Banana hairstyle: The classic updo for long and short hair is so easy!

Gentle beach waves, playful bubble braids or half-open hairstyles – the selection of great hairstyles that we can try out in everyday life seems really endless. Whether chic and casual or classically elegant – every woman should be able to do at least one updo. There are few hairstyles that are as timeless and glamorous as the banana hairstyle. Once frowned upon as picky and out of date, the classic hairstyle is getting a refreshing and modern upgrade this year. While most updos are only intended for long or medium-length hair, the classic works on absolutely all hair lengths! And the best thing about it? Creating the noble look yourself is much easier than you think and with a little practice even the biggest hairstyle grouch will succeed! Ready to add some variety to your hair routine? Then follow our step-by-step banana hairstyle instructions and be inspired by the great looks!

Hairstyle banana with pillow instructions wedding hairstyles medium length hair

Ever since Audrey Hepburn’s unforgettable appearance in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany”, the banana hairstyle has been one of the most popular and beautiful updos of all time. The chic look optically elongates the neck and exudes a unique elegance and grace. The trend hairstyle is also known as the “French Twist” and is a real all-rounder. While the classic variant is a popular choice for wedding hairstyles or other official occasions, a loose banana hairstyle is perfect for a lazy day at the beach or for the office. It doesn’t matter whether you have straight, curly, thin or thick hair – the classic suits everyone!

Banana hairstyle instructions – in a few steps to the perfect look

Banana Hairstyle Instructions Quick Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair Easy

“How do a banana hairstyle?” – this is the question many women ask themselves while admiring the beautiful looks of Hollywood stars on the red carpet. And what if we tell you that you shouldn’t be a hair professional and you shouldn’t have to go to the hair salon to get the trending hairstyle? Making the banana hairstyle yourself at home is actually not as difficult as it seems at first glance! With little patience and a little practice and skill, you can create the classy look in no time.

Banana hairstyle tools:

  • a hairbrush
  • a fine comb
  • about 10-15 hair clips – depending on the thickness and length of your hair
  • Hairspray
  • Hair clips to separate the individual strands, optional

Banana hairstyle with pillow simple wedding hairstyles

Make your own banana hairstyle Instructions:

  • The hairstyle lasts best if you wash your hair the day before – freshly washed hair is usually too straight and not grippy enough.
  • So that the banana hairstyle looks even and smooth and to avoid hair buns, you should first comb the hair well with a coarse comb.
  • Make a side or middle parting as you like. In order to achieve more volume in the banana hairstyle thin hair, you can tease the hair at the roots. Be careful not to knot them.
  • First brush the hair to the desired side of the head and hold it in the middle of the back of the head with your hand.
  • Then pin the hair crossed with several bobby pins. A little insider tip from us – so that the elegant banana hairstyle lasts longer, the hairpins should be placed in such a way that the lower ones point with the opening upwards and the upper ones with the opening downwards. For a natural look, choose bobby pins that match your hair color.

Make your own banana hairstyle Instructions for updos for short hair

  • And now it’s getting a little tricky. Gather the hair to one side like you’re doing a side ponytail. Slowly and carefully twist the entire braid in the direction of the bobby pins – this gives the hair the so-called banana shape. If you want a playful and loose banana hairstyle, the hair is fixed with plenty of hairspray in this step and voilà!
  • Would you rather have an elegant banana hairstyle? Then twist the tips protruding from the top into a small snail and secure with bobby pins. This time, insert them horizontally and sideways into the banana so that they disappear into the “roll”! And the noble look is ready! You see, it wasn’t that hard at all!

The timeless classic looks just as adorable on short hair

Banana hairstyle short hair tutorial short hairstyles easy

Updos are only for medium or long hair? You couldn’t be further from the truth – at least as far as the French twist hairstyle goes. Follow our guide for banana hairstyle short hair to add the ultimate glamor factor to your head of hair! A comb, a couple of bobby pins, hairspray and 10 minutes of your time – that’s all you need!

Banana hairstyle step by step:

  • So that the look lasts for a long time, work with your natural hair texture and not with freshly washed hair.
  • Brush the hair well and then part a side.
  • Lightly tease the ends of the hair with a brush to create more volume.
  • Now brush the hair to the desired side and secure it with bobby pins at the back of the head.
  • Bring the hair up from the other side by hand and twist it as if you want to do a little low ponytail.
  • Curl the hair up to the center of the back of the head, starting at the top and working towards the nape of the neck.
  • Don’t worry if a few strands fall out – you can pin them back up afterwards.
  • Finally, fix the hair with several hairpins and carefully straighten it with a hairbrush.
  • Now apply hairspray and the banana hairstyle for short hair is ready!

Banana hairstyle with braids for a playful and modern look

Banana hairstyle step by step quick updos medium length hair

The banana hairstyle all variants belong to those looks that look terribly difficult to create but are actually remarkably easy. The trend hairstyle is so versatile that it can be wonderfully adapted to any occasion! Are you looking for a playful hairstyle for the beach or for a romantic date? Then look no further, because this banana hairstyle with a braid is made for you! To get the look, all you have to do is leave out a thick strand of hair at the front and braid it into a classic French braid. Then follow our banana hairstyle instructions, twist the braid around the “hair roller”, secure with bobby pins and you’re done!

The loose banana hairstyle is the ultimate hairstyle trend for summer

french banana hairstyle variants french twist updo

Updos have proven to be a very practical yet cool way to keep our hair away from our faces, especially for the hot summer months. A loose banana hairstyle is easy, fun and gives your look an indescribably cool boho touch. To increase the glamor factor, conjure up a few gentle beach waves and let the strands frame your face.

Elegant and casual at the same time – wear your hair half-open

Hair half open wear loose banana hairstyle

We all have these days when we just don’t know how to style our hair. Should we leave it open or should we stick it up? In such cases, half-open hairstyles are the best possible solution! To create the look, you need to section your hair in two and style the top hair into a smaller banana as described above. A few more romantic curls conjure up a complete look and give it the fine touch.

The timeless classic is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles

Hairstyle banana with comb updos for medium length hair

Every bride wants to look great and like a princess on her special day. An elegant banana hairstyle exudes a romantic grace and glamor and the slim shape underlines our femininity in a unique way. This is exactly what makes the all-time classic a very popular choice for a breathtaking wedding hairstyle. Glittering hair accessories such as hair clips completely round off the look and turn the trend hairstyle into a real eye-catcher!

Hairstyle banana all variants and great looks for re-styling at a glance

Make your own banana hairstyle Instructions for quick updos

If you want it simple, yet elegant, then the double banana hairstyle is for you!

Double banana hairstyle wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

Effortless yet sophisticated – the loose banana hairstyle is one of the most exciting and cool variations of the classic

double banana hairstyle updos for shoulder length hair

With a few loose strands on your face, you can achieve a modern messy look that is perfect for lazy summer days

Hairstyle banana all variants medium-length hair is easy to style

Unlike most updos, the banana hairstyle works modern on absolutely all hair lengths and types!

Hairstyle banana with pillow instructions easy updos long hair

The classic reinterpreted – the low, loose version of the hairstyle emphasizes your slim neck and provides a playful, girlish note

quick updos for work loose banana hairstyle

Nothing is more romantic and charming than a classic French banana hairstyle with soft flowers tucked into your hair

Meghan Markle hairstyles banana hairstyle step by step

Tequila Sunrise Hair is one of the most popular hair colors for 2020 and the bright colors come into their own thanks to the trend hairstyle

loose banana hairstyle tequila sunrise hair color

If you are looking for the perfect simple and glamorous wedding hairstyle then you have already found it.

how to do a banana hairstyle quick updos

The edgy and easy-to-achieve look is the perfect addition to any outfit

Wedding hairstyles long hair elegant banana hairstyle

Although all variants are beautiful, the classic look has a special vintage charm that reminds us of the Hollywood stars of the 60s

Banana hairstyle easy quick updos for long hair

Whether with individual loose strands, straight or wavy hair – the trend hairstyle is all about fun and you can let your creativity run free!

Banana Hairstyle Aids Shoulder Length Hair Hairstyles

Spin the “hair roller” to give the classic a refreshing upgrade

Make banana hairstyle yourself Instructions for elegant updos

Banana hairstyle short hair looks incredibly chic and glamorous and is a brilliant option to freshen up your hair routine

double banana hairstyle elegant updos

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