30 ideas for a beautiful girl's room

Regardless of whether you move in or just want to make it more beautiful, there are countless options for girls' rooms to play with different design elements and to create a very personal look that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Of course, this includes the bed as the main attraction and of course cupboards, desks and the like. We recommend furniture from the brand Oliver Furniture, because you can choose from a nice large selection of different furniture.

Here we present 30 ideas to stimulate your imagination and to show you what is possible!

1, Geometric shapes
Geometric shapes - girls room

These regular geometric patterns are easy to play around with and easy to make. Here, combined with pastel colors, a relaxed atmosphere is created.

2, A swab of turquoise A swab of turquoise girl's room

You take a color as the theme and then add white and a secondary accent to the whole and voila you have a coherent bedroom, here well implemented with turquoise and pink.

3, Above the clouds
Above the clouds - girl's room

Nothing ventured nothing gained! If you are brave and like to try out the unconventional, you can also incorporate the bed into the topic yourself. In this room you literally lose the floor under your feet and take a trip through the clouds.

4, pink glasses
Pink glasses - girls room

With a good mix of pink and white, an enchanting room can be created that will immediately appeal to any color lover.

5, sky blue
Sky blue - girls room

Not every girl is automatically a fan of the color pink. That is why it is important to be able to use other color palettes. This room works very well with various light shades of blue, creating a calming, relaxed atmosphere.

6, color is not everything

Color is not everything - girls' roomYou don't just have to work with striking, bright colors to create a cozy room. In this beige combination with matching carpeting you can relax in peace without being distracted by too many colors.

7, trend-oriented

Trend-oriented - girls' room

Instead of relying on pure aesthetics, you can instead work with more striking and trendy elements that often have more meaning in pop culture and a kind of own identity instead of simply being part of the space.

8, A golden touch
A golden touch - girl's room

Working with gold accents can easily pay off. The beautiful shine of this color automatically catches the eye and touches something in every child that calls for appreciation.

9, The Owl's Nest
The owl nest - girl's room

Instead of using colors or patterns as a theme, you can simply take your favorite animal. There is no shortage of different animal wallpapers and soft toys with which you can build your very own owl nest.

10, Always symmetrical
Always symmetrical - girl's room

Especially if you are dealing with several girls, you have to be careful not to accidentally disadvantage either of them – otherwise anger is inevitable. An equal and fair division can also be well anchored in the room decor!

11, purple dots
Purple dots - girls room

Everything does not always have to be done with symmetry and order. A little chaos like these well-distributed points can give a room something of its own personality that a bastion of order may not have.

12, simple and straightforward
Simple and uncomplicated - girls' room

Every girl has her own mind. For some, a simple and elegant room like this without any distractions is the best option for maximum concentration and tranquility.

13, cuddly toy couch
Cuddly toy couch - girl's room

Small unique pieces like this couch corner for cuddly toys give a room a unique charm and character.

14, light and warm
Bright and warm - girls' room

White with color accents works particularly well in rooms that are flooded with daylight with large windows.

15, Cozy in a hanging chair
Cozy in the hanging chair - girl's room

Not all chairs have to be on the floor! This comfortable hanging chair is the perfect example of this.

16, butterflies in the room
Butterflies in the room - girls room

What goes with owls can just as easily be done with butterflies, the most graceful of all insects! The wallpaper in particular has many details that make the room anything but boring!

17, flower meadow
Flower meadow - girl's room

Who says wallpaper has to be boring and repetitive? Together with the light colors and the carpet, this creates a cozy room to switch off.

18, modern and colorful
Modern and colorful - girls' room

A few decor elements and pictures that go well with the color scheme give this room a coherent atmosphere in which you can feel comfortable.

19, bunk bed with a difference
Bunk bed Mal Anders - girls room

Bunk beds do not always have to be on top of each other, as this room with an extra cozy alcove skillfully shows.

20, The bed shelf
The bed shelf - girl's room

On this shelf everything is easily accessible from the bed, ideal for any book girl!

21, Not an inch wasted
Not a centimeter wasted - girls room

Hanging a wall completely with pictures and posters is a real eye-catcher and makes this room immediately interesting!

22, gold & black
Gold & Black - Girls' Room

This color scheme is inherently stylish and classy – perfect for a princess with a taste that goes a little further than pink and pink!

23, moon and stars
Moon and stars - girls room

The night sky is something really fascinating and beautiful that means something for everyone. So why not use it for some nice accents in the bedroom?

24, The terrace in the children's room
The terrace in the children's room - girl's room

This wooden mini-terrace not only offers a special place for the little ones to relax and play, it also looks great!

25, The Tree of Life
The tree of life - girl's room

A skilful mural like this tree is a real eye-catcher and gives the whole room its own character and flair of peace and quiet on the spot.

26, bright colors
Vibrant colors - girls room

Bright colors and lots of light have to rub off on the child sooner or later, right? This colorful style best suits those who are real mood cannons!

27, Strong contrasts
Strong contrasts - girls' room

With a play between light and dark colors, interesting contrasts can be created, which give the room complexity and lead the eye on a tour.

28, blue & pink
Blue & Pink - Girls' Room

Even though these colors have traditionally been assigned to boys and girls separately, they fit together extremely well if you can set the right accents.

29, The Pink Element
The Pink Element - Girls' Room

Pink does not have to be used as the main color, it is also ideal as a secondary color to white, to set accents to work with your favorite color in the room.

30, lush green
Lush green - girl's room

Green naturally has a calming effect on everyone, thanks to our built-in love for nature, light forests and lush meadows. It is very easy to create a relaxing atmosphere in which every girl can switch off and relax.

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