Building a passive house – these are the greatest advantages of sustainable real estate!

Those who want to build their own home nowadays have many options in this regard. For example, he should decide whether to build a new property or buy a prefabricated house. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In our day and age, however, we should consider whether we should not rely on environmentally friendly and sustainable houses and build a passive house. Finally, there are environmental problems, the existence of which we should not deny. Above all, climate change.

Passive house building benefits better indoor climate by diffusion of water vapor

There is no denying that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. The consequences of global warming are not to be trifled with and we should therefore take measures to counteract climate change. Sustainable properties such as passive houses with little technology are an interesting option in this regard. But what are their advantages? Let’s take a look!

Build a passive house: No ventilation system

Build a passive house and ensure a natural indoor climate

Ventilation systems are one of the many technical devices that conventional passive houses cannot do without. The latest generation of real estate is based on the house-in-house principle, which means that the ventilation system is simply superfluous. Sustainable real estate saves future builders some disadvantages: congestion, uniform temperatures throughout the house and the exchange of filters are a thing of the past.

Natural room climate through diffusion of water vapor

Passive house building advantages offers more light large windows

With a biological passive house according to the house-in-house principle, you do not have to worry about a bad indoor climate. Because the houses are built to be open to diffusion, water vapor can diffuse without restrictions. In addition to the special design, this is guaranteed by the building materials used and also contributes to a natural indoor climate. Just because of the better indoor climate, there are more and more people who choose this type of living.

Passive house building advantages at a glance no ventilation system

It is not uncommon for families to want their children to grow up in a house with a natural indoor climate. This way of thinking is justified. The house’s high level of diffusion also prevents mold and mite growth. From a health point of view, this is a significant advantage.

Build a passive house: Low operating and maintenance costs

Build a passive house and reduce operating costs

The running costs of real estate are something that many ignore when dreaming of owning a home. For example, outdated heating systems can result in enormous running costs. On the one hand, such heating systems often result in significantly higher energy consumption. Secondly, they are maintenance-prone. This is not the case with the latest passive house generation. Complicated ventilation and heating technology is completely dispensed with. This eliminates high operating and maintenance traps.

More light than most other properties

Passive house build healthy without mites and mold

A passive house with little technology relies on a lot of light. From a psychological point of view, that makes perfect sense. After all, light provides us with happiness hormones and is essential for our psychological and physical health. Anyone who chooses such a sustainable property gets a lot of light from the winter garden. This contributes to a pleasant living environment and also enables the living space to be used as a home office if required. Since there is almost only artificial light in some properties, this is by no means guaranteed.

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