Antibiotic-resistant germs: Dangerous irritants were not killed after a cleansing operation

For 15 years, the number of people who have been infected with antibiotic-resistant germs has increased rapidly. The majority of the worst is not dangerous for healthy people. Otherwise, it looks great for patients with immune deficits. Many of those come to the Intensive Care Center when they are looking for healthy people. The possibilities for a treatment are limited, which most antibiotics are either not effective, or can only help with limited.

Wash antibiotic-resistant germ protection washes at 60 degrees

Now, the researchers in Bonn also found that washing machines spread the germs. In a children's clinic in the city, the potentially dangerous bacteria on the clothing of the newborn are landed. The doctors thought that the annoyance about the washing machine came on the clothing. The reason is very simple: After a clean wash, the resistant bacteria were not killed. Fortunately, the staff of the children's clinic was able to respond in a timely manner and the babies did not get infected.

Antibiotic-resistant germs: How dangerous are they actually?

Again, antibiotic-resistant germs were found in carpets and liquids near slaughterhouses, in hospitals and even in food stores. Whoever explains the doctors, nevertheless, gives no reason to panic: Most bacteria are not dangerous for healthy people. Even if they settle into our intestines or mucous membranes, they keep our immune system in check. Therefore, the risk for patients in hospitals is substantially larger. Then, after a surgery or chemotherapy, those weakening forces are weakened. Researchers also warn that in the next 20 years many antibiotics will not work anymore and the numerous diseases that today can be considered "ripped off", can reappear. Should it happen, then even healthy people are potentially in danger.

Antibiotic-resistant germs: So we can protect ourselves

It provides some safeguards with which we can effectively stop the spread of bacteria. A washing pass of more than 60 degrees, which then wash or dry the washer in a dryer, which kills the bacteria. Especially in families with babies under 6 months or with people with immunodeficiencies, it is also worth disinfecting the washing machine with preparations.

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