6 Recipes for Russian Eggs with Special Flavorings

Russian Eggs in the 70s were a must for any party buffet. But this classic Vorspeise comes from Russia. Your Wurzeln welds are traced back to all of Rome. Damal words that swear the egg with sharp sauces and serve lovers as erster gang. Indeed, the eggs of Egg during the support were so widespread that the Römer hatched the "spurtwort" of odd usque. It translates as "from egg to apple" or from beginning to Mahlzeit to the end. The classic recipe for Russian egg generally consists of mayonnaise, senf and paprika powder. Throughout the world, professional cooks and hobbies all over the world have experimented with various variations in the history of history, including Essigkurks, Dill, Speck and Crab meat, Sriracha, Kimchi, Wasabi, Caviar and many others. We have one of the most interesting events available today.

Russian Eggs are sowing with sublime solutions


• Zunächst müssen who bought Egg Heart. Put the egg in one extremely large topf, in all the eggs into a single hine. If so, keep in mind that water from 2 to 3 cm of warm water. Bring the water to the big heat. Get rid of the Topf and load it with clutter 12 minutes. In the swiss lake, you can use the water and the waterfall as a big shed. Give the egg with a foam slab in Eiswasser and welds dot 5 minutes away.

Russian Egg Recipes Heart Purchased Eggs Hallowed Eggs

• Heart-bought egg welds are easiest right away from the Abkühlen. For Abkühlen in Eiswasser you can see the egg in the shell.

So bought a heart bought egg: Scroll the egg carefully to the workplace until the scales are all fine. Roll the egg between hands, lock it to the scale. Get off the shore and keep the bottom of the shroud, moving water, around the shells.

So long-minded bought egg lasts: Hearted Eggs in the Scale can be cooked for up to a week in cockroach. Even after the shells, that egg should be hardened within two days.

• Russian egg can be served up to 12 hours in the spring. Covered and chilled.

simple methods to handle the egg with a plastic wrench

"No-mess" -method to the Eggs Command: You will be able to add these 1-liter plastic cups to help you learn about smogs, soak up the air and make the difference. Drinks and rolls the key with your hand until everything is good. Take the Füllung in the direction of an Ecke des Beutels. Cut 1 cm apart from Ecke ab. Get the stuff out of the tip of the boat. For even more attractive establishments you can spoil a star.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzOlMZlh8r8)

Russian Egg with Guacamole Geschmack (ohne Mayonnaise)

Russian Egg with Avocado Quacamole Geschmack ohne Mayonnaise

12 large, heart-bought eggs
1 reife Avocado
60 g saure Sahne
1 TL salt
Zum Garnieren:
Ein Spritzer Tabasco Sauce
12 Tortilla chips
Optional: Mexican cheese or chopped coriander

- Heart-bought egg halibut.
- Cut off the egg yolk and give a replaceable key.
- Empty the egg halves on one counter.
- The Avocado, the sour Sahne, the salt and a sprinkler Tabasco banned a spit.
- Change the key and drag it with the hands until everything is complete.
- Half a piece of tortilla chips and a few tropical salsa shrimps and dishes.

Russian Egg with Speck and Cheddar

Russian Egg with Speck and Cheddar

14 large, heart-bought eggs
120 g of mayonnaise
120 g saure Sahne
1 - 1/2 TL Dijon-Senf
1 TL Lemon juice
1/4 TL supports Pfeffer
50 g of zerkleinert purchased speck and 30 g of fine zerkleinert scarves Cheddar Käse
2 EL chopped frischer schnittlauch

- The egg is still cut in half. Zum organizers 24 Owned halves. The rest 4 halves of fine hacking and dressing.

- Invade the Daughter and wipe a shell with a gable seven times. Mayonnaise, Sauerrahm, Senf, Lemon juice and Pfeffer fill and miss. Eggs, specks, candies and cutlets are banned.

- Fill in the yolk in each half. We want to serve our napkins with paprika powder.

Filled Egg with Quinoa and Yoghurt (without Mayonnaise)

Russian egg with quinoa and yoghurt

4 large eggs
90 g of Quinoa purchased, choked
3 EL + 1 TL griechischer Jogurt
1 1/2 EL fein gehackter Coriander
Bathroom and shower

- Ask about 90 g of Quinoa, 2 1/2 EL Quinoa and 80 ml of water in one topf. At midler Hitze bring to cook. Heat guns, abdecken and 12 to 15 minutes of cooling or welding until the water is firmly absorbed. Wom herd nehmen and covered 5 minutes ruhen welding. Unlock with a Gabel and weld completely.

- The daughter insisted on placing a Schüssel. Dry with a gable until everything is smooth. Cut Quinoa, Yogurt and Coriander. Drink with salt and puffer. Arrange the halves on one flat and control the bulk.

- For your convenience, you can find Senf in the Quinoa Mischung and Chili powder over the egg.

Russian Egg with Avocado Ranch Cream

Avocado Ranch Sauce Russian Egg

12 heart-bought egg, spoon
2 Avocados, seeded, peeled, peppered
3 Esslöffel Ranch-Dressing
2 Esslöffel freshly pressed Lime juice
1 Esslöffel chopped green Zwiebel
1 - 1/2 slab knoblauchsalz
55 g small cutter, crunchy speck
Optional: hacked Frühlingszwiebeln

- Eggs still lingering. Invading the daughter and bending a centerpiece of Schüssel.
- Avocados, Dressing, Lentil Juice, 1 Essl sliced ​​chopped chard and knob sauce. Everything goes wrong.
- Lubricate the yeast in the egg halves.
- Shuffled fillers with spices and freshly chopped bread rolls for the dishes.

Filled egg with crepe

Russian Egg Recipe with Crab Meat Surimi

12 heart-bought egg, spoon
1 Dose Krebsfleisch or Surimi-Rods
40 g of mayonnaise
2 Esslöffel hackers frischer Dill
2 Teelloffel Zitronenpfeffer
2 Teelloffel Dijonsenf
1 Tenderloin Meerrettich as powder or grated
Optional: fresher dill to garnish

- The replacement of the egg was found to be obscene.
- Crab meat, Mayonnaise, 2 freshly chopped Dill, Zitronenpfeffer, Senf and Meerrettich hinzufügen. Keep everything safe and in one key.
- The foal happily twisted the half.
- The completed one for the servants with the same free dill.

Russian Egg with Prosciutto, Ziegenkäse and Essigurken

Russian Egg Recipe Ziegenkäse Essigken

12 hearted eggs, spooned
110 g weicher Ziegenkäse, at room temperature
60 g Mayonnaise
3 Esslöffel chopped the Essigg turkey
1 Esslöffel Sriracha Sauce
2 Teelloffel Dijon-Senf
1/2 Knoblauchsalz brewer's slice
1/4 Trowel Zwiebel powder
30 g of Prosciutto, cut in small Stücke
2 sliced ​​ham sliced ​​frischer schnittlauch

- Eggs were obsessed with preparations.
- The Ziegenkäse, the Mayonnaise, which combines Essiggurks, the Sriracha Sauce, the Senf, the Knoblauchsalz and the Zwiebelpulver to the Daughter.
- Containing the halves with the yolk.
- Our servers were ready and cut across the selected full lines.

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