Blood clots in the leg or other limbs are newly discovered consequences of Covid-19

Doctors in the USA, China and Europe have discovered puzzling blood clots in the leg, arm and fingers that occur as a result of Covid-19 infection. The clots disrupt blood flow by clogging blood vessels. In the limbs, a blood clot that blocks a vessel can have serious consequences – from amputations to pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks or strokes if it continues to travel to the lungs, heart or brain. Such clots are said to have caused the death of at least six patients. According to the study, complications from thrombosis occur in about every third of 184 patients examined with corona.

Blood clots in the leg in patients with Covid-19

Blood clots in the legs and arms as a result of Covid-19 infection

Amputations had also already been necessary, such as with the Covid-19 infected actor Nick Cordero, who lost a leg after it had died. However, since health laws prohibit the publication of such data and hospitals report such cases more difficultly, more precise statistics on the connection between blood clots in the leg and other limbs and Covid-19 can be expected in April next year at the earliest, according to a spokesman for the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, which oversees limb amputations, explains.

Doctors don’t understand the cause of blood clots in the leg and other limbs

Consequences of Covid-19 on the blood vessel system - amputations and death

Doctors do not yet understand how these clots develop, why and when. “We still don’t know what … it does,” said Dr. Mohammad Abdallah, a vascular surgeon at Broward Health, on the virus. It is also unclear whether the blood clots in the leg or other limbs are associated with pre-existing diabetes or heart disease. One suspicion, however, is that the virus itself causes the clots by infecting the endothelium of the blood vessels, which leads to blood clotting disorders, as an article in The Lancet explains.

Dr. Abdallah was also the treating vascular surgeon for 48-year-old David Guerrero, who suddenly began to lose sensation in his right leg and feel needle sticks. At the time, he didn’t even know he was infected with Covid-19. Since this feeling did not go away even after a long time, his doctor recommended that he take a Covid-19 test. By the time the result was obtained, his leg went numb, followed by severe pain.

Connections still unclear

Increased blood clots in the leg and other limbs in corona patients

Abdallah then took over in the emergency room, who not only found that no more blood was getting into the leg, but also the infection of the lungs, which is typical for Covid-19. When three days of attempts to destroy the clots with strong blood thinners failed, the doctors only had one operation – the patient had nothing more to lose. You saved Guerrero’s life and leg. What surprised the surgeon was the extent of the blood clot in the leg. They were hat and black and like a plug.

“I’ve seen hundreds of blood clots in my career, but never seen so many abnormal extreme cases,” says Bikdeli, who with a research team concluded that the risk of thrombosis from COVID-19 is so high that patients “may be prophylactic Blood thinners should be administered ”.

“If acute limb ischemia is the first symptom, as we’ve had in some cases, these patients are fine,” Rey said. “If it came as a complication afterward, they definitely died. We can count at least six deceased patients, ”said Dr. Jorge Rey, chief of vascular surgery at the University of Miami Medical School.

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