Access checklist: Useful tips for a frictionless housing change

Organize packing furniture and plants and toys in cartons

As if the search for a new rental apartment was not complicated enough, the actual stress will come. Although no chaos breaks out on the day of the disaster, the good organization is crucial. An easy-to-use checklist and a schedule significantly simplify the task and can save you costs and effort. From the earliest preparations, from the day of restraint to the layout of the new apartment: We provide you with useful tips with which a frictionless housing change is appealing.

Suggested checklist: 12 weeks before the housing change announces the old lease

Create additional checklists and make accurate cost calculations that calculate packaging and transportation

Have they found a new home and signed a contract with the new landlord? Now is the right time to start preparing for the train. You should complete these tasks 12 weeks before the housing change:

1. Announce your old lease and clear with the landlord whether or not any repairs or repairs. Renovation work you have to measure. Most of the time, the tenant is in charge of beauty repairs. Basically, you are not obligated to remove normal traces of use. They only have to renovate the apartment when it was damaged.

2. Start looking for a suitable companion for your old home.

3. Lie down together with the two rented apartments for housing transfer.

4. If you can work around in one working day, you should ask the employer for a holiday allowance.

Access checklist: 10 weeks before the housing exchange, conclude a contract with a maintenance company

Create a relaxed home exchange list Create home accessories and package furniture

5. Create an elaborate to-do list: Which furniture, home accessories and clothing items can you bring and which items can you throw away? Old furniture can be sold online, used pieces of clothing can be deposited in social stations, and for broken electrical appliances you can request a lock trolley.

6. Create a cost plan, excluding the access costs, at a glance. Your height depends on your personal living situation. Important factors that play a major role in the calculation are, among other things, the length of the vehicle route, the costs for cartons and other packaging, and the additional supplies you may need to claim.

7. If you have a non-binding offer with several companies, make the comparison and conclude a contract. Alternatively, you can hire a carrier and ask friends for assistance when loading and unloading. This variant is cost-effective, you have to promote heavy furniture and household items yourself, and then rebuild our place. There is always the danger that it will be broken or that your helper will lose your last eye. With a train company you can save yourself a lot of fatigue and stress.

8. Buy packaging materials: cartons, tape and upholstery. They need about 45 cartons per adult and 50 cartons per child.

9. If you need additional storage space, you can rent a storage room.

Access checklist: 8 weeks before the access day, request a ban on maintenance

Blankets on Enrollment Roll Father and Child on Enrollment

10. Apply for a needs ban on your old and new home at the local street traffic agencies.

11. If necessary, you can now carry out the so-called beauty repairs (striking walls, filling holes in the walls, etc.).

12. Inform all institutions (banks, construction companies, hospitals, authorities) about the access. Check the German Post for an after-hours service.

Pack checklist: 6 weeks before the pack: Start packing

Package plans housekeeping package packing cartons buying boys Couple sees in the first shared apartment

13. Catch in, pack home accessories, clothing and any furniture.

Access checklist: 2-4 weeks prior to the access Register telephone, internet, electricity and gas

Home exchange with a social enterprise organizes your family to organize transport

14. Create a list of all the necessary furniture, home accessories and textiles you need for the new home. Order everything, if you didn't.

15. Inform all providers about the home exchange and report telephone, internet, radio, electricity and gas. Now is the right time to compare rates and possibly change one or the other provider.

16. One day before the trip you should read and photograph the counter. With your mobile phone, you can also take photos of all the rooms in the old apartment to document your condition during the transfer. Then print out a protocol for housing transfers.

17. Describe all the cardboard boxes, just before you remove all the furniture.

18. Cover the floor in the new apartment with protective foil.

On the weekend and then

Junges Paar sees in the first joint housing a residential exchange plans and organize

19. Organize the access and support the support company member in your tasks.

20. Register with the resident team. Sign up for your pets too.

21. Relocate the old apartment and return your rental guarantee.

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