Build and modern outdoor kitchens - Fresh ideas for stylish outdoor areas

outdoor fireplace in kitchen with sofa in patio area with wood-covered kitchen counter bottom cover next to breed

The ideas for an outdoor kitchen have become increasingly popular. More and more people are learning how to be comfortable and entertaining when building their dreamy outdoor kitchens. Such a project does not necessarily have to be expensive. If you build your own outdoor kitchen yourself, this can be difficult and a good investment for your home. Everything you really need is a little more space in the garden or backyard as well as some creativity for the kitchen design of your dreams. For this reason, we have put together in this post some modern and inspiring suggestions for you. Also, if you choose for your personal kitchen, you will cook and entertain for many hours with confidence. Your family and friends will appreciate your efforts accordingly, and you could become your favorite host as soon as they build your new, beautiful outdoor kitchen.

Build demanding outdoor kitchens

sun shades for treasure over u-shaped small outdoor kitchens build next to pool

When planning your outdoor kitchen, you have more opportunities. The most common design styles are the Kücheninsel, a U-shaped island and an L-shaped variant. If you are stuck in your kitchen island, you will be lying close to you. Some ideas for an outdoor kitchen for the basic island would be a gas grill, a sink and a small cooking area. This should be sufficient for an occasional, light cooking. A U-shaped kitchen island still offers more space for a grill, a wash basin, some storage space and more work space. Because of its compact shape, this also fits in a small garden. The design allows you to entertain your guests while they cook. L-shaped kitchen lines for the outdoor area are generally larger and offer more space for the preparation of dishes.

freestanding kitchen island in white with many stainless steel drawers next to large house

The part of the gas grill outside kitchen can be located on the short side of the "L", while the longer side may contain a sink, a refrigerator, a storage room and other accessories. If you decide on a kind of kitchen island, you still have to make other decisions. You can choose one for your customized variant, or use a finished kitchen design.

rustic kitchen island with stainless steel gas grill in the middle of the garden

If you build and customize a walled outdoor kitchen, you can decorate it with granite, slate or other unique materials. Prefabricated versions are more cost-effective in various configurations and embodiments. Do you ever consider to choose such materials that can withstand the climate in your home.

Style and function in one

natural stone and high chairs as part of building a modern outdoor kitchen

After choosing your design, you have to choose your kitchen appliances. A gas or charcoal grill is usually a necessity. They have to decide which variant one would be the best fit and which type fits your budget. Grills can range from very affordable to very expensive. Other kitchen ideas include sinks, refrigerators, additional cooking utensils and more. Some people therefore decide to put a refrigerator under your cooking range. Adding an additional gas burner can help you, for example, in preparing a well-rounded meal. Whether or not you need an oven depends on how much you expect from your outdoor kitchen.

outdoor lighting for entertainment in the room with roofing and cooking

Also, do not forget to install the appropriate lighting. The ideas for lights in the outdoor kitchen include a moody atmosphere with soft white or colored light bulbs, as well as a solar and LED lighting that gives you the brightness you need for cooking after sunset. When you build your outdoor kitchen and pass on ideas, you also do not forget to provide seating options in the dining area for your family and friends. It also makes cooking even more fun if you can get involved in the whole process. Do you prefer, for example, seating options that are comfortable and have eating.

minimalist design for outdoor kitchens and dexterity lighting under the bar with stools

Bar stools can function well if you have a high work surface. There is another possibility that there is an esstisch in the neighborhood close by. If you live in an area where it gets colder in winter, you should perhaps build a fireplace. Sometimes you can keep all warm while enjoying your kitchen outdoors. If you have a hot summer, you can also use umbrellas or any other cover or shade to cover the area. Should you often rain, you can build a watertight cover to protect your investment.

Neutral kitchen design

outdoor accessible outdoor kitchen built under stairs with refrigerator

The combination of white and gray stands for elegance and gives the outdoor kitchen a refined look. In addition, the balance between bright and medium tones also offers the perfect frame for unforced encounters and more festive readings. An empty space is simply a field that you can consciously decorate to your taste. Make the best of your kitchen area under the stairs and transform it into a mini kitchen, for example, which impresses with a pleasing style and an open, airy ambience.

outdoor kitchen in dark colored shades of gray and black with plants

For example, a dark kitchen had a calm, expansive energy and the potential to be incredibly romantic. It is almost fascinating to see how the black and gray tones harmonize with the green outdoors. If you truly love to entertain and care for your guests, a large outdoor kitchen with a plethora of surface areas is set for your home. Wooden cabinets, for example, fit the natural environment, and a neutral theke makes sure that the kitchen feels timely.

marble kitchen worktop with stainless steel elements in the outside

If your home is in an area with occasional or regular rainfall, a thoughtful outdoor kitchen is the smartest option. This offers you the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant evening in a modern environment, regardless of the weather. Another marmortheke is, after all, a truly extraordinary choice for a backyard that needs a touch of enrichment. When you combine the luxurious and pleasing effect of this natural stone with the steel elements, you get a vast outdoor area.

