30 High-Speed ​​Designs - Brautnägel Idea for your wedding

Has he ever held up your hand? One of the most important moments is hard to find! As soon as you have bred your friends with family and friends, they have even managed to get rid of the first preparations. DIY Decoration, Blumenschmuck, Torte, Sitzordnung, every tie is ready for use. And when you get tired and tired, you have to get ready for the right make-up, consider one small, important detail: your nail! On your finger, a high-pitched tie is considered special, fast-paced gentleman can call them. We ask you 30 Hochzeitsnägel Designs vor. Here you will find many good things Brautnägel Idea for your wedding!

30 Keychain Designs - Brautnägel Ide für de Hochzeit

High speed sail with glitter and glittering signs

In this high season, your finger was considered very special, if you proudly present your Ehering! This Look is romantic and wastes, monkey and elegant. Die Nägel in a beautiful Nudeton lacquer. Then trim the adhesive film around and stick to the nail. Paint the edges of the white-headed white. Long before the nail halter and a finger paint brilliant stones and paint a nail with a beautiful garter block.

High key with glitter and glitter sign

Brautnägel all in Weiß

Nigel all a white mice nonsense long-suffering! With tapestry tape or a thin striped adhesive film, two nipples slip on one nail. Then paint the Nail white and remove the adhesive film, as long as the paint is still damp. Crumble the siphons with glittering stones. Paint the remaining nail white varnish and a nail with glitter lacquer.

Brautnägel ganz in Weiß

High key in Nude with glitter and blue muster

Finish Mittelfinger- and Ring fingernail with a clear nail polish. The retreat in Nude lacquer. On a rounded slab of adhesive film over the middle nails and the edge of the nails with the Nudeton lacquer. The glittering stones descended from the nails. With a fine brush and the Nudenagellack a Blattmuster on the ring fingernail.

High key in Nude with glitter and blue screen


Romantisches Braut Nail design

The nails in a white varnish, were among a French manicure. Nun with a very fine brush and what nail polish a spruce mower grinds over the nail halter. Decorate the Ring Fingernail with a floral pattern. As soon as the nail with a ready-made deck lacquer finishes, so desires the design longer.

Romantic Bread Nail Design

Glitterndes nail design for the bread

Seal the nail with some nail polish. In the best part of the lacquer, you can pull off shrouds, so cover it better. After a stripe of sticky film scratches the ring fingernail and raises the over-stretched with clear nail polish. As next, glitter on the lacquer. Embroider the adhesive film and dress up the smooth edges of the glittering stones.

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Glitterndes naildesign for the bread

Nail Design for High - Key Close to Hingucker

Do you have a bad design for it? Hochzeitsnägel ours, the one who at that time is a penguin? Then this idea is exactly the right thing for you! Die Nägel in een kind Rosa Rosa varieren. Weißen Nagellack wore off nails, one at a French manicur. Afterwards, the nail clips in the ring fingernail wrap some glittering stones.

Nail Design for High Quality - High Quality with Hecker

Brautneel with Ombré-Effekt

Take a shower and nail polish in Nude on the oblong half of the swamp, then blush pink lacquer on the under half. Tack the lacquer with the fungus on the nail. The double swells are covered, so the color covers better and creates a beautiful color gap.

Brautnelle mit Ombré-effect


High key with glitter and sweet lights

Diese Brautnägel trumps with glitter and kind of blisters! Die Nägel, down to the Ringfingernagel, a beautiful Rosaton varnish, the Ringfingernelel in Weiß ground. Notwithstanding the nails, one of the most beautiful manicures was with some lacquer. Then with a fine brush and some nail polish blown blisters on the tip of the middle nails grind and glitter stones in the midst of the bleeding valves. At the end, glittering stones stick to the ring fingernail.

High-speed keypad with glitter and sweet flowers

Romantic wedding seat very much

Die Nägel in a beautiful Rosaton varnish. Dann grind the nails sharp white. Grind a large lacquer on middle and ring fingernail with a lacquer and a very fine brush. Blitzchen and Schnürk around those bleeds, then cling to the midst of the Glitzstones.

Romantic wedding dress up for sale

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