11 Ideas for How to Make a Garden Deco in the Autumn Self and Work in the Mood

Gartendeko Autumn itself with and without pumpkins with instructions

Autumn certainly prepares your garden with its colorful colors and facilitates your farewell to summer. However, if you do not yet find the natural colors of the garden, you can still help with a few nice decorations. Surely it is the easiest to go to the next best decals and to buy finished decorations. Many original and unique are autumnal decorations, if they are self-made. If you are also in this opinion, you can see our ideas with which you can make a lot of garden garden in the fall yourself. You do not need much to create beautiful things. And the following instructions are a convenience for people with two left hands!

Make garden art in the fall - A door crown different

Fall garden garden yourself with autumn flowers and ornamental pumpkins for a rain-door wreath

To decorate absolutely everything, was contacted with the Autumn. Don't think about it but only in colors and fruits. Even agricultural implements and tools can be used, as is this bill. Use an old one from the shed or buy a new one and you can already make a beautiful wreath as a garden deco in autumn itself. If this idea is new, you may find it difficult to come by. It was made even easier, as a classic branch wreath.

Tolle Gartendeko Autumn itself make as an alternative to wreath with rain

This right offers the perfect foundation to attach to beautiful autumnal materials and decorations such as leaves, berries, leaves or ribbons, ribbons and others. These need to be switched between the individual teeth. These range to fixing for normal. They can also use straps to fasten or attach the decorations with hot glue. Letting your imagination run free, when you make this garden deco yourself in the fall and use it all, was your favorite.

Autumn garden garden with fire wood

Garden garden autumn itself with fire wood in a zinc tub to adorn the wall

At the beginning of autumn, fire wood will also be provided if you heat your home with wood. Instead of cutting off all the wood, you can set aside a few pieces and make a garden garden yourself in the fall. In addition, you need a small sink-like washing bowl that hangs in your favorite wall. It can be a wall in the house, on the terrace or in the garden shed. Arrange the wood and add additional decorations to your loved ones.

Decorate with pumpkins

Garden gardening autumn itself with pumpkins and flowers - idea for fountains and ladders

Do you have a well in the garden? Maybe you got banned somewhere in the winter, do you find it so boring? Then you pop in even without water by using various autumnal arrangements. You can make a beautiful garden deco yourself in the fall by distributing their tops with autumn flowers and pumpkins. You can also use other vegetables or fruits to read and combine with the pumpkins.

Autumn garden garden make the same for the porch and entrance area in autumnal colors

Distribute them in front of a tree in the garden or on a staircase, at the same time as you can put pots with your favorite flowers. Use wooden crates to arrange on the porch, terrace or in front of the entrance door, with the pumpkins that window boards or any area in your garden have needed even a little peppery.

Artificial pumpkin as a flower pot

Simple crafting guide for a decorative headboard from an artificial pumpkin

And where are we already at the topic of pumpkins: Who would be with a pumpkin as an overhead that you can make fast and easy for a garden deco in the fall? Sure you can use a real pumpkin for this purpose, but it will take much longer and it will not last as long. Instead, take an artificial one that reads itself seamlessly. Carefully cut a hole in the top with a carpet knife or other sharp knife. This should be large enough to be able to set the chosen pot with flowers.

Gartendeko Vintage self-made

Crafting Ideas For Beginners - A Heart From Wire To Filling With Fruits And Suspensions

There is no need for many more complicated or expensive materials, if you can make a beautiful and fallen garden deco yourself. It also proves this extremely simple idea, for you to use a grid basket of this kind in any form, as well as a few fruits after choice. Choose the best fruits that are typical for autumn and last longer. Such a case example:

  • Äpfel
  • granatapfel
  • birnen
  • Kastanien
  • Tannenzapfen
  • Zierkürbisse
  • Beeren
  • or monkey: Moss, stones, cattle and succulents, etc. Let yourself be creative, if you make this garden deco yourself in the fall.

Pumpkin as a candle holder

Simple homemade headlights made from real or artificial pumpkins for the garden

That Halloween candles are shipped with candles and used as lanterns is nothing new. If you have the gifts but for many of the good ones or you just haven't had the time, you can choose this kind of candle holder too. By doing so, you must cut a hole with the size of the chosen candle in the pumpkin, which will insert candles and place this beautiful arrangement somewhere in the garden. Use any large pumpkins and combine them with one another. Here, too, you can use artificial pumpkins.

Make autumnal garden deco yourself - instructions for a self-watering flower box

Vintage wooden box with flowers planted in a self-watering arrangement

If you can make a garden deco made of wood yourself, because it is so rustic, this self-watering chest is just the right thing for you! They need:

  • Wooden box in any size
  • Plastikbox mit Deckel, which fits in the Chests
  • PVC-Rohr
  • Drills (alternative hand drills and knives)
  • Fabric debris (e.g. an old T-shirt cut in stripes)
  • Flowers and plants with pots and other decorations
  • optional: Template and spray color for descriptions
  • Stone slabs for lifting the coffin

A plastic box with holes and PVC pipe sealed

If you can describe the coffins, start with this step. As the color dries, you can continue with the plastic box that is part of the self-irrigation system. Take the PVC pipe and transfer its scope to one corner of the lid of the box. Cut out the hole. It does not have to be perfect and straightforward, as it does not become visible. You also have many small holes in the lid to ensure air circulation. For both steps, the lid should be on the box, to easily add holes.

Describe the wooden box and set it up in the garden as a garden decoration in the fall

Another hole you need in the box when you make this garden deco yourself in the fall. That way the water can run out if you should fill the box. Do not cut off any of the ends of the tube and place it in the box. Do you still have a few larger holes in the lid. Take the fabrics and stick them through some of the holes (even though there are many holes in the pot). These pieces of cloth should be long enough to hang in the water and get into the flowerpot.

Self-watering flower cube from a wooden box with believable plants

Put coffins in the desired position on the stone slabs (so that it does not stand in a puddle if the water is running out). If you take the plants from your pots, you plug the other ends of the fabric through the abutments and plant them again. The cloths must now transport the water from the box to the flowers and humidify the earth. Finally, put the tops you wish on and add any other decorative elements (pumpkins, lanterns, candles, apples, etc.).

Make mushrooms as a garden deco in autumn

Distribute funny mushrooms from flower pots and gardeners in the garden

  • Toothpots in two sizes
  • significantly larger numerator
  • Schere
  • Spray color in beige
  • Spray color in brown
  • double-sided adhesive tape, which is suitable for free use
  • Papierklebeband
  • Foil or newspaper as a backing
  • Handschuhe

Paint a flower spray with a beige spray color on a base

This project should be carried out in the open, in order not to contain the harmful gases of color. If you can make the garden deco in the fall yourself, first lay out the underlay, pull on the protective gloves and discuss the underlayment with the top color. Set them aside for drying. Then, take the counter and tape the edges with the paper tape. Now spray the free area with the brown color. As soon as the color has dried, you can remove the tape again.

Stick the dresser, paint it brown and stick it on the pot with tape

Now, again, cover the prepared brown sprayed surface. Then you can paint the edge you had pasted, beige. Lets you easily pull the lid on the base. Once all the elements are dried, you can trim the bottom of the pipes with one or more pieces of double-sided adhesive tape. Then, press the entertainers for a few seconds and you can already set up the homemade mushrooms as an autumn garden deco in a favorite place in the garden.

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