A happy partnership could improve health

Science already supports the theory that a happy partnership also brings health benefits. Michigan State University research found that those who are optimistic contribute to the health of their partners and ward off the risk factors that lead to Alzheimer's, dementia, and cognitive decline as they grow old together.

Lead a happy partnership

happy partnership improves health

“We spend a lot of time with our partners,” said William Chopik, assistant professor of psychology and co-author of the study. “They could encourage us to exercise, eat healthier, or remind us to take our medicine. If your partner is optimistic and healthy, this can lead to similar results in your own life. You actually experience a brighter future by living longer and turning away. ”

A happy partner can encourage eating a salad or exercising together to develop a healthier lifestyle. For example, if you quit smoking or start training, your partner will be on the verge of following within a few weeks and months.

“We found that many risk factors for things like Alzheimer's or dementia are associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy weight and physical activity are also great predictors. There are also some physiological markers. It looks like people married to optimists tend to do better on all of these metrics. ”

romantic looking couple eating

The researchers found a possible link between marrying an optimistic person and preventing the onset of a cognitive decline thanks to a healthier home environment. Research also showed that when couples remember shared experiences, richer details emerge. A recent example was Google's Super Bowl ad “Loretta”, in which an older man uses his Google assistant to remember details about his late wife.

Optimistic approach

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Is optimism, with all its advantages, something that can be prescribed? Although this mental state has an inheritable component, according to Chopik, there are some indications that it is a trainable quality.

“There are studies showing that people have the power to change their personality as long as they engage in things that change them,” said Chopik. “Part of it wants to change. There are also intervention programs that suggest that you can build optimism. ”

According to the study, everyone benefits from a healthy dose of optimism from their partner. For the half-empty people, a happy partnership can still quench their thirst.

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