A broken umbrella can be recycled in original ways with these ideas

Is your beloved umbrella broken? Please wait to dispose of it before viewing this item. A broken umbrella is ideal for beautiful handicraft projects. Whether as a door wreath alternative, lampshade, mini greenhouse or even a Christmas tree – there are numerous creative upcycling ideas that you can consider in order to find a new use for it. We have put together a few of them for you.

Broken umbrella - upcycling ideas to imitate

Broken umbrella as an alternative to the classic door wreath

Broken umbrella as an alternative to the door wreath with forsythia

This alternative to the classic door wreath is really creative and can be used for every season. Just replace the cut flowers every now and then and use seasonal flowers. In autumn, dried flowers can also be used to decorate the umbrella and they will last a very long time. Simply hang the umbrella on the handle, fill it with water and place branches and / or flowers in it.

Alternative door wreath with umbrellas in any color and with flowers

Then you can tie the umbrella together with a nice ribbon. Not only a transparent umbrella is ideal for this upcycling idea. Colored or even patterned ones are also very pretty to look at and, for example, spice up simple doors in white.

Decorated umbrellas

Broken umbrella as a decoration for the garden or at a party with chains made of rhinestones

Whether for a festive occasion or just to decorate the patio or dining table – a broken umbrella is perfect for hanging over the table and then decorating it with ribbons, chains or other decorative items. Whether you hang the umbrella upside down or upright does not matter, because this original decoration is guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention.

Rotary clothes dryer as upcycling for the broken umbrella

Make a small clothes horse yourself with the frame of an umbrella as a space-saving variant

A rotary clothes dryer is a practical thing. However, it takes up a lot of space and is not even suitable for an apartment that only has a balcony. However, a broken umbrella can be the perfect alternative: just use the frame. Sure, it is not suitable for large items of laundry, but you can hang small towels, socks or even underwear on it to dry.

In addition, this practical mini rotary clothes dryer does not get in the way, as it is simply hung from the ceiling. You are welcome to design the frame in advance with spray paint or you can take a little more time and wrap it with patterned washi tape or adhesive tape. Your imagination is the limit.

Mini greenhouse from a transparent screen

A broken transparent umbrella is perfect as a small greenhouse

A broken umbrella with a transparent umbrella fabric is just perfect as a greenhouse. It can certainly not cover large areas, but larger pots and other plant containers as well as smaller beds or certain areas in the bed. So if you want to plant vegetables or flowers a little earlier in spring, but there is still a risk of frost, this idea for old umbrellas is just perfect. Even if the fabric has a few small tears or holes, that’s not a problem.

In principle, it is sufficient if you pull the screen over the selected area. If the rod is still there, you can stick it in the ground for more stability even in windy conditions. It is best to remove the curved or thick handle beforehand. You can then use this for another upcycling project, as you will see below.

Broken shade as a lampshade or frame

Make creative lamps out of the shades or the frame

How about a lamp made from an umbrella? You have two options: Either you use the shade or the frame for incredibly original lamp designs. All you have to do is remove the rod (handle) and then thread the cable through the hole in the screen. Finally, connect a simple socket for light bulbs to the cable and connect the cable to the power line in the ceiling that is intended for lamps.

Make home accessories from old umbrellas yourself - lamps decorate the ceiling

If the fabric of the shade is damaged, you can also use the frame for a DIY lamp. In the picture above you can see a creative and very elegant idea with chains made of rhinestones. Use the frame upside down for this type of lamp. Tie chains to the frame. You decide how many you use and how long they should be. Then all you have to do is thread a socket with cable through the middle hole in the frame and you can hang up the lamp.

Idea for a modern and creative floor lamp as decoration for the apartment

Tip: You can buy sockets and cables from a lamp shop and get advice on how to install them.

