7 perfect places to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve

Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrate ideas for various locations

Christmas and New Year are naturally perfect, to spend the holiday outside of one's own walls. It comes to mind that it works wonderfully with bridge days. So you can spend two weeks of wonderful vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world - but unfortunately there are so many. But these 6 + 1 places are just perfect enough to spend the days on Christmas and New Year's. Dazu then gives those country-style traditions on Christmas and New Year and you get many new impressions.

Beautiful and Expensive: Christmas and New Year's Eve in Iceland

Christmas and New Year's Eve otherwise visit Iceland and make a holiday

Christmas or New Year's Eve on the island we have no more favorable fun, but there are wonderful days that one simply can not be mistaken. Then there would be the orphaned roaches that landed on Christmas at the table "Kaest Skata" and the classic Icelandic bagel loaf. As far as gifts are concerned, the 13 "christmas men", who used to love Schabernack in the past, also distribute the gifts. New Year's Eve in Reykjavík is of course the classic, but it also offers other wonderful regions, which traditionally can be spent with a campfire last year. It is best to enjoy those days on Christmas and New Year's Eve in a holiday home in Iceland, so you can even celebrate your own Christmas party.

Weihnachten und Silvester template different: China

Christmas and New Year in China celebrate photo of Hong Kong at night

Who in many Asian countries is also not traditionally celebrated in China Christmas. It gives a lot of "Christmas night" because it is such a beautiful kitschiger commercial. So you will enjoy the example sign in the first line, while also celebrating one or another Christmas party. Hanging in Hong Kong is already traditional then, there is Christmas as well as a holiday. As a visit, the Hong Kong Ballet with its Nussknacker performance heard as well as the Christmas party as the musical performances. New Year's Eve in China is traditionally very quietly celebrated, and even if on January 1 is a holiday, the Chinese traditionally celebrate their New Year at the end of January.
Caution: In China there are many websites such as Facebook & Co. gesperrt. Many people on holiday can enjoy free internet, can help a VPN, so that the classic social media channels can be reused.

Hot and sandy: Caribbean

Christmas and New Year abroad celebrate ideas for exotic locations in the Caribbean

Spending Christmas at the beach may not be anyone's thing, but you should have experienced it. For selection, among others, the classics Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, were erected on the surviving statues of the Saints 3 Kings, alongside many smaller islands. Regardless, for which large or small islands you choose for Christmas and New Year, temperatures are between 25-30 ° C. Wonderful, of course, the beaches, but also the various traditions, because of cold and snow can beautify the Christmas party and New Year in a special way.

With lots of snow and ambient: Austria

Christmas and New Year abroad skiing in Austria idea for winter holiday

Whether you spend time in Vienna or New Year's Eve in Vienna, or prefer to celebrate on a hut - Austria is always worth a trip for the winter season. In addition to the wonderful offer of winter sports opportunities (skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, etc.), the Austrians offered a tradition of 'quiet time' and, above all, culinary delights. Noodle soup, carp, goose or table spit, which Austrians serve depending on the region like traditional dishes and on the desserts you have to look forward to. New Year's Eve in Austria is celebrated by many holidaymakers very much in the mountains, on a hut and best still with friends and family.

Christmas and New Year's on Bohemian: Czech Republic

Christmas in the Czech Republic spend tips for tourists visiting museums in the capital

The Czech Republic is only known for its Bohemian tradition on Christmas, but for the Christmas season the old tradition is simply much nicer. A must have are naturally self-made plays and traditional music at concerts and public celebrations. Nothing to forget about the wonderful Christmas Markets that one simply has to visit. In Silvester, the first resort is of course the ore mountain, the many holiday resorts to winter season. But even in the cities, there is much less traditionally celebrated with dance, eating and special events.

New Year's Eve Celebrating: Australia

New Year's Eve in Australia celebrates holiday in winter plans with friends who spend holidays

10 hours before Germany celebrates Australia in New Year - only New Zealand (12-12.75 h) and Samoa (13 hours) visit Silvester even earlier. This way, you can celebrate +30 ° C in the hot weather during the New Year and of course, and of course, celebrate even Christmas - so completely without snow. In the winter (so during our summer months), it cuts through a few flocks, but Christmas and New Year must be spent in short pants on the beach. New Year's Eve in Australia (besides the big cities) must be put on a firework, so give free concerts and other unique events, during a hot New Year's Eve.

Somewhere nearby: St. Helena (Island)

Spend Christmas and New Year's Eve on St. Helena Island and rent a villa with friends

Napoleon and St. Helena should say a word to anyone. Celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve on the island with its 4500 residents to celebrate may be a major challenge for one or the other. The island has no real attractions and is also not very big, but rather expensive. But if you have already celebrated a failed Christmas party and a special New Year's Eve, you should save on a trip to St. Helena - otherwise since 2017 also reach the airplane.

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