A green facade as an innovative solution for an indoor climate in a wellness center

Green facade in a wellness center in Vietnam for luxurious relaxation

Green turned into indoor and outdoor areas became increasingly popular. Grund is more positive attributes that bring these to life. Of course, a bounded wall is naturally attractive and decorative. Like others, they also work positively on the room climate. In addition, if the flanges were used as a façade limiter, you will never get a natural optic for the building that the environment provides. You can also work on the perfect sight and sun protection, there in contrast to other variants, outdoor sunglasses or front hangers, which innenregume nicht zu se abdunkelt. Undoubtedly, despite sun protection, it was said to be bouncing, when you were firing the window. Since the bounded façade can be protected from our eyes and suns before, it must naturally be flattened most of the time before the window. To be able to prove this, an interesting project says that you can find your fortunes. A wellness center has made a green facade a reality. The modern and interesting building power that atmospheric im inneren does not look more appealing and pleasing to customers more and more. You see them most!

Green facade for a wellness center in Vietnam

Innovative façade assembly, combined with white grid panels as a lifting system

The Wellness Center is located in Vietnam and is planted by MIA Design Studio and converted in 2015. The impressive award is explained by the famous Sterne des Centers. Underneath the green façade is just one Vorgeschmack on it, one drink was puffed up. Like 15 generous minds, all-round and unobtrusive interiors, a sturdy bathing area for relaxing, a cushioned dual-person bunk and a fitness-friendly, meditated and yoga practitioner can also be found in a lounge garden under the freshest sky. Design is the green innenhof. You'll find all applications tomorrow, as long as it's still cool.

Shoveled with tea and towels, a beneficial atmosphere works

The backdrop consists of open spaces to relax. These exciting atmospheres do not create any small objects with lotus flowers, as well as securely hanging flanges, which are used in the design of the gloves. All of these natural elements and designs provide for a most enjoyable ambient, perfect in the crust, spirit and seals to be able to cope and grow. Was one more stressful working week more necessary?

Architecture with innovative lifting system

Attractive Space Trailer in Form of Gittern in White, Combined with Small Beams in Interior

Fresh and cool air is not guaranteed thanks to the many flanges and facade fittings. The designer of MIA Design Studio also developed a building that would be credited to natural wise. Off-the-shelf and green façades are here the key, most of which are the most distressed and devoted ones. As a result, the Seel baumeln and the once so well-tended welding, can benefit from the Luxus Offers of the Wellness Centers and are guaranteed nothing. Privacy is guaranteed in this building!

Offering a wellness area with flanges of blinds for a natural ambience

Natural and brand new is the interior trim in combination with the façade limitation. Easily smooth all over-the-air tiles over and over through the building into one's own experience. The green façade is lacquered in detail and covered with flanges, by which cousins ​​are absorbed by the tropical sun, also creating an interesting treasure game in the interior. These planetary panels in the world consist of various types of flanges, which are carefully designed and depicted, to create this attractive and most useful green façade.

Green façade and interior for a perfect climate and ambience

Natural ventilation and design in a zen-style fit perfectly with the wellness function of the buildings

In the following, you will still get some more in the end result. Look at the undercover lava, such as the lawn, which looks like air on the floor, guaranteeing a climate of tropical temperatures. The green façade works in addition to one ambient, which is only manufactured by solar panels. One feels firmly in the midst of nature and can best tolerate these wise. Undoubtedly, you will find some annoyances, with which you can define your own wall. So, once during your trip to Vietnam and beyond, look no further than Da Nang plans, pay attention, once visit this Wellness Center and explore the architecture and design genius. You can also use these options as well as welding them.

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The green façade on the tiles works on an interesting light and treasure game in the interior

Textured plants worked more effectively thanks to the Treasures of the Plants

Bamboo blinds guarantee zusätzliche Privatsphäre im Wellness Center

Hand flanges are used to protect the interior and serve as sun protection, to protect the heat

Offen and green façade for a comfortable climate and ventilation

Original Vision and Sun Protection Ideas as a Solution to this, Tropical Climate

The building with greener facade is surrounded by a large body

The extravagant in the room welcomes you with tea and palm trees, an oasis

The green facade of night with effective lighting

Ground floor of the house with courtyard and various rooms

The second floor with plenty of space for full relaxation in the congratulated wellness area

Plan ahead, was that air circulating in the building on natural wise

No mechanical or electrical ventilation system will be used

Das Wellness-Gebäude as well as green facade and panels in the side view

Design by MIA Design Studio.

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