Balayage Red is the trend color for Autumn - 40+ ideas and inspirations!

Burgundy Red Hair Color Balayage Red on Dark Hair Care Tips

When approaching a new season, many women decide to change their hair color. Red hair is brave, beautiful and since many years out of the fashion world can not get away with it anymore. If you want to make your look a little fitting in the fall or just need a little change and change, then Balayage Red is exactly what you are looking for! From golden copper tones over poignant red hues to deep burgundy red - it tastes good for every taste. In this article we have compiled the most beautiful ideas and inspirations - let them inspire you!

Balayage Rot - everything you were supposed to know!

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Balayage is a color technique that has become highly regarded in recent years and every fashionable woman is now familiar with it. The term derives from the French word "balayer", which was translated into German "fig". In contrast to the good old stains, no aluminum foil is used - the hairdresser freely applies the paint with a fine brush in your hair. The result is soft and flowing course, which also works naturally. Since a fingertip feeling is needed, this treatment should be performed by a professional hairdresser - only then your new look will last up to 3 months. können. The beauty of the Balayage Council is that the trend is present in so many different shades that it is adaptable to every head.

Balayage Red on Brown Hair

Brown hair with rotten Highlights Trend to maintain rotten hair color

Brown is undoubtedly one of the most popular hair colors for autumn. It looks beautiful and elegant and is also extremely well-kept. Balayage red on brown hair is a provocative and unique combination that gives your look the certain etwas. Even though you are deep and obscure the red hair color, both shades provide a great contrast, but thanks to the Balayage technique is not artificial. If you have an olive skin and brown eyes, this is the right color for you!

Brown hair and copper red balayage

Copper rot Balayage on brown hair Hair care tips

Shimmery copper and deep brown are two hair colors that simply blend in perfectly. The gentle color transition radiates a unique warmth. And what is the beauty of this look? Your hair does not require as much care and you can visit your hairdresser for another 3-4 months!

Radiant Balayage Red for Black Hair

Black hair with red tones dark red hair color care tips

Your black hair since it became boring? For this luminous and poignant Balayage advice, much experimental joy and courage is needed. For this reason, it is the perfect choice for all women who would like to draw attention to themselves. We have to warn you before - tell them this wonderful look, you probably have to get your hair blonde. And since the blundering greatly affects the hair structure, a special care is required and after the treatment is an absolute must!

Balayage Red on Black Hair Burgundy Red Hair Color Shades

A further super tulle and fascinating color combination is black hair and a powerful, deep red violet. Burgundy, Marsala, Bordeaux and Cherry are just a part of the designation, under which the color tone is known. So or so it is a wonderful, very dark piece of red with a violet undertone. The course works very elegantly and the contrast brings your hair to shine.

Trendy Balayage Red and Pink Hair

Pastel rot hair color blonde Highlights shorter bob hair cut styles

Do you think that red and pink are two colors that do not fit together? Then you become violent. On the above picture, you can see who leaves those delicate cherry red shades in a cool, powerful pastel pink. This hairstyle makes your hair look fresher, shiny and much more vibrant. Through these delectable Beach Waves, a three-dimensional effect is achieved that gives your look the certain etwas.

Balayage Red also owns blonde hair

Balayage Rot Blonde Long Hair Styles Hair Trends

Of the new, cool hair trend, only the brunettes, but also the blondes, can benefit. Red blonde hair does not fall off anyone and if you want to get into that combination, you will need a lot of courage. The two colors are totally different and care for a look that remains with security in mind.

Copper red and blonde - timeless and elegant

Balayage Red Blonde Hair Trend Copper Rot Hair Color Highlights

If you cannot separate from your blond men and at the same time find the shades of red, then you are best advised with a copper red balayage. The golden-red rays shine through their hair and work extremely elegantly and beautifully.

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