Apple rough MacBook Pro model weighing defects Battery back

  MacBook Pro Apple secures batteries

Apple hooded back MacBook Pro models weighing defects Akkus. The batteries of all MacBooks, which are being re-created in 2015 and 2017, are being turned around. The old ones get fast. The Hitze can damage the laptop, in Extremfällen, there is a fire hazard. As a result, all Käufer were bitten, the serial number of the device was added to the Web site repairers. So that user can test it smoothly, whether the problem is related to your model or not.

Apple MacBook Pro can cancel a new battery

The business is powered by a MacBook Pro with a 15-inch display. It is not clear, who many Laptop sells in this time frame. If this happens, your batteries will need to be replaced by the repairer. It is important to copy all data on the MacBook and then completely switch off the device. Apple maintained that the time spent on battery life in three-week frames was repaired

Other MacBook Pro models were repaired in previous years

  MacBook Pro Troubleshooting Batteries

It's not the first template, like Apple Problems with the Accu say devices fixed. For a year, batteries of all MacBooks Pro with 13-inch screens have been powered up. When the following cost-free keypad and plug-in repair work, the company wanted to unblock some of the models. Kurz daruf messenger User has problems with the display lighting of the 13-inch monitor. Damals reported Apple in wort and ensured that no one more important device entity was involved.

While all others were repaired as repairs, there was a switch in this case. Understanding is that switching is really useful, when most of the time a laptop can become damaged.

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