20 Original Gifts for the 50th Birthday - Gift Ideas for the 50th.

On the 50th birthday, it's time for a giant party! For half a century you become all that meant you have seen and experienced many. Indeed, the 50th birthday is a very special event. If you know someone who has reached this ripe age, then be sure to look for a suitable gift. A wonderful gift for any Anlass is a DIY gift. It is always a good idea to make it yourself, eventually a handmade gift says that it consumes a lot of energy, time and consideration! Clean it up, just keep it clean Gift ideas for 50. depends. Original Gifts for the 50th Birthday find you in this contribution to the enjoyment!

20 Original Gifts for 50th Birthday - Gift Ideas for 50.

Funny Scrabble Ideas - Five is just twenty-four

Do you often play with the birthday boy scrabble? Then get your inspiration from this game! Make a small card or poster and paste the word "Fifty" in Scrabble letters. If you look up the points on the letters, you get 25 points for the word "Fifty"! So you can write under the Scrabble letters that fifty in Scrabble is only twenty-four. This gift will put a smile on the birthday child's face and leave you feeling even younger!

Funny Scrabble Ideas - Five is blue foursome

An Exquisite Age - Original Gifts for the 50th Birthday

Design a personalized gift for the almost 50-year-old! Put together a collage that defies the words "50 years". For this, personal symbols or photos can be used. Does the birthday boy live in a house with the number 5? Then use a photo of the house number in door or door for this collage! Embrace the photo area with loving congratulations from family and friends. Everybody needs a birthday message on the collage. A beautiful saying that soon the wall in the living room will be adorned!

An Exquisite Age - Original Gifts for the 50th Birthday

Fifty reasons why all the birthday boy loves

Will the birthday boy be loved by all? Then a personalized and heartfelt gift, although with the help of all the guests at the party! A poster designed to look at the 50 hearts. It could easily be 50 heart stickers. Each guest should now write down one or more reasons why he loved his birthday child. At the end of the party, 50 reasons should be gathered! This poster can be hung as decoration in the house!

Does papa's birthday come in? Here we say 30 homemade gifts for Dad, which is not only creative, but also very easy to create!

Five reasons why all the birthdays love

Gift ideas for 50. - A funny phrase

It took 50 years to look good

If you reach the age of fifty, then many feel and feel a little tired. After all, one has already lived for half a century. Make sure the birthday boy feels right young! The best thing about a funny gift is that age takes corn. Paint a canvas in one color after election, then with another color paint the phrase "It took 50 years to look so good". This funny message will be good to come and have a laugh!

Gift ideas for 50. - A wiser sentence


50 Years - Gifts for 50 Years.

Remembering the jubilee, everything in the world happened when he was born. Funny facts, which most beloved songs of the year or some of the famous personalities were born, write down and print on a poster. For example, Renee Zellweger and Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston were born in 1969. Beloved artists in that year were Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, Tom Jones and Stevie Wonder. The moon landing and the Woodstock Music Festival were important events of the year. Besides, you can still write down prices of everyday objects.

Still not found the right gift? Then just read on!

50 years ago - gifts for 50.

Eine size 50 - Gift ideas for the 50th birthday

To celebrate another, great idea 50 years of life, is to give back to all the good things that happen in life! Creates a photo collage for the birthday boy, made up of all the photos and moments in life a grand 50. In discovering childhood photos, youth photos and photos of great moments, like the school closure and the wedding, the birthday child became very nostalgic. The large photo collage can be hung later as decoration in the house!

Eine size 50 - Gift ideas for 50th birthday

50 Reasons Why I Love You - Gifts to 50.

Here's another great, fantastic idea for a unique birthday gift! Take a big picture frame and write "50 Reasons Why I Love Hab" in the middle. Now, on this afternoon, write down 50 reasons: "You always think in others, a dear friend, the big heart, always for me, the most beautiful smile, can decorate toll, I love you with all your heart, etc.". Everyone will ask for such a personal gift and it will be an honorary place in the apartment!

50 Reasons Why I Love Hab - Gifts to 50.

Original Gifts for the 50th Birthday - Coffee Bag

Sehe out was 22

Feel me was 18

Beneath me was 10

That makes me 50

Designed for the birthday boy a wonderful gift! This requires just a white ceramic pouch and transfer foil. Print the text on the transfer film and apply it according to the packing instructions. That way the bag can also be flushed. This amazing gift is guaranteed to bring the birthday boy to laugh!

Who would be a gift organizer with a homemade jewelry organizer? We also say who was your one Make jewelry organizer yourself könnt. in this contribution we also imagine 25 beauties DIY Bastelideen vor.

Original Gifts for 50th Birthday - Coffee Bag


The Altmeter - Gift Ideas for 50.

The birthday boy is coming 50 ever closer! This t-shirt shows the sorry. In the upper area of ​​the T-shirt comes the word "Altmeter". In addition, there are two counts that turn 4 into 5 and 9 turns into one 0. So the shirt looks like a real counter. These pockets can easily be bundled onto the shirt with a transfer foil. Transfer foil for shirts is easily obtainable and they can be described at home with the printer. At the party, this gift will be made for laughter!

The Altmeter - Gift Ideas for 50.

Lottoscheine - a great gift

Another great gift for a 50 year old! Has the jubilee ever managed to win the lottery? Buy a dozen lottery rails and rubbers and put them in a gift box. Then just have to say a winning lot! On their own birthday, the Jubilar has decided more happiness than in a normal day. The more Lose, the higher the probability that a win is down, so buy lots of Lose.

Lottoscheine - a tolles gift

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