it might make sense to buy a vitamin D supplement.

What are the symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency?

Calculate vitamin D dosage for healthy adults tips

A vitamin D deficiency quickly becomes noticeable, the symptoms are easily recognizable for most doctors. These include constant tiredness and sleepiness, as well as dizziness as with low blood pressure. If no reason for the symptoms is found during an examination, a test can be carried out. The deficiency can be determined by vitamin D tests. In this way a possible overdose can be avoided, for example because the patient has been prescribed vitamin D but does not suffer from a deficiency.

In order for the results to be decisive, the doctors recommend having the values ​​measured by a doctor. Self-tests are available in pharmacies, but the results can vary widely and are therefore considered less reliable. The sample submission kits include a dry blood card. The samples are then sent to a laboratory, which evaluates them and creates a report. The results will be communicated via email within a few days.

Calculate vitamin D dosage when there is deficiency

Ideally, the vitamin D values ​​are 30 nanograms per ml of blood. If they are lower, then a deficiency is assumed. Results that are significantly above the reference values ​​indicate an overdose. An overdose can occur if you take vitamin D supplements. The body only produces as much vitamin D as it needs. So even if you lie in the sun for several hours a day, there can be no overdose with vitamin D.

Calculating the vitamin D dosage: How is the recommended concentration in the blood achieved?

Sun protection prevents vitamin D formation from the body

How the vitamin D dosage is calculated depends rather on several factors. Healthy people do not need to do any tests, the doctor will prescribe the right can for the winter months. Chronically ill patients should be tested for safety. Only then can the family doctor determine the appropriate daily dose.

As a rule, it is sufficient for most healthy adults and adolescents if they take a maximum of 20 mg or 800 international units of vitamin D daily. Such preparations are classified as dietary supplements and can be bought without a prescription. All preparations that contain more than the maximum recommended daily dose of 20 mg vitamin D are classified as medicinal products. Only a tenth of the daily requirement can be covered through nutrition. The remaining 90% must either be made by the body or, if an insufficient supply is proven, as a dietary supplement in the form of tablets or drops.

Calculate vitamin D dosage for healthy teenagers tips

Caution should be exercised in chronically ill people and people taking other medications. You should only take vitamin D supplements after consulting your doctor. This is because certain medicines, such as sleeping pills, diuretics or medication for epilepsy, can severely impair hormone absorption. Even pregnant women should never reach for vitamin D supplements without medical advice. Patients with kidney diseases should also get advice first, because an overdose of vitamin D could have very negative health effects.

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