Broken umbrella as a cool plant container

Yellow umbrella to decorate the garden - plant flowers

Tires, vats, zinc tubs, and bicycles are all fancy alternative planters that I’m sure everyone has seen before. But what about this idea? An old umbrella turned upside down offers the ideal space to plant pretty flowers. If the fabric is easily torn in some places, you don’t have to worry. In this way, the irrigation water can flow off perfectly. Since the umbrella will be permanently exposed to moisture and above all to the sun, it may not be possible to use it again in the next year. But at least you enjoyed it a little before you disposed of it completely.

Broken umbrella as a garden decoration - design an effective flower bed

Bat costume

Broken umbrella as an accessory for costumes - wings for bats

  • black screen
  • scissors
  • Pliers
  • duct tape
  • black ribbons

Looking for an original, homemade costume? A broken umbrella in black is perfect for making wings for a bat. Your child is guaranteed to be happy about this costume for Halloween or Mardi Gras! For the DIY idea, however, you should use an umbrella whose fabric is still intact. So if only the scaffolding is broken, it’s best to get started right away!

Bat Wings Instructions - Edit the frame of the umbrella

Open the screen and cut off two opposing segments. One of the two triangles should reach the center point, while the other is a little smaller. Then use pliers to cut off the metal supports. Then cut off the long metal handle and then the plastic part in which the metal rod is inserted.

Upcycle umbrellas and make creative Halloween costumes

Now cut off all the connecting pieces. Then connect the loose rods together by wrapping them with tape. Any sharp ends are automatically isolated. Now just measure the person who will wear the costume to determine the correct length for the ribbons that will be used to put on the wings. You will need two straps for your shoulders and two more for your wrists so that the wings move with you when you move your arms. You then simply tie the ribbons to the metal rods. The accessory for the bat costume is ready.

Recycle the umbrella handle

The handle of an umbrella is perfect as a coat hook

If a broken umbrella has a nice wooden handle, it would of course be a shame to just throw it in the trash. And you don’t have to, because it can come in really handy. You have probably already noticed an interesting possibility above: It can be used to hang a night lamp by attaching the lampshade to it.

But the handle is also perfect as a coat hook. To attach the hook to the wall, you can simply use a hanger bolt and dowel. This way the connectors will not be visible. When attached to the wall in this way, several jackets or shirts with coat hooks can be hung. Alternatively, pipe clamps can also be used (see right picture).

Not only curved umbrella handles are suitable as hooks. Even if an old umbrella has a straight handle that is pretty to look at, it can be used in the form of wall hooks. In this case, fastening with hanger bolts is the most suitable option.

Broken umbrella – make an original Christmas tree

Broken umbrella in green for an original Christmas tree with bows

Alternatives to the real Christmas tree are very trendy and have been conquering living rooms for several years. Would you like to try a modern Christmas tree this year? Then grab your broken umbrella and get started. Once again there are different variants that you can choose between. You can see one of them in the picture above: If your broken umbrella happens to be green, you can use it just as it is. Put it in a container, secure it with crumpled paper so that it doesn’t wobble and decorate it with a few bows.

Modern Christmas tree made of umbrellas - an alternative to the classic

Alternatively, you can use the scaffolding without the fabric (if it is torn or just not pretty). Wrap the metal rods with a string of green lights that can be used indoors or outdoors as you wish. If necessary, remove the handle and put the DIY Christmas tree in the ground in the garden (or alternatively in a container). You are welcome to decorate the tree with additional Christmas tree decorations.

On the far left of the picture you can see a third variant that looks incredibly attractive and original, but for which not only one old umbrella is necessary, but several. The scaffolding is distributed on a long metal rod and the thin metal rods of the scaffolding are trimmed. The typical fir shape is created here: the bars are shortest at the top and longer and longer at the bottom. We also find the idea that the tree hangs instead of standing very attractive.

Since the metals and thus also the DIY Christmas tree are very light, a stone wrapped with wire can be used as a weight. This variant can also be decorated with fairy lights or other Christmas tree decorations, if you want. Just keep in mind that the metal itself is already sparkling a lot.

Broken umbrella as a decoration for the entrance door with tulips

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