Belly bloated? Some causes and actions to take

High-fiber diets can cause your stomach to become bloated, according to a recent study. This can happen in cases when the carbohydrate intake is less than the protein intake. Painful and uncomfortable, the feeling of fullness is widespread in women, but does not neglect men at all. The uncomfortable condition can not only be caused by the diet, but also by various factors.

Diets can be responsible for the belly being bloated

abdominal distension causes low carbohydrate diet other factors

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland (USA) carried out the study. This aims to alarm the effects of high fiber diets. If these represent a higher protein intake than that of carbohydrates, the stomach becomes bloated. The researchers' research appeared in the journal Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology. Experts reviewed data from 164 people on such a diet and found that the risk of a bloated stomach increased by 40%. But what are the other causes?

abdominal cramps cause flatulence Take countermeasures

The flatulence or flatulence is in most cases a digestive disorder. In particular, it is an accumulation of exhaust gases in the small intestine. As for the causes, there are literally numerous, but the main culprit is not surprisingly poor nutrition. Eating carbohydrate-rich products promotes fermentation, which leads to bloating. We therefore avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol, fatty, spicy and naturally sweet foods.

The phenomenon of drinking or eating too quickly and consuming too much chewing gum can also lead to a hard stomach. This condition is called aerophagy and literally means “swallow too much air”. Responsible for countless physical and mental health problems, stress and anxiety often cause the intestine to contract and cause bloating.


Exercise can also cause digestive problems because physical activity tends to dry out the lining of the stomach and make the stomach swell. Nicotine in tobacco can also cause intestinal gas because it increases the acidity of the stomach. The fragile teeth stimulate inflammation and are able to weaken the walls of the intestine and thus lead to bloating. Stimulation of the fermentation by lactose intolerance could also be responsible for the bloated stomach. The condition experienced by many people today can also be due to constipation, heartburn, food poisoning or a gastrointestinal infection.

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