Buying mattresses: Comfortable lying down is an important prerequisite for a healthy sleep

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Ergonomic lying is an important prerequisite for a healthy and healthy sleep. Finding a comfortable mattress is no easy task anyway. Hardness, Bezug, Ergonomics: Was playing an important role and what criteria should be taken into consideration when purchasing? We give you useful tips and explanations, which you should consider.

Buying mattresses: Expensive is not necessarily better

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Many buyers make the same mistake when buying a mattress: They believe that expensive mattresses are better. Damit they are lying wrong. Numerous Warenstiftung tests have unequivocally proven that high quality does not necessarily cost much. Ready-to-wear viscous foam and cold foam mattresses can adapt to the body shape and offer a high level of sleeping comfort. At the same time, these foam mattresses lie in the middle price segment and are ready to have from 200 euros. If you are looking for favorable and simultaneous high-quality variants, it is best to contact a manufacturer beforehand. The mattress manufacturers offer free consultation, are more flexible and know better than the dealers in terms of sleeping comfort. The desired model can also be delivered quickly and favorably and tested at home.

Buying mattresses: Determine heart rate correctly

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The appropriate mattress should be ergonomically optimal for you. If you feel good, you should be able to determine the degree of hardness correctly. In addition, several criteria play a major role: the body length, the weight, the preferred sleeping position and the loved one's are just some of them. The degree of hardness is marked with the letter "F" or with the letter "H" and varies from H1 to H5, where H1 is very soft, H2 as soft, H3 as medium, H4 as hard and H5 as very hard. Basically, mattresses with hardness H2 are available for people with body weight under 70 kg and a body length up to 190 cm. Mattresses with hardness grade H3 are a good choice for people with body weight up to 80 kg and body length up to 190 cm. The H4 heart rate is recommended for people with a body weight of up to 120 kg and a body length of up to 170 cm. From soft or hard mattresses (H1 and H5) it is abrasive. It also provides a solution for those who sleep in a double bed. Each side of the Cologne Sleeep mattress can be individually configured. Prepared from a width of 140 cm reads to determine the degree of hardness according to the personal needs of the slippers.

Buying a Mattress: It arrives at the right earpiece!

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A high quality mattress reads and recognizes the high quality hearing aid. For example, the upper range should be washable up to 60 degrees Celsius, sealed with a four-way travel closure and suitable for allergy sufferers. As particularly practical, knitwear, it turns out to be less voluminous than the stripped variant and fits in the washing machine. The underwear should preferably be made from cotton wool - the fabric conducts heat and absorbs better moisture. Silk is also a favorite choice. The silk textiles do not only dot with a pleasant haptic, but work and also air-conditioning. In the hot summer months they feel cooling and, in winter - warming. For the winter months also own cashmere areas. They are the perfect choice for demanding slippers who want the warm feeling of the wool, in any case wishing for a textile.

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