Buying or Building Epoxy Resin Furniture - Ideas for Creative Home Appliances

Furniture designers are excited about new, original ideas in the field of interior architecture. In recent times, epoxy resin furniture has gained from this ground and popularity. Thanks to the unique appearance of the materials, these furnishings improve the home environment in a unique way and way. In this post we also give you some creative examples from the tableware that can inspire you for your next DIY project or renovation. In addition, we provide useful information on the properties of highly susceptible materials.

Epoxy resin furniture - front and back

tablecloth made of epoxy resin and natural wood in a rustic look as a modern fixture

The shiny surface conveys the impression that the place is getting bigger. Optical faults, incredible light play, a sense of volume - guaranteeing epoxy resin products. For example, the working surface of an epoxy resin table has many advantages and positive aspects. The material is very durable and does not distort, although the surface is not susceptible to damage. In addition, during operation, there are no cracks or buckles. Due to the fact that the price for primary raw materials is much lower than for other analogues, you can also significantly lower the cost of the final product.

kitchen workplate with patterns from natural plants coated with epoxide on the surface

The moisture resistance is one of the main advantages over a wood surface, was particularly applicable in a kitchen, prevailing in a humid environment. In addition, epoxy resin furniture is well-lighted and does not survive the negative influence of most cleaning products. The care therefore requires no additional costs. The epoxy resin for furniture construction also impresses with its wear resistance. Furniture made of epoxy resin with such a surface does not collapse, if these are exposed to, for example, ultraviolet radiation. Except for your effortless look for a long time.

decoration in flur with metal shelf dresser in combination with altholz and epoxide

The material also offers a variety of possibilities for design solutions, through which many Tischler masterpieces can work. In combination with wood, there are unique landscape compositions, water surface imitations and other interesting designs. The melted epoxide is also very flexible so that you can give it almost any shape. Then the hardened resin can be easily processed with a grinding or polishing machine. If required, you can also easily tear or shed holes in the grooves.

Einige Nachteile

light blue sofa with blanket and cushion back coughishly made of wood and epoxide

Despite the availability of such raw materials, it is nevertheless considered that the cost of design objects can be considerable. So if you are buying epoxy resin furniture from a designer, you have to be prepared to spend a considerable amount on it. False restoration techniques and non-respecting of the proportions can also lead to the formation of a white precipitate in the furniture filling. This shade needs to be considered by every craftsman when they can repair their own Expox Resin furniture in the form of workplates or other parts.

chisel with four legs made of iron and flat of epoxide

The probability of destroying the material in processing with abrasive compounds or powders is of great importance, of course. Furthermore, a release of toxins may occur. These are usually diluted under high temperature influences. For this reason, it is strictly forbidden to place hot articles on epoxy resin furniture. Under normal conditions, no pollutants are released and there is no danger to human health.

Who created Epoxy Resin Furniture?

small cafetic epoxy resin and wood construction made of iron

As mentioned earlier, in the manufacture of furniture made of epoxy resin is in line with the implementation of workplates. These come in various shapes and functional designs, while the possibilities are almost limitless. The parts made of epoxy resin usually have no supportive surface. These are mainly transparent or multicolored cube, as well as other geometric shapes. In the interior, a beautiful ornament made of dried flowers or other art forms is usually arranged. Generally, other hearing aids serve as Beisteltic, Caffeetic, or other objects which are not subject to excessive burden.

wooden colored epoxy resin table in front of white cushion with leather cushion

Other possible variants consist of wood or slab, which combines with a resin layer and is layered. In this case, epoxy resin fulfills a protective function as it protects the main material from damage. Designed for the main material, designer-carved surfaces, solid wood, plywood and even old workplates. It also provides combined wood fragments that alternate with resin elements.

round table with strips of wood boards connected with epoxy resin coating

The base can therefore be of any shape: round, rectangular, with sharp corners. These are located in a particular or chaotic order. The natural structure of solid wood looks good, although many craftsmen use wood carving and intarsia for decoration. To create a worktop, a container with bumper is used at the required height. In this, workpieces are then assembled and filled completely with a composition of resin. After the solidification, you get a smooth surface with smooth sides.

Interesting designs

rustic designer epoxy resin furniture in brown fireplace

Experienced craftsmen use matte and transparent varieties for the fabrication of furniture, which could be lost in different colors. Transparent mixtures are well suited to wood or other contained articles. They emphasize all the details of the decoration: fibers, inscriptions or markings on metal elements. Even the smallest elements were easily visible through a thick fill layer. Dyes diminish transparency, giving the filling a consistent color. Both these and other types of resin mixtures were used to make exclusive workplaces and other epoxy resin furniture. So below you will find some interesting ideas to make.

Coating of various compositions

working plate made of epoxy resin resembles liquid washer as a kitchentic

Furniture made using epoxy adhesive and fluorescent paint looks spectacular. Experienced craftsmen fill out all the cavities as well as the knot areas with this joint mass and finally use the main mix. Such a masterpiece shines when it is lit. Now, in modern interiors, epoxy resin furniture could definitely emphasize the style and the homely taste of the owner.

designer sitzbank made of epoxy resin and recycled furniture

Another possibility would be the disguise of wood. This idea was successfully implemented by many carpenters when designing designer furniture. As a basic element, they use wood that is always covered by a thin layer of the prepared composition. You can also tell an interesting effect by combining the composition with water droplets. In a colorful mix, such designs resemble mystical star pictures or even the Milky Way.

square shape with decorative elements and wood piece in green and brown designer piece as epoxy resin furniture

Often, designers create a multicolored coating by filling it with parts of the composition that are painted with different colors. It is also worth noting that these blends are beautifully colored with gouache, ink and oil colors. These components do not harm human health. For separation walls, for example, you can use thin barriers made of this plastic. Usually, the top of the entire composition is filled with a thin transparent layer.

shiny surface vom esstic modern in modern kitchen as epoxy resin furniture

The imitation of marble is undoubtedly an unusual solution, with a coating that can obtain the precious natural material. Here you can use a clamping plate which is covered with colorful patterns, as well as other connections, yet the last layer of epoxy must be said. This technique opens up furniture designs to new horizons and enables them to experiment and create new interesting surfaces.

Beautiful epoxy resin tables and chairs

world map made on epoxy resin table with wood and table legs made of sharp metal

A table with a surface in the shape of a picture - such furniture is good for living rooms. The tea drink in such a table would undoubtedly be pleasant. It is important, however, that this furniture attribute fits into the entire interior of the room and harmonizes with other objects. The drawing usually extends over the entire length of the work plate. Manufacturers offer a choice of still life or other pleasing images for the eye. As a rule, the legs are made of wood or metal and should be formally shaped - rectangular or square.

recycled altar chair made of wood with transparent epoxy resin for white brick wall

For a chair, you can use different patterns of epoxy resin that combine well with wood. Sometimes you get a unique piece of furniture that you would not find anywhere else. Numerous cracks and other "deficiencies" lend the listener besides even more sophistication. Such epoxy resin furniture is absolutely safe, so that in an eco-interior they look organic and the product can be restored with your own hands.

small stool in white and green epoxy resin and wood design

Stools or plates made of enchanting travertine and resin are certainly very interesting. The compositions used were painted in the process technique from light blue to dark blue in combination with a calcareous, durable material and used by some designers to create unique designs. Epoxide layers were alternated in one particular order. The composition imitates a lagoon with bright coastal zones and dark water areas.

More ideas for designs

designer cushion made of stone and epoxy resin in blue resembles ocean furniture

The unique properties and the impeccable appearance of the materials inspire the craftsmen to exclusive furniture. It provides material qualities with a reddish, brown, yellowish or white color. This color remains even over the entire depth of consistency. It gives absolutely transparent compositions, which were also used to decorate furniture. Through this approach, various components for composition are sought after by specialists who improve material properties and achieve an absolutely homogeneous surface. For this reason, the resin is very popular in the manufacture of decorative elements.

more refined as epoxy resin furniture in the kitchen transparent with wood restored in the middle

The shape of the epoxy resin furniture can be very different. The grease with resin repeats the configurations of objects and covers them with a thin transparent layer without bulges and other faults. In this way, you can create unique pieces of furniture for each configuration. The fill layer can cover surfaces, on which interesting patterns and ornaments are applied. This coating perfectly captures other decorative elements: mussels, pebbles, fountains, dried flowers, coins and even knobs. In such a case, the surface even looks three-dimensional.

Inspiration for epoxy resin furniture

living room with large windows and snowy landscape epoxy resin furniture fixtures

Lovers of beautiful things were sure to erase furniture from hardwoods or branches with natural defects that were attacked by Borkenkäfern. Unrealistic special effects were told when coarse sand mixed with the sawmill was brought into the composition. Original pieces of furniture were restored with a variety of investments: cutting boards, cuts with various diameters, split wood blocks, old wood or beautiful wood clasps. Immersed in that fullness, they see an incredible beauty Robe who can still believe. Marble, foil, glitter, pearls, or semi-precious stones can be used as a base mass. If you create such a masterpiece with your own hands, you can also use souvenirs as decoration.

tibia made of transparent epoxy resin and wood

No interior designer misses such a decorative and functional piece of furniture as the legs. They are of the slightest significance to the design of furniture. The affiliation of form, type and material of one or another style depends on the compatibility of the furniture with other furnishing objects. The legs can therefore be made of wood, stone or carved natural stone. Epoxy resin furniture is adorned with carvings or forged items, but their number varies evenly. It gives interesting specimens with one, two, three or four legs. Furniture used for the decoration of epoxy resin fits perfectly into the interior of living and office spaces. By doing so, you can successfully complement your style, which is characterized by a dominance of raw textures, metal, glass and wood. Such products look great in the design of restaurants and hotels.

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