Building outdoor kitchens - New trends

fresh-looking courtyard with kitchen lines and benches

An outdoor kitchen can also feel like a living room outdoors, for example, if you add a comfortable sofa and a cupboard. They also create a cozy lounge corner that can be perfectly complemented by a small fireplace and plenty of drinks. The half-baked kitchens are a nice compromise if you don't invest in a second kitchen, but still want a culinary experience in the outdoors. Such a kitchen will serve you throughout the year and regardless of the weather conditions. If it ever gets too cold, you can close the kitchen room, and as soon as the climate gets warmer, you open it again. The natural element of wood creates an elegant interior that feels very organic and imitates nature. They can also opt for the noble silver look and enjoy the gentle shimmer.

luxurious kitchen set in beige with pizza oven and designer table in white side pool

A cream-colored palette is ideal if you want to build a modern exterior kitchen that epitomizes the style of minimalism in an elegant and restful environment. Even a smaller kitchen can unfold your power of attraction if it has the right decor with which it can feel comfortable. A wonderful kitchen made of concrete or natural stone is an irresistible project for homeowners, who could make your environment as natural as possible. The texture of a stone is a versatile element that makes your kitchen station a timeless pleasure.

colorful urban roof terrace with outdoor kitchen for cityscape

Various combinations of stone and tiles also create a very well-balanced outdoor kitchen, which, based on your dynamic style and harmonious appearance, is a pleasant place for a social gathering. They can skip the neutral tones completely and find your happiness with a colorful kitchen on the roof that is an homage to warm and cheerful colors. The trendy style will appeal to the small guests and those who stand on a bold décor.

The appropriate kitchen design

modern house with gas grill outdoor kitchen with wood and belt

You can build a noble outdoor kitchen that has a polished and cultivated look, which is a clear contrast to the lush greenery around it and serves as a tranquil, soothing and peaceful element in your garden. A stone or stainless steel kitchen worktop with safety is a very raw and industrial component in every outdoor kitchen and gives the entire space a remarkably strong and cool look. The beauty of using stone or metal is that it can be seamlessly combined with any other material and any color, except for the decorative freedom and counting that an interesting element stands at the center.toll looking stainless steel exterior with grill and natural stone wall cladding

If you have a thoughtful outdoor kitchen, don't forget to decorate the blanket. Polished wood or stone can be a breathtaking and striking choice that connects the dining area with the cozy seat back and connects it with a mutual feeling of warmth. The blend of rustic and modern is a breathtaking discovery that unites the best of both decorative styles. While they were able to work at the first glimpse of the full opposite, they still had the power to create a contemporary ambience.

Combine stainless steel exterior kitchen

outdoor kitchen built and designed with gas grill aesthetically in white modern kitchen design

For a home in the city or in the suburbs, an urban outdoor kitchen is a fantastic idea. The use of stainless steel in your kitchen provides a professional appearance. The material provides you with the basis for all the necessary appliances that you can cook on hot afternoons in the outdoors. Very silent on the simplicity of cleaning. It is truly a living material and its industrial style is a classic choice, for those who can always leave if you want to tell great results.

ultra modern l-shaped outdoor kitchen made of stainless steel and wood in sunny garden

Combine stainless steel or wood with a dark rug for a kitchen that offers an elegant ambience. The combination opens the space optically and gives you enough smooth surface to work. For example, to create a small kitchen alternating and inviting, make sure that the seating area contrasts with the rest of the decor. A unique combination of wood and stainless steel is a good choice that can perfectly blend in with the natural green colors of the environment.

Built-in exterior kitchens with chairs made of iron and large cooking area with grill

An outdoor kitchen is therefore the ideal opportunity to open your garden or courtyard. In this way, you can create a fantastic space for the entertainment of guests or the arrangement of family celebrations. Besides, you don't have to be a professional cook to enjoy a kitchen outdoors. That is why the love of food and modern furnishings are certainly sufficient. The kitchen will quickly become the center of social gatherings with certainty. For this reason, it is self-evident that you have to bring these things out on occasion. When you check out our selection, you will find that there are many options to style your kitchen. The main brand lies mainly in keeping this area fresh and timely.

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