Braiding chairs and wooden chairs bring a lot of exoticism to a rooftop terrace in Mexico

Bar stools and wooden hanging chair roof terrace exotically designed bar

In densely populated areas, rooftop terraces offer a haven from the chaos and the noise of the capital. Because of your large area, it is not suitable for the design of your own refugium. Even in free skies, parties or even official events can take place. No wonder that many reputable restaurants and bars are located on a rooftop terrace. The next rooftop terrace in Mexico offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the view of the city with a cocktail. Braiding chairs and wooden chairs bring a lot of exoticism, water games link the ear from street noise and a pergola throws cooling shadows over the seat. It is a green oasis in the middle of the city that invites relaxation and relaxation.

Bar stools and wooden chairs on the roof terrace are transformed into an exotic refuge in the middle of the city

Rooftop deck chairs and wooden pergola tile floor

When the architects of Vertebral saw the roof terraces for the first time, they were both of your size, as well as excited by the beautiful look. They decide to turn the available area into a little green oasis. Finally, the terrace with high glass lands is surrounded. Then a sharing base was reduced and a long pergola made of native woods was erected.

Rooftop terrace Braiding furniture Lounge Sofas gray Pergola brick

The architects have counted the terrace not usually separated by space dividers in more areas. Instead, they have them optically divided into multiple zones that fulfill various functions. Under the pergola, guests can rest in peace, lying on the lounge groups - in the sun. It even gives you a stage with an adjoining dance floor. Perfect for summer evenings when live music is played.

Bar stools and wooden roof terrace Pergola ornamental grasses

Evergreen exotic ornamental grasses, perennials and even ornamental trees are planted in high trees. They bring a lot of greenery to the terrace, offer visibility and wind protection and at the same time leave the view of the city skyline free. In the end, an inviting "space" was created, where nature and architecture were brought together.

Roof terrace Bar stools and wooden gray day beds

The exotically inviting garden furniture extends a luxurious generosity and adds the last fine slip to the terrace design. The braiding chairs and wooden chairs form a comfortable lounge area with wooden hammocks and hammocks and a comfortable lounge area, where visitors can relax.

Bar stools and wooden chairs come through the home accessories really good for belting

Roof terrace Garten furniture Moroccan style Sofa Rundtisch Stein

Damit not working boring furniture, they had the architects newly upholstered and decorated with decoys with buzz. The high-quality fabrics feel particularly comfortable on the skin. More coffee etics with metal legs and a massive natural stone plate round off the Mobiliar on the roof terrace. These guests also feel comfortable in the evening, become more pendant lamps, or install steel lamps. They make for romantic mood after sunset.

Seamless transition between the inner and outer areas

Roof Terrace Bar Shaped Washing Basin Brick Stone

The bar is seamlessly connected to the adjoining rooftop terrace by large glass sliding doors. The boundaries between the inner and outer areas also blur thanks to the alignment. Inside, the Local is equipped with the same braided chairs and wooden chairs, which also form comfortable seating groups for free.

The exotic rooftop terrace in Mexico is a resplendent example of successful terrace design. The natural materials create a pleasant atmosphere and the plants relax the senses. The water games add the last fine boat and create a real urban oasis.

Roof terrace mooring plants high kube brick brick wall

Roof terrace oriental Laterne Wasserspiele statues

A project of Vertebral

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