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Choose beauty operations at a glance Breast Enlargement Implants

Find your own body around you want to feel - a goal that everyone wants to reach. Wouldn't that be the smallest existing broker. If self-employment is not needed, operations around beauty and bodies are never asked. Especially the female clientele lies on the demanding places with the desire for aesthetic embellishments. In many ways it deals with breast optimizations and specifically breast enlargements. Everything you know about the beauty operations at a glance is here.

Beauty surgeries, such as a breast augmentation, do not bring women just an optical enhancement, but often also provide sexual relief. The pressure of passages through suspension buses, to few overheads, extremely large breasts or loss of volume - for example, due to the downtime - can be huge. This wish for a beautiful bus did not have a purely aesthetic background. Even the minimization of inferiority and lack of self-awareness plays an important role.

Beauty Surgery at a glance: The breast augmentation is as versatile as the reason one op

Breast Enlargement Women Tips Complications prevent even more beautiful décolleté

The topic of breast augmentation is not new and employs many women. They suffer under your buses, find them too small, too flat, too slippery, etc. One operation can signal the solution here.

Because of this, various operating techniques are possible. We distinguish:
- Cut guide below the breast, in the breast fold
- Cutting guide on edge of chest
- Cutting guide in the axle cave

No matter what procedure is used, in all cases the implant cavity is first prepared and then the implant is placed either under the breast muscle or under the breast tissue, on the breast muscle.

Beauty Surgery at a glance: The choice of implants

Beauty Surgery at a Glance Breast Enlargement Frau Top Decals Wear Naturally Looks

If there is a desire for a breast augmentation, the choice of the appropriate implant is crucial. The material is generally cohesive silicone gel. Thus, a natural and optically pleasing breast can be expected after surgery.

More frequent breast implants, so-called B-Lite® implants, were also used more frequently. These are up to 30% lighter than original silicone implants. B-Lite® Implants allow for a larger gestational play space in breast augmentation, which is significantly lower on the breast tissue than in original implants and patients rarely report post-operative complaints.

Choosing the right implant will happen in agreement with the patient. This is especially true of the body silhouette. The goal is instead a natural breast augmentation that fits the body. Using 3D simulations, various shapes and sizes of the implants could be digitally tested in order to obtain an insight into the contaminated result prior to the surgery.

Women who retract a foreign body before the presentation may also be offered a breast augmentation without implants. This is done with self-grease, which after preparation serves as upholstery. This allows for a moderate breast augmentation - and those without cuts.

The operation run at a glance

Beauty Surgery at a Glance Examine Breast Enlargement

When the choice of implant is made and the deadline for the operation is up, certain examinations were carried out. These should include, for example, knots in the breast. Establishing a deadline for the operation should be waived on nicotine, blood thinners and hormone preparations. Equals also apply in the aftercare period.

Beauty surgeries at a glance: This reduces the risk of complications in the healing phase.

Breast Enlargement Counselor Results Expected Pain Reduction

Breast enlargement itself will now have a cut and an implant cavity will be prepared. As a rule, the implant is inserted underneath the breast muscle. Drainage hoses were fitted before the wound closure in the middle of the seam. These serve the flow of wound fluid and blood to prevent tissue disorders and to advance the healing process. A very experienced plastic, aesthetic surgeon in the area of ​​breast augmentation is, for example, Dr. Raab from Munich. He has extensive expertise, has performed countless breast enlargements and is an expert at deploying innovative B-Lite® light implants.

After breast augmentation - which is to be expected

Breast Enlargement Risks Avoid night-time complications

Immediately after surgery, pain is normal. These can last several days and are treated with common pain remedies. Hypertrophy and swelling are usually normal, but this goes away within a few days. Only two weeks after the beauty operation, there is full workability, yet another 6 weeks must be performed and sporting activities again.

After the OP - the facts at a glance
- Special bra for 6 weeks
- no physical exertion for 6-8 weeks
- in the first year no direct solar radiation
- Healing process duration approx. 2 months
- Form BHs with straps are still possible 6-8 weeks sporadically
- Final result after approx. 4-6 months

Beauty Surgery at a Glance: The Risks of a Breast Enlargement

Beauty surgeries at a glance Breast enlargement Eigenfett Tips Woman reds Dress beautiful Dekolete

Who in any operation is not excluded risks and complications. Despite greater care, no risk freedom can be guaranteed. Then, the physician will be corresponding before the operation and clarify the corresponding consent for the conduct of the beauty operation.

Possible risks and complications in short
- Post-bleeding, swelling, infections
- Thrombosis and embolism
- Disturbed sensitivity, especially in the chest
- Stillness
- Rare - Allergy to the implant

The Alternative Procedure: Breast Enlargement with Own Fat

Beauty Surgery at a Glance To Examine Breast Enlargement Surgeons Choose Tips

If there is a desire for an enlargement without implants, Eigenfett can be the alternative. These are taken from certain body regions such as hips, abdomen and po body fat and made up. By cleaning of blood and equivalent emulsification, injection material is created for the breast enlargement. This will, in the first instance, be due to a calculable loss due to the fact that it is injected with more volume, if desired in the end.
This precaution is best suited for a moderate breast augmentation. This results in the wear of a special bra, a lighter pressure bandage for fixing.

Implant or self-fat - The difference in overview

OP Duration: approx. 1.5 h
Stationary stay: 1 night
Anesthesia: Complete anesthesia
Aftercare: Special bra over 6 weeks
Social Ability: Immediate
Sports: After 6-8 weeks
Scars: Yes (Brustfalte, Warzenhof, Achselhöhle)

Eigen Fat
OP Duration: approx. 2-3 h
Stationary stay: 1-2 days
Anesthesia: Complete anesthesia
After treatment: 4 weeks
Social ability: After approx. 2 weeks
Sports: After 6-8 weeks
Scars: No.

Beauty Surgery at a glance Avoid complications and reduce risk

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