Autumnal table decoration with dahlias: Colorless flower sticks

Autumn table decoration with Dahlien flower sticks in pumpkins arranging ideas for decoration for the dinner party

With your bright color, imposing size and unique flower shape, the Dahlie is definitely the star in every flower stick. The beauty of Mexico spreads good mood in the festive table and combines perfectly with other seasonal flowers. Many dahli varieties were offered in the trade, so that everyone could find the right one. In any case, all Dahlias have in common. This flower is extremely robust and will last a long time. We show you 20 colorful flower sticks, where Dahlie plays the lead role and explains how you can make a successful autumn table decoration with Dahlien yourself. Get excited about the blitz in the photo shoot!

Autumn table decoration with dahlias: splendor and form variety

Autumn table cloth in gold autumn leaves and white dahlias and chrysanthemums combine

Autumn leaves, white dahlias and chrysanthemums form a traveling ensemble in the festive table. Of course, you can also arrange other long-term flowers inside. The medium-high vase with a neck also creates a cool optical trick: it voluminously reads even smaller flower-sticks and brings the autumnal table decoration better to the mark. If you keep the arrangement longer, first let the autumn leaves dry at room temperature for 1-2 days.

Autumn table setting with dahlias, lampion flowers and dill

Autumnal tablecloth with striped dahlias in orange and white and lampion flowers and dillflowers

Not just the beautiful Dahlia with orange-and-white blossoms in America. In addition, the lampion flower, which is originally distributed in southern Europe and Asia, is currently being sought in North America. The yellow dill leaves give the flower stick Frischekick. The wide white vase descends into the background and reads the fire-red flowers of their grand performance in the festive table.

Fire-red flower stick with dahlias, roses and ranunks

Autumn deco in red flower stick with dahlias and roses and ranuncle in sky blue vase in table

In the next fire-red flower stick are dahlias, roses and ranunculate tulip deco partners. Die hellblaue Vase reads the Ensemble in the Vordergrund steps. Tone-in-tone with the vase is the sky-blue runner and the stylish counter with blue border. If you have a long rectangular table you can arrange additional garden nuts and moss on the table center.

Small, but fine: Autumnal table decoration with dahlias and chrysanthemums

Autumn deco with flowers in smaller vase combine dahlias and chrysanthemums and blueberries

Loose flowers or small flower stems composed of 2-3 leaves make a good figure in small vases. Do you have a small vase? Paint with acrylic colored marmalade glasses and arrange for a stuffed dahlie, a chrysanthemum and dark garden flowers of glitter rose. The flower blossoms are together with fresh bindergrun such as Salal. If you choose flowers in the same color family, please let the pink Dahlie play the lead role in the arrangement.

Autumn table cloth with dahlias in a pumpkin vase

modern autumn table decoration in white and pink with dahlias and pumpkins and tree trunk vases

Pumpkins count among the most popular elements of a hearty table decoration. With a bit of skill they let themselves be transformed into a vase. They only need a glass that fits in the pumpkin, a sharp knife and a spoon. First, cut a hole in the pumpkin and then remove the kernels and the fruit flesh. Next, place the glass in the pumpkin and fill it with water. Now you can arrange short-lived flowers in the vase. White hydrangeas harmonize very well with the puristically invigorating pumpkin. Green mini-garden butts of the versatile Rose and Bindgrün add a fresh touch to the ensemble. The pink hydrangea in the middle finally steals the show and gives the flower stain the much needed color. The vase can be placed on tree trunks carved on the tree and decorated with moss or succulents.

Autumnal table decoration with orange dahlias: Blütenpracht on the garden table

Autumn decorations themselves make dahlias in yellow and purple and white pumpkins in vintage vases

The glowing colors of the next flower ostriches bring the festive table to shine. Orange, purple, pink and grassy green blend perfectly with each other and provide a perfect mood. With such a beautiful flower stick, this table decoration should be kept slim. White mini squashes and white candles in one lantern provide the perfect backdrop for the autumnal floral decoration. Two white teapots from porcelain add a vintage note to the arrangement.

Herbstliche Tischdeko: Dahlien as soloists

Autumn decorations themselves make dahlia flowers in white pumpkin stitch ideas for colorful flower sticks

The dahlias like to play the lead role and make a good figure as a star in the ensemble. Also, as soloists, they let themselves be effective in the scene. For the next deco idea you need 6 or 7 dahlias in different colors, as well as 6 or 7 mini pumpkins. Likewise, the large-format blooms can also be seen in marmalade glasses or in small vases.

Autumn table setting with dahlias and accents in gold

Autumnal table decoration with red rotten dahlias and gold-painted fruits and wine grape and beautifully folded napkins

Are you planning a family celebration for the Ernest Thanksgiving? Just the right fit for a stylish fall deco in black and red with gold accents. The shimmering table runner provides the perfect backdrop for pomegranates, table baits and figs. Wine red dahlias add the last fine dish to the table deco. Additionally, you can cut out of paper autumn leaves and then paint them with gold color. Put the autumn leaves between the fruits or place them on the counter as place cards.

Effective table decoration for Halloween

    Autumnal tablecloth in dark brown perfect for Halloween or Ernedankfest brown colored hazel leaves and raspberry and red ornamental grasses and black dahlias and purple artichokes

Black dahlias, mini-garden butts and purple artichokes form a traveling arrangement. Brown hazelnuts, caterpillars and red ornamental grasses hang over the edge of the rat's basket and rise together with the dahlias a traveling ensemble.

Decoration with Dahlias: Autumnal ensemble with tree branches

Autumn deco with chrysanthemums and dahlia in small vase or marmalade glass

Even small flower buds can come out very large. As a result, there are more Baumzweige, which have been strategically positioned on several sides. Tone in tone flowers in shimmering orange and pink for a popping effect. The garden buds of cinnamon close gaps and let the autumnal flower ostrich appear higher.

Autumnal table decoration with dahlias: So the cut flowers last longer

red autumn deco with seasonal flowers pink roses and red dahlias and pink peonies with ornamental grasses and deciduous leaves in a vintage golden vase

Cut flowers also need care, so they last longer. Cut the stems of the dahlias and prefer to put the flower in a light-resistant vase. Remove the foliage, as the leaves do not fall into the water. Change the flower water every two days and set the flower ostrich in a cute location.

In the photo area below you will find additional examples of creative flower deco in the fall. Get inspired and decorate your own home or apartment!

Autumn table cloth with dahlias and feathers in yellow color with white accents

Autumnal table decoration with Dahlia yellow chrysanthemums Black Ginger and Gold String Dahlia and ruby ​​red rose flower sticks

Vintage table decoration in vintage style with white dahlias and windbreaks and prairie zen and hydrangeas

Autumn table cloth with dahlias make a wooden wreath

Make a hearty table decoration with dahlias and pumpkins for the Thanksgiving dinner

Autumn table decoration with roses and dahlias and autumn leaves and ornamental grasses

Autumnal table decoration with dahlia in white, white colored autumn leaves and ornamental pumpkins in the table

Autumn deco with flower sticks with seasonal flowers

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