3D Bioprinting: Researchers are, for the first time, painting a functioning heart chamber here

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Almost four months ago, according to Israeli researchers, a mini-heart through the 3D bioprinting processes of tissue and blood vessels. A milestone in medicine and modern technology. The only downside to the heart in the small format was that it didn't work properly. This problem should also be solved. The researcher at the University of Pittsburg, USA, has succeeded, for the first time, in restoring a functioning heart chamber with a 3D printer.

3D Bioprinting: Will future artificial organs be obtained for transplants?

The heart valve and heart chamber are made of collagen and human heart muscle cells with the 3D bioprinting technology to the smallest details. The high resolution of the printer enables the precise preparation of the fine components of the human organ. The finished heart chamber has prepared for several more days together and has since failed in a regular beat. Could this be the first step to producing artificial organs for transplantation? The researcher is of the opinion that the science is still not very important. At this time, the Project is still in the testing phase. Before complete artificial organs could be restored, animal testing had to be carried out. Only after it has been established that these organs really function, can they be transplanted into humans. The first step is successful and if everything goes according to plan, in the near future, the hearts of patients with an infarct with artificial constituents and tissues could be equipped.

3D Bioprinting Procedure: The Advantages of 3D Printers

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A further important advantage of 3D technology is that in the repair of a heart valve or heart chamber cells are used by patients. Through biopsy, stem cells were taken, which later transformed into cardiac muscle cells. In this way, the risk of an immune reaction against the organ is minimized. In addition, the 3D bioprinting process that makes the organs very fast is evident. The researchers hope that this project will in the future restore organs for all patients who need a transplant.

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