30 Hairstyles For Medium Hair- Hairstyles: Medium, Stiff, With Pony

In a short hairstyle, you do not have to worry about how to style your hair in the morning: brushes, a bit of gel, a little hairspray and you can already leave the house with a nice hairstyle. Long hair is already more time-consuming, it offers so many choices! But even for medium hair, there are countless beautiful hairstyles that one can easily style at home in the bathroom! We have 30 Hairstyles For Medium Hair compiled for you: whether light waves with or without pony, sweet hair knots for any day or wavy colors - our contribution 30 Hairstyles For Medium Hair- Hairstyles: Medium, Stiff, With Pony we also provide much inspiration.

30 Hairstyles for Medium Hair- Hairstyles: Medium, Sturdy, with Pony

Hairstyles for medium hair pony and hair cut

A well-cut pony adorns your face, it just has to be the right length for your face! A straight cut pony up to the eyebrows fits best to an oval face. For cutting the hair ends in French and defining the strands with hair gel.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair Pony and French Cut

Stage Cut - Hairstyles: medium, stiff, with pony

Are you looking for another hair cut that doesn't need much attention in the morning and does your hair really work? One step cut brings volume into your hair! A lighter side shaft does not affect the hairstyle too strictly.

Their own wedding is one of the most beautiful events in life. Here's sin 40 beautiful bridal hairstyles - the most stunning hairstyles for wedding!

Step cut - Hairstyles: medium length, stepy, with pony

Hairstyles for medium hair - longer straight bangs

A longer side pony frames your face and it is highly recommended for a longer face shape. The narrow face and the high foreheads are cached by the later foreheads and emphasize eyes and mouth. The silly pony should run straight to the eye-angle to the oblique face and not be shorter, since he was yet to emphasize the long face shape.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair - Long Straight Pony


Ombré Effect in Waited Tones - Hairstyles for Medium Hair

A pretty color run peeps the hair right! Very boldly choose a powerful color, such as bright yellow, combined with a natural rattan or grip in green and blue, like a hairy virgin woman. Cut the tips straight and style the hair into light waves.

Ombré effect in waisted tones - hairstyles for medium hair

Hairstyles: medium, firm, with pony - frecher french cut

A French section works cheeky, fresh and cheerful! Dazu a silky pony that pretty much frames your face. Have you already decided on a new hair color or should it remain your natural color? Whether brown, blonde or black-haired - a pony adorns the face!

Hairstyles: medium, stiff, with pony - Frecher Fransenschnitt

Step cut, dark tips and strands - medium hairstyles

Those of us collected Hairstyles for medium hair you will probably fall, as well as this step section with the page title. Pepper a few lighter shades that add hairstyle and make the natural hair color look fresher. Very bold colors that make hair tips in a darker tone!

Step cut, dark tips and strands - medium hairstyles

Pony and French Interface

A straight pony is the right choice for an oval face! The foreheads should go up to the eyebrows, then they adorn an oval face at best. Cut her hair French. This hairstyle is youthful and fresh.

No hairstyle is so romantic as it is decorated with a flower wreath and specially suited to a wedding flower wreath, small flowers and sticks in her hair perfectly. Unsere wonderful styling ideas for a braid braid flower were enchanted.

Pony and French section


Smooth pony and steps

This straight cut, smooth pony adorns an oval face shape! Very fashionably, the pony goes up to the eyes. Cut hair slowly and smoothly. Especially for naturally smooth hair is recommended this hairstyle! Never smooth hair with hot hair, as this can quickly damage your hair.

Smooth Pony and Stage

French section with violet tone

Who would it be with an uncle? On thin hair Her work Pflaumentöne works very well. A well-cut French section with many ponies is youthful and does not need much care. Ideal for all women who want natural hair with smooth hair and want more fullness!

Fransenschnitt mit violet Tönung